【英訳がないなら】HetaOni Douga (Eng sub)【作ればいいじゃない】

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*This is a parody video of HetaOni. *Some parts of Part 1 to 16 are exposed. *Most of all illustrations are drawn by me (the drawer).
*Including blood, death, and nakedness. (sorry...) *Beginning the main part, the volume rises. Please be carefully.
After understanding the above-mentioned points, enjoy this please.
It begins!
Where have you gone?
Next time,
I will be by your side for sure.
When I skived off Germany's training,
I heard a ghost story of a mansion.
I wanted to make friends with others more.
So I talked to America about the mansion.
Come on, let's go!
At the first day on the mansion,
we were very helter-skelter.
It should have been over smoothly,
but the door made a click-clack
and the others were sleeping...
The first move certain victory,
I slashed.
Who is beyond the door but France.
Oh, was it only you? Lucky...
I was unable to stand up...
Tony, Tony!
Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!
Tony, Tony!
Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!
Tony, Tony!
Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!
Tony, Tony!
Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!
He was heated
and used Kumajirou.
He inflicted great damage on Tony.
When he was alone, he was a Stealth man.
He is a dark horse,
but who's he?
He made the world summit deadlocked,
but, somehow he hasn't been detested, A.K.Y.
What? they are in trouble?
I'll help them.
I'm, a champion of justice, U.S.A!
I'm sorry, Nini.
There isn't your material.
It's a pretty difficult task to write the lyrics.
While hoping you play an active part,
I'm thinking some lyrics for this video.
Ko-Ko-Ko-Kolkhoz kol kol
dreadful Ro-ssama.
lv.10 means the strength
will get stronger, right?
I have seen
some disastrous scenes.
If I were alone,
I couldn't endure the weight.
I've pondered every possible choices,
but despair awaited us in all of them.
You gave such me an important lecture;
"Now no one will have to die."
The dubious pictures, the dubious pictures.
It's a face-looked gap.
Even if the gap is bridged, however,
they're dubious, after all.
Forgive me. Even if I try with all my power,
I can stop it only for 2 seconds.
I, being so powerless, may not be helpful for them.
However, if we can rescue one nation in 2 seconds,
I'll try trusting the possibility.
Many vigorous comments.
Some experts laying their words
on top of Tony's forehead.
Follow them, let's cheer for nations
with making a barrage of comments.
But, however, we have felt irritated
with a difference made by a display.
You do not need to suffer by yourself.
The one who have made arrangements is you.
But, the ones who decided to go are us.
Are you hurt somewhere?
Where do you want to be?
That's all right. We all are with you.
After returning, let's play together, shall we?
It's a promise...
I want to defend you.
I can't hand this wish over ME.
But, I'm sure I will be aware of this place.
Someday you will smile at here, I hope.
We believe that
this story is going to finish with a happy-end finally.
When they are in great difficulty,
we shout roughly to it,
"Hey display, don't stay in my way to them!"
I want to defend them, I want to defend them,
I detest being lonely any more.
I rewind time with my life as exchange.
I want to defend them.
I want to have them escape from here.
Untill a day when all of us can go out,
I will not sleep...
You idiot.
You have done reckless things on your own.
But, Italy, you have made efforts well all this time.
Escape from the mansion as soon as you can.
Cakes will have gotten cool.
We are waiting for you at here.
We're interested in Belarus who appeared at the preview.
A party of ladies seems to do battle.
The dear creator, we're looking forward to your works.
Someone can forget because he is a person.
That is why you will keep It in mind.
Take the person from the bottom of memory
and give consolation.
It's really too late now to say, but
let's look their outfits in the infancy of the series!
Oh no, somehow these are...
if we think carefully...
so funny, don't you think so?
Our putting reliance on each other
will take us out of here,
even if there is no miracle.
So, we never give up!
He outshone Conan with his excellent inference.
It took our breaths away.
But we wonder who he is.
Though he had only shaken,
he built a safety room
and have the others realize the most important thing.
The change of Germany is an extreme...
In the north, blueberry.
In the east, scone.
In the west, in the south,
what is there?
A shining sun,
keeping the passion, Spain.
The first one to be Knockout after battle commence, Oyabun.
My attention is attracted to Shinatty.
What? They wrote what they want to do?
Well, I want to play pillow fight
by sudden death.
Time to spend with dear friends
is very precious for me, so I want to keep it.
I will really escape this time.
Increasing by 2 newcomers caused
the bed shortage.
Then, please think of putting mattress down and
sleeping on the floor.
Time being repeated itself for long.
I have received the memories overflowed the other
and, at last, I found out you,
You are not alone.
We will also fight together.
I think that I want to plunge
into this hole. Russia,
I want to meet you right now.
There are lots of riddles still.
We're looking forward to their being solved.
Thanks a lots for your making awesome works,
the dear creator.
For damage, eat some rice balls.
For M.P., drink some beer.
Knockout? Give some cayenne peppers.
Hetalia and foods, separating those is impossible!
Torture lv.74. If You Want To Die, Step Forward!
Kolkhoz lv.10. Restoration with some pescatores.
Erotica for perfect restoration. Take Countless Attacks.
Confronting by Fire. Fastest words named String.
We all cheer for them,
even from outside of the display.
Now is the time for uniting.
A work which is worth doing so,
it's HetaOni!
-Italy. Please, please wake up...
-I don't want to accept that ending: the others' deaths. -Don't think you're alone, rely on us.
-Let's call experts right now! -You wouldn't say "Who?" Please.
-Formidable, formidable Tony.
-Take U.K. away from the kitchen!
We will gather some clues.
I want to escape "with you."
-At after this, are they going to smile?
-We defeated them again and again, but they'll surely attack us again.
-However, we may almost give up despite ourself... -I never forget YOU at least all the time.
-We intend to defeat Tony.
So then, first of all, don't stay here, display.
"The creator is merciless."
Every time we have shouted.
Although we have done,
truth is that we take pleasure in the series.
Always we abuse "You merciless,"
but only today we want to say to everybody
who watch together as well.
HetaOni Douga
(The dear merciless creator and the companions being outside of displays)
HetaOni Douga
(Thanks a lots!! Have a Nice HetaOni!)
Thank you for your access to Nanairo no HetaOni Douga today.
I'm sorry but you couldn't watch this video because I'm making a study of tecnology to go beyond a display.
I'll wait for the next your access.
Thank you for watching!