IAA Frankfurt 2011 Part 2

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Welcome to part 2 from the IAA in Frankfurt.
We'll show you all the news of course. We're on our own stand right now.
All my colleagues are hard at work behind me.
We share this stand with Skoda. They're an economical brand...
...so we could get some space here.
We're also being served drinks.
So if you happen to be in Frankfurt during one of the two the press days, you're welcome.
Hello little girl.
Cute, isn't it? A Smart for the fire brigade.
In emergency situations you can call 112...
...or just run after it, overtake it and let the driver call a real fire engine.
But inside there are also some cool Smarts.
Barbie Smart.
And a matte gold Smart.
There's also a matte maroon red Smart.
This is one of our new toys, we hope.
Maybe in 5 to 10 years, when it's written-off.
It's a C-Class coupe, that's nice.
It's a C 63 AMG Coupe.
And on top of that it's a Black Series.
So the engine is more powerful, the cast iron pistons are lighter...
...a wider track on the front and the rear. 517 hp!
All that in a C-Class, it's insane.
This C has some extra goodies; the Aerodynamic and the Track package.
With the Track package you get a cooled diff. I guess that's for drifting longer.
With the Aerodynamic package you get some carbon stuff, like the big spoiler on the back.
Those spoilers give you 50 kg (110 lbs) of extra downforce, it's for the real die-hards.
I've got something else to show you, it's on the inside.
There's something else for die-hards.
Nice seats, but that's not what it's about.
It's about... There's something not...
I can't show you, the seat doesn't move.
This is one of my favorite car brands; Alfa Romeo.
They're not doing great, they're only selling the Guilietta and the MiTo.
But there are lots of nice girls, they look good on video.
This 4C concept is a beauty.
They had a matte red one in Geneva and this color is called Fluid Metal.
It's got a 1.8 turbo engine, but it's a light car so it's very quick.
It'll be a while before production starts, but for now you can enjoy the images.
Sacha's already warned us, it's hard not to come across gay in a convertible.
Being in a stationary convertible on a motor show with two little boys...
...is pretty gay.
The car isn't though, quite the contrary.
It's an SLK, as you had already spotted.
But this is the AMG version.
Surprisingly it's got a naturally-aspirated V8, a bit boring. It's 5.5 liters big.
Up until 2000 rpm, the valves in the exhaust are closed and the car is relatively quiet.
But above that, all hell breaks loose. I'm sure it'll sound great.
We already expected news from Ford about the ST range.
This is the Focus ST.
But we didn't expect that there would be a wagon version.
Ford is the only manufacturer that makes a wagon version of their hot hatchback.
It's got 250 hp. And look at that exhaust, nice!
You can buy this Focus ST from mid-2012.
It's got 250 hp from a 2-liter EcoBoost engine.
There are different trim options.
This one's got the optional leather interior, it's very nice.
This is also news from the IAA, the Focus ST-R.
It's a real racer, the interior is completely stripped.
It also sounds good when you close it.
It's a pure track racer with its slicks and roll cage.
It'll undoubtedly come to Europe later, but for now you can only get it in the US.
Of course there's also the regular hatchback Focus ST.
They've brought a nice yellow one.
This is the standard cloth interior.
I'm not sure if you can also get the yellow and grey interior...
...but it does look nice and sporty.
Ford doesn't just have sporty news.
This Fiesta only emits 87 grams of CO2 per km.
And the Focus emits 89 grams of CO2 per km.
This is the new Continental GTC.
It's got the same problem as Porsche...
...namely that the girls are much more fun to film.
This is the Lancia Thema, of course it's a rebadged Chrysler 300.
We can make fun of that, but it's a first step.
Chrysler and Fiat are going to work together more closely anyway.
Under the hood we only find big 6-cylinder engines.
I like those. This is the 3-liter diesel.
There's also a 3.6 liter V6.
But in Holland, Belgium and many other countries...
...there's lots of demand for small diesel or petrol engines.
They should quickly put something like a 2-liter 4-cylinder turbo petrol or diesel in it.
Or the 1.8 turbo from Alfa Romeo. That should be powerful enough for this car.
Lancia claim that they've drastically improved the interior quality.
I guess that's true, the same people have been in there for ages. They like it that much.
I'll describe what I see.
Leather, lots of it. Also on the dash. Nice stitching.
There's wood. It's just about right.
But the aircon controls look like they're straight from the Chrysler.
That's not great.
That's the way to draw attention to the Lancia Voyager.
This gets me less excited, again that's because of the engines.
The diesel option is a 2.8 liter. It comes from a tractor, I think.
I know the engine from a Jeep Cherokee a friend of mine had a long time ago.
It wasn't great in that car either.
I'm sure they've changed a couple of things...
...but this won't win them the war just yet.
This is it for part 2, but there's good news, there'll be a part 3.
And maybe we'll even do a part 4.
And we'll also film some girls, so you can just stay tuned on Autoblog.
Nice, isn't it?
We don't forget out male visitors, we've found some nice snacks for them.