Dryer Repair- Replacing the Radiant Flame Sensor (Whirlpool Part # 338906)

Uploaded by partselect on 31.08.2011

Steve: Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect, today we are going to show you how to change the
Radiant Flame Sensor on your dryer, it’s a pretty easy job, all we are going to need
is a putty knife, a 5/16th snap driver, a small flat ledge screw driver, ¼ inch drive
ratchet with a ¼ inch socket, and maybe a pair of needle nose pliers, let me show you
how we do it.
Now the first step in this repair will be to disconnect the power supply to the appliance,
if it has a plug on it, simply remove the plug from the socket, and if it’s hard wired,
we’ll need to disconnect the breaker.
And this repair will be to lift the main top which is held in place with two spring clips
one on each side of the door, with the putty knife just slide that in, depress the spring
clip and hold the top up just temporarily, now we can tilt the top back and lean it up
against the wall.
Next we are going to remove two wire harness for the door switch, simply lift the edge
of that connector, so that the locking tab will slide out, there are two 5/16th screws
that secure the top of the front panel to the cabinet, remove those, now we are going
to tilt the front panel forward and we’ll lift up gently on either side, and we’ll
unhook it from the two catches that are located on the bottom side, then we can remove the
front panel.
Next step will be to remove the two wires to the moisture sensor, then we are going
to remove the two bottom screws for the bulk head, both 5/16th hex head screws, then there
are two screws at the bottom of the air inlet duct, then we’ll loosen the two top ones,
they have a key hole slot on those top two screws, so we should be able to lift up on
the bulk head and release it from those two screws, now there are drum rollers on the
front of this model, so we’ll have to disengage those from the drum, and just remove and set
the front bulk head aside, now we have access to the component.
Now this particular model, the burner assembly is located over on the left hand side here,
and the radiant sensor is located on the side of the burner tube, it’s a little snug to
get at that ¼ inch screw, but it can be done with a small ratchet and a ¼ inch socket,
if you wish you could release the belt from the idler and lift the whole drum out of the
way to give yourself some more access, but I think we can get that right through the
side here. Now once you remove the single screw, there’s a tab on the bottom of that
radiant sensor simply disengage that from the burner tube, pull the whole assembly forward,
you can disconnect these two wires, they may be snug enough that you need a pair of pliers
on, we’ll take our new radiant sensor and connect the two wires to it, there’s a tab
on the bottom of that radiant sensor that engages in a small slot on the side of the
burner tube, make sure it protrudes fully into the burner tube, now with our ¼ inch
screw socket we will start that screw by hand, now once we’ve got it started, we’ll take
our ratchet and we’ll tighten it up. On our ratchet snug that screw up good and tight,
verify that our two wires are still connected to the sensor, and now we are ready to put
the bulk head back on.
Now to reinstall the bulk head we want to make sure that the lower lip, that air inlet
sits inside the base of the frame first, next we are going to want to lift up on the drum
so that we can get the roller wheels in underneath, and then next lift the whole assembly up till
we can engage that key hole slot at the top corners, now we will make sure that the felt
is not folded over anywhere and that the drum rollers are sitting where they should be,
then we’ll reinstall the other two screws on the front of the bulk head, tighten the
top two, and install the two on the on their rear. And as this model has a moisture sensor
we’ll reconnect the two wires to that, and now we are ready to put the front panel on.
Now to reinstall the front panel, we want to make sure that these two rectangular holes
line up with the two catches on the front, make sure they engage fully, next we will
replace the two screws that hold the front panel to the cabinet, and remember to reconnect
the door switch harness, make sure the locking tab holds it in place.
Now we are ready to put the main top down, now make sure that these two spring clips
engage the two hooks at the top of the front panel, so open the door slightly, and our
repair is complete, I told you it was an easy job.
Thanks for watching, and good luck with your repair.