Red Bull Romaniacs 2010 - Day 2 - "Dangers and Risks"

Uploaded by redbull on 28.06.2010

Saddle up and put on your mx googles! Cause it's time for the Red Bull Romaniacs.
It's dirty it's hard and it makes grown man cry.
5 days of dirt, pain, exhaustion and sweat. Get ready and start your engine, it's the
Red Bull Romaniacs The dangers in Romaniacs. One is definitely
GPS. You know if you got of track you just get a bit of the mark tapes and things like
that. You could struggle with that.
The most difficult part is, that I don't know what to expect because it's a completely new
race for me. It's been raining a lot now. And you can make
a stupid mistake anywhere and the race can change.
There are all seasoned good riders here. Taddy is here this year, Lettenbichler. I think they’re going to be really strong in the technical part so also
in the hard parts. Obviously Letti won the event last year so he is a good all round
It's awesome there. It's very slippery. So, I'm tryin not to push myself to hard. Keep the energy levels down, it's a long day.
It's been ups and downs, I broke my shoulder. So pretty a lot of crashes I would say this
year so far. It was quiet a lot of effort to get my broken shoulder back, you know it
takes a lot of time. Andi, how do you feel?
I don't know what happened. At the beginning
I had problems with navigation. Than I had a bad crash. And now I'm in the finish.
That was hard work man.
Yeah. I'm really tired. A really tough day but I enjoyed it.
You know the conditions are really hard. It was hard to go fast. I was trying to catch
up and made a mistake I made a crash. I hit the tree. Like straight into the tree. A big
tree. I crashed my bike and I hurt my shoulder. This time was the one that was enough.
It’s done.