Eva & Roberta 15

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Saturday, December 24 7:00 AM
No! No!
Oh my God! Oh my God, darling, I had a nightmare.
Darling! Darling we have to stop it! We have to stop it because the-the-the Christmas dinner will be a disaster! I had an awful dream!
Oh my God, what is that?
See you how nice?
Think, I connected all of them to a single switch.
I just have to fix the cables, I have to find a place for them, because they can't stay here. Come, come, I show you something. So, see you, look at the illuminations.
I turn off the switch and the lights turn off. I turn it on and they turn on!
It is not beautiful?
Yes, darling, it seems a funfair. Haven't you exaggerated? No, because I had a dream. I mean, more than a dream it was a sort of nightmare.
It is as if I had a premonition, you know? Can't we cancel everything?
- Yes, of course, it was because of the stuffed peppers. No way premonition-- - No! It wasn't because of the peppers. The fact is that this... this--
Drink, yes, drink.
- It's without sugar. - Yes, I know, darling, but it helps you in digesting.
I was saying that this Christmas dinner, on... on Christmas eve, by us, all these people... it upset me!
Yes, darling, I was upset too but I did my best.
Come here to see.
Und what is that?
The big whiteboard of serenity!
I did a very accurate plan of work!
Listen to me:
8:30 AM: Paolo and Nina leave home.
The aunts practice for the procession. At 9 AM arrive the foods, later Monica to help me out, of course.
Monica prepares the broth for the fish soup. I smoked the salmon. I set up the anchovy's pie. Menu:
Anchovy's pie, Fish soup, salmon in pastry. At 4PM I'm done with the kitchen, with all the calmness I set the table, I pick up my dress at the dry-cleaner.
I take a relaxing bath and at 8 PM I'm ready for my guests.
What do you think?
So tonight you will be there too.
I will be beautiful!
I want to drive you crazy, you know?
Is not that you intend to make a mess?
What do you mean, please?
Since I had a dream, which I didn't like at all. And... and then this evening you with this story about Claudia.
Paolo! Now you're exaggerating! Claudia was your erotic obsession, not mine!
Okay, I understand. No, because yesterday it seemed to me, you had a different opinion, if I remember correctly.
Yes, yes... okay, I said... What I said? Funny, nice.
- Eh! - Yes, but I'm not a crazy woman who goes around to annoy all the heterosexual women, right?
- Exactly. You... you don't do that? - No, I don't!
I wanted to know this.
And in any case this evening there is Roberta too. Then, over.
I...I'm worried about her! Because... because your...
It's called girlfriend!
...Roberta, in short... she has a temper a... a little... a little...
- ...hot blooded. High-spirited. - Come on!
- I told high-spirited! I didn't tell-- - And stop it! Stop it!
You'll see, you both, you'll became best friend. And in any case for this evening you can be quiet!
I have full control of the situation!
Do you have it?
Trust me!
I just wanted to bring together my family. I wanted them to be all... happy. I wanted...
- ...that...that... I wanted-- - And I wanted to help you!
Well, what happens?
Mom keeps saying words such as whiteboard and failure.
Whereas Paul speaks of shoes.
Laura! Oh, what happened?
Everything blew up. The party, the dinner... the dress. But the number of guests is rising, rising... Gianpaolo, Elisa, Monica...
What has it to do with Monica, Gianpaolo and Elisa?
They have to do with that, I explain you later.
The big whiteboard of serenity. Good idea...
I can now tell you that. This idea about the big whiteboard of serenity is really a thorough BULLSHIT!
Laura, do you know what is the only thing that should be "big" in the life of a woman?
- Okay, I leave you alone! - No! Eh... darling...
The credit card!!
And in this way one solves everything!
Do you need a dress?
I wish I had.
Hello? Hi, I'm Claudia Sacchetti. I would like to order a whole dinner for this evening.
Thanks, Claudia, for everything you did. Without you it would have been a disaster.
The invention of the century is called...
- Merry Christmas. - Merry Christmas.
Oh, my God.
Sorry, I go to open the door.
- Hi! - Hi! - Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas. - Merry Christmas.
- That's for you. - Thanks!
What is it?
- Wow! Merry Christmas. - Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you.
