TL;DR - What do Korean Students think of North American Music Videos?

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Mcbrayer77 from Maryland, USA asks
What do Korean teenagers think of North American music videos?
Really innocent ones in Korea get banned all the time
so what do they think of more promiscuous ones done by, like, Beyonce and Lady Gaga?
So this is actually really interesting:
back when we were teachers (we don't teach anymore)
We had a lesson on music videos in class
and what we would do for that lesson:
we would have North American videos, and Korean videos, and North American videos, and Korean videos
and we would teach students how to discuss these videos
So we talked about all different aspects of the video
we talked about the plot, we talked about the choreography
the clothing, we talked about the meaning of the lyrics
and we would have a big discussion about this
so I taught this lesson every year, and to very many students
a couple thousand or so, so we have a good amount of data on opinions on North American videos.
It's almost as if this person knew that we were gathering data on this video
and in my classes I showed a mix when it came to North American videos
of, like, indie videos and pop videos
so back then I had some Kanye West videos, some Lady Gaga
as well as some OK Go videos and some Hot Chip
Now I found, overwhelmingly, that Korean students
didn't really like North American music videos.
They really liked the OK Go one, because it was the running on the treadmill
Oh! "Here it Goes Again"? Yes!
Yeah! My students loved that one as well.
They found it to be very fun, but it's not like they fawned over the singers in any way.
I also showed them another video, the newest one, where it's like a stop-animation video
where it's, like, moving. They liked that one a lot, too.
So they liked really cool and funky videos in that respect,
but when it came to, like, Kanye West rapping and lights blinking everywhere
They were very bored by that whole thing.
My students didn't like Kanye, either.
I also showed them a Justice video the one where they show all the t-shirts
and they found the video cool, but they didn't really like the song all too much
And I also showed them Hot Chip's "Boys From School"
which was, in my opinion, a totally awesome video and awesome song but they were bored out of their minds.
Think about yourself in high school. If you had watched an artsy indie video
would you have been interested in it? NAHHHH
Probably not. Unless there's like booties and hoes than probably not.
What the!? Booties and Hoes Mr?! Do you mean like a booty for a kitty?
like a little wapsies like a wapsie booty, or what do you mean by booty?
Like, as in hoes for gardens?
I mean...badonkadonks!
What's a badonkadonk?!
38-24...I can't do this anymore
Why tell me!
Homeless people! Homeless people? Homeless people, yes!
I don't understand. You like homeless people
tiny boots knitted (that's what we saw in the hood.)
For my students I did, I actually showed them Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River"
I did Lady Gaga. I did a lot of Lady Gaga
We did Poker Face, Bad Romance,
Justin Bieber, Kanye as well (no one liked it)
Everyone was like "WOMP WOMP"
When it came to some of the indie bands, I did show OK Go
but I avoided the other stuff like Hot Chip and Justice
because I found that the students didn't really relate to them very well.
When it came to Justin Timberlake, they liked looking AT Justin Timberlake
they think he's really hot and they think he's a great singer
but they actually didn't understand the Music Video
So it was kind of difficult to discuss what it means
because there's a lot of subtle North American hints as to what's going on in this video.
Like making a sex tape on a bed. That's very subtle!
That was very difficult to explain to my students.
But when she takes her shirt off my students were like WHOOOOOO
Teacher dirty!
And then I realized I probably shouldn't show music videos of girls pulling their shirts off.
That would be soooo banned in Korea! I know. Can you imagine?! Oh my gosh!
Little did Martina know that she committed very many criminal offences
when she was in the classroom by showing very many pornographic music videos.
That's not true! There's nothing wrong with Lady Gaga!
Oh...wait a second. Wait a minute!
So speaking of Lady Gaga, the first time I showed Poker Face
I did not know that there was a poker face makeout session that occurs halfway through the video.
and I was like "OH DEAR GOD!" and I had to change it very quickly.
and everyone in class was like AHHH! So that went over very badly.
