Superset exercises to lose weight fast | Weight Loss Suspension Training

Uploaded by myosource on 20.08.2012

Speaker 1: Today is more weight loss. I'm going to show you a great little superset
that you can do here with the KB Duo. I got a nice little demonstration going. I'm going
to show you two sets that are going to help you lose weight fast as long as you do them
the right way and you do them with the right intensity.
First exercise is going to be the mountain climber. It's going to be a 12 second set.
With the Duo, it's different than your average kind of mountain climber. You're going to
get in a low position here, and you're going to work to keep your feet back, because what's
going to happen -- go ahead -- when you start doing those mountain climbers, your body's
going to want to slide up and run you. When you get down there, make sure you've worked
to keep those back. Okay, relax. The next move is going to be the squat hop.
You want to take this all the way out until these things are straight. You're going to
sit down low on your hips and work away in the hop. Sometimes when I'm working with members,
clients, what we have is we have people that are jumping up, and we get slack in the Duo.
You want to work to jump away at an angle, so it's tight the entire time, and you're
sitting back on your hips to tone as well as increase your heart rate.
Let's jump right into the superset here. Remember, this is going to be great for you to lose
weight. That's the main goal, is increase your heart rate to lose weight, small breaks
in between. All right, ready? Go! Lot of pace, lot of pace. You're trying to drive your knee
up as hard as you can, as fast as you can, because the faster you can get your heart
rate up, the longer it can stay up, the more fat we're going to burn. Three, two, one,
and relax. Spin around for squat hops. No break in between.
We're running right into it. Low squat, jumping up as high as you can, again away from the
Duo. You want to keep these straps nice and tight, pushing the pace for another 10, 15 seconds here. Push. A little quicker. There
you go. Come on. Six, five, four, three, two, one, and relax.
An easy way to check your heart rate to make sure you're working out hard enough is to
put your hand on your neck here, get down in there deep, look at your clock, look at
the wall, and figure out how long six seconds is. Check it out and go to six seconds. Throw
a zero on your number and you're going to have a general idea of where you're at. You
need to get your heart rate up to burn fat fast with 10 to 15 second breaks then we'll
run right back into it. Here we go with the mountain climber. Ready?
Go! Push. If you want to lose weight, it's not going to be that thing where you sit on
the elliptical for hours and hours trying to burn all kinds of calories. We want to
build muscle while we work out and we want to build cardio by pushing the pace. Three,
two, and relax. Good. Squat hops here. Again, work away, jumping
high. The higher we jump, the more muscle we're going to build, the more our heart rate's
going to increase. The higher we jump, the more results we're going to get. If you're
doing this at home, you're going to need to push the pace. Good. Come on, pick it up.
There you go. Very nice. She's working hard tonight. Make sure you're working hard too,
okay? Four, three, two, one, and relax. Very good set. Your legs are going to burn.
We're going to move into our last set. Now remember, you can do this for 10 to 15 minutes
and you're going to see huge results. Jump right into it. Ready? Go!
Grab your suspension trainer today and start working out with us at home. Thank you, relax.