But... are we the first?
No, there is Claudia too.
Come with me.
We don't know each other!
- Hi, I'm Claudia. - Hi. Hi, I'm Roberta.
The daughter’s mother-in-law, even if I really don't like this word.
Welcome! Welcome! Best wishes!
- Hello! - Hello!
- Merry Christmas! - Hi, Eva.
Merry Christmas! You are Roberta!
She's the girlfriend of--
- Aunts, let's go to drink something! - Yes, come on, take a seat.
- Roberta is-- - I know who Roberta is. Let's take a seat.
- I offer you something to drink here. - Come, come.
- Yes, all right. - We have prepared here too.
Nice music selection!
That's "Metti una sera a cena", isn't it? The movie's theme song.
The one with Florinda Bolkan, where they are swapping partners.
Isn't it?
Ah, perhaps... perhaps I'm confused.
How are you?
Fine... for the moment fine.
Come to see what a beautiful Christmas tree they have done.
You look pretty in that dress. Very beautiful.
You also are very... elegant.
- Oh! Eh! Roberta! Do you want to eat something? - Yes.
- Maybe I fix something for you. - Yes. Yes, all right. Thanks.
See you what a beautiful ring?
Where did you find such a big ring, mom?
Paolo, eh... sorry, look, can you explain me...
...from where this music come?
Because there must be a hidden audio system to make it appear and disappear like that.
Isn't it?
I don't think right now the problem is the music. Will you stop looking at Claudia? People can notice that!
What are you saying!!
I'm not looking at her!
My eyes just fell on her for a moment.
Your eyes actually fell... out!
Holy cow! Notable, she is notable.
What do you make me say? Stop it!
Eva, look, Roberta is coming.
Is everything all right?
Very good!
And... do you want something to drink?
I already have it. I'm already drinking.
He is sleeping like an angel! I love him!
- Are they arrived? - No, not yet.
What told you Gianpaolo?
He told me that he's going to speak with her, but after midnight. Then... don't worry, it will be at their home.
Jean, how elegant you are!
Come with me!
- Oui, come. - So I introduce you the others.
Come on, let us open the presents!
- A present for me too? - Yes.
- And... they are nice, aren't they? - Yes, very nice.
We give us the presents tonight at home alone, right?
I got it! I got it! Separated Christmas!
- What are you saying separated?!? - Hahahaha! Yes, yes! Yes, yes!
I got it! I got it!
No, don't worry...
Eh! My "little" darling! You seat here near to me. So we chat a little, "little" Monica.
That was missing! We talked the whole evening, "little" Elisa. Come on, I need a bit... of alcohol, here!
- You're not exaggerating? - This is attached to my neck like a pair of pantyhose!
- I can't stand her anymore. - Yes, I understand, but stop drinking.
Darling, don't you eat it?
No, I don't.
Do you know you are "little" strange? How would say the blonde.
No, it's just that... that it's warm and...and all this music.
As you know, in our family there is a new arrival. The son of Raul and Cristina, who perhaps will not be alone!
Then the family Giorgi-Del Fiore is widening.
And so there will be new joys, but also new responsibilities that WE fathers will have to our children.
But we will be ready, right Raul?
- Of course. - And we will succeed.
So, my best wishes to this beautiful big family for the coming year is to stay all in this way: united, nice and close. Merry Christmas.
Oooh! What a shame! I missed the speech, right?
But this is luck! You didn't lose anything, I think.
A toast! Best wishes!
- Merry Christmas! - Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas to everyone! - Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas! - Merry Christmas!
Sorry, is there a reason why you're staring at her in that way? It is not nice.
Will you explain me what is happening?
I....I...I have to tell you something.
I don't feel well. And all this music. Maybe it's better if I go.
Sorry again and best wishes to all.
I got it! I got it! The two of them! I got it!
Excuse me, but what did you get? Go away!
Do you understand? He understood everything!
I got it too!
And you knew it. Thank you, Paolo. Thank you.
What has it to do with me?
It has surely something to do with you!
Sorry. Sorry, Laura.
Best wishes.
- Paolo, Paolo... - Could someone explain me what's going on?
No, no! Nothing! Don't worry.
Paolo, please, make up something.