But then I showed Bad Romance, and I actually loved the video for Bad Romance
I thought it was really artsy and really powerful.
The dancing was really interpretive, like, pounding the floor
But you know the scene at the end when she sets the guy on fire?
and then she's standing in front of the bed in this pose?
My students burst out laughing. Every single class burst out laughing.
They thought it was the funniest thing
So it seems like a lot of the things that we may see as artsy or meaningful
The students just thought was goofy looking
Which is ironic, because there seems to be a lot of Kpop videos
that we might find goofy or we might laugh at,
but Korean students might not laugh at themselves.
One thing that we agreed on, and our Korean students agreed on as well
is that the costume choices in North America: it's pretty shocking for the students.
Like think about Beyonce's single ladies: there's a lot of thigh in that video.
and so a lot of students were really shocked by that.
Or like Lady Gaga, all of her wardrobe choices. She looks like a giant Katamari ball.
Just rolling around and picking things up
Also Britney Spears: I showed the "Toxic" video
and there was also a lot of, like, dirtiness happening.
What kind of dirtiness do you mean?!?!
Ok well I'll tell you something very interesting:
Normally when I watch Britney Spears making out with some dude in an airplane
I usually just think "oh it's just a Britney Spears music video"
Ever since I moved to Korea I found myself hyper aware of all the sexuality going on in music videos
So while before it wouldn't even phase me, now I'm like
So I've become hyper aware of everything.
Thank you Korea for teaching us how to be innocent again
for de-spoiling our foul dirty minds, our dirty corrupted minds,
although North America's not that dirty because we can't show nipples.
I don't know why: but Europe, you guise show nipples everywhere, right?
Europeans have nipples everywhere
and I remember going to Italy with my family and we were all watching TV
and we saw a sunscreen commercial with girls running down the beach topless
and all of my family was like _______
Valid question: say you have a girl and she's wearing a bikini
you can show that on American television
You can also show male nipples on American television
what if you were to CGI a man's nipple onto a girl's bikini?
It would look like an exposed boob with hair everywhere
well you wouldn't get a hairy nipple, of course!
I'm saying, that should be a technicality.
Let's move away from nipples and to Bieber.
He's actually quite popular in Korea.
Not all of my students knew who he was,
but the students who did were all super-idol-worshippy of him.
and it's interesting because they don't think he's a very good dancer,
of course not, because compared to Korean standards, yeah, you don't really cut it.
They loved watching videos showing him going out on a date
Like, bowling. They didn't know what cosmic bowling was.
So I had to explain Cosmic Bowling, I had to explain dating
I had to explain: do they break out into dance on the bowling alley.
That usually doesn't happen.
Of course it does! Every single alley I've went to I broke out into dance.
It's actually really hard to stand in the bowling alley. It's actually quite slippery.
Security didn't really take it all too kindly.
So those kinds of videos actually did make it
I think it's because it's similar to Korean boyband or girlband videos
It's kind of innocent, but it still has that North American sass to it
Like dating life and culture, but it's not as artsy as an indie video
and it's not as promiscuous looking as, say, a Lady Gaga video
So I think it's kind of that safe middle ground.
And interesting thing that we've noticed is that a lot of people seem to ask us
is if Korean Pop can make it in North America,
because they're really concerned about Korean Music videos
But then if you think about it inversely,
why is it that North American videos don't necessarily become very popular in Korea?
Now the answer to that isn't necessarily that one country's video is bad and another is better
it's just that sometimes the cultural sensitivities of that country
might not be very open or accepting of that kind of video
and that has nothing to say about the quality of the music or the quality of the video itself
it just doesn't happen to fall well with that target audience.
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Yes, and I think that we should go listen to some Justin Bieber
I think we should go around showing Male Nipples.
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I sing it at Noraebang, by the way. It's awesome.
I think I was off cue by doing the nipple dance
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