Let's Play Lone Survivor: Episode 1 - Violence Is Never the Answer

Uploaded by ZorusRook on 17.10.2012

I'm going to be
playing through it
a peaceful way.
Now you don't have to do this. The game is actually
much easier
if you go through uh...
with guns blazin', but
if you
go through it
uh... without killing a single thing
it's actually much harder, at least in my opinion
i don't really know how
I don't really know how you'll like the combat
it's pretty
and fun
i would advises that you do
uh... take the combat route
at least the very first time because it's hard to manage everything else
uh... to go through the game in
hard mode per se, but
anyway if you are gonna
if you do want to get the uh...
well, let's call it
the good ending
uh... you can just basically follow this
I'll try my best to
uh... get to the
good ending
as much as possible
I'm not
completely versed in this game but I have completed it
before this
so this is not a blind playthrough
but when I beat it, I did get the bad ending, and now, well
I'm going for the good ending
now there's basically
a bad ending,
a good ending,
a really bad ending.
if you've ever played
it's a lot like that
like there's a really bad ending
if you uh...
kill all the little sisters
there's a bad ending if you kill some of them and then there's a really good
well you know there's a good ending if you don't kill any of them
so anyway, let's drink
this cup of coffee, yes.
Now, while this game is designed to be a horror game uh...
i've never really found it to be
extremely scary
it can get creepy it has horror elements, but I've never been like
extremely scared by it
the scariest thing about this game where uh...
or that happened to me
uh... was where there was a glitch, and
uh... something messed up happened
so basically i wasn't expecting it and it scared the shit out of me.
This game really shouldn't scare the shit out of you
it should be creepy
but it really shouldn't scare the hell out of you
it's a lot like Silent Hill
well not exactly, cause' Silent Hill
can get pretty scary
but this game is like uh...
2D, um
mock sixteen-bit game I guess
I don't know, is it eight or sixteen?
I honestly can't tell the difference, but I think it's sixteen because of the colors or whatever.
and all the filters are uh...
are really
well not sixteen-bit, so you could basically
just call this, psuedo-sixteen-bit in a way

now, a little tip about the flashlight, you actually don't need it most of the time, to get
through the game
you don't need to use the flashlight
like for long
periods of time
if you need to pick something up you
turn the flashlight on
press x to pick it up and turn the flashlight off as soon as a dialogue box
saying you've got it, closes
what's kind of weird about this game
is that you find keys in the weirdest places like
keys to... places in your apartment
you can find elsewhere which doesn't really make any sense

but I guess it's just a game and I guess that might make sense because I dunno
given certain theories like the game actually
like all of it actually doesn't exist and he's just
he's dying or something, there's a lot of theories about this game because it's not really
nothing's been really, you know
by uh... the creator of the game, he hasn't said anything about what the game actually
is so
you can
interpret it in various ways especially because of the ending
um... yeah
there's a lot of trippy parts, like he hallucinates a lot
so it's not like uh...
it's not like uh... he really
you know that it is not really
you can't just take it practically and say i retain does exist
in the game
but then again you know there are
there are some theories about like other games where
they actually since it's not you know true to life
uh some games at waco but the main character must just be in a coma it's
actually all not real
these are real person or something
would you tell us what that's what's called fiction if you're a delay cash in
the back in a coma bookmark b
which is ludicrous
you probably know i'm talking about
the regrets one too
which is just
i mean it's a fun fear you know it's fun to think about it but at the end of the
that's not p_r_
that's not what they intended
liked all these different letters
they they are they basically give you a different ways a plane
laid out what it's like
well that letter
tells you not to jump in and you have other letters you would you like to just
killed in the balkans
tradition of head
sitting here
here we go hungry sharks is just like a better something
or something
that's basically what you want to sleep in the bed
but he had his ano it says
this is a bill that says you know i strongly advise again
biggest wasn't a big deal
he says its record janice elsley as our selection
them in their ways around the problem which is true you don't have to kill
anybody in the entire game i'm probably going to have to make one tailhook
but i will take what joe and i know what's coming up relatively soon
them here you just turn off the lights it won't matter discord
fulbright i mean if you really want to see what's in the background
i guess you can't but it's really not worth it
biggest loser national precious
battery life
so it's not worth it
i mean you want
you'll probably have a cell in a place like
atmospheric weeks stereotype yes if you play this game in a start
it could be scared for you
cut off the stand out here
prepress aladdin
it's never actually like scared
now you are at the other side of the
says actually
if you don't like actually think about
what you do and they can actually see you when you're hiding but they can't
touch you there
so you have to be real careful
policy all i didn't even notice that that
that somebody was there
legs he actually does make a dotting animations you just sit idle
you can tell that he should be shipped uh... i'll go to sleep
and eventually noticed
let's get attention to detail
points and there's a better you know what i would think
vario ware says i need it back then there was good for your help
and he said something like that and much that there was bad for your help
it's pretty straightforward
and here's the balance guards it
or really long time
and i'm pretty sure that you need to write
you might need to kill it to make progress i'm not really sure
to get passing grades like to use the hammer something and i'm gonna
for anything
eating good meals
uh... well
improve your sanity
and i'm pretty sure having a full like fully cooked emil
better been giving it to like uh...
getting into one of these
these monsters i guess
i mean i would assume so
uh... american okay
there you go his way
bizarrely steadfast
c his leg digitally yours like along
gives you some specifics about shooting zombies for i really zombies
rule here pick up a call before you go they'll save me like five seconds but
there's really no reason not to it
proceed this way
years ago talk to these guys
i'm not really sure if this proposed a good ending arafat ending
but i'm pretty scared assumes
social interaction
but make sure
is good for you are psychologically
it should be good
since you really i'm pretty sure you don't talk to anyone else
up until the sporter so the shortages
so this is a pretty much just really chill about these pull apocalypse thing
and they disliked utilized
people might be
that's makes my cannot say for whatever
but whatever man
i think it's idoc i don't know if this fellow's actors but it's a bit like the
they guessed