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Where's that?
A SPONGE and bom Film Productions production Somewhere on the way to Choon-chun.
Her land doubled in price right after she bought it.
It's now worth $700 an acre.
How much did she make?
She bought it at $400 per acre. So probably around $30,000.
- Wow. - Easy money.
She's hard to reach these days. Won't take my calls.
Where are you?
Why didn't you call? We were waiting outside.
What floor?
Think it's too late for a stab at that?
You're asking me?
Maybe not, since it already doubled.
Not everyone can make money on buying land.
Should I try asking her?
I told you, she's not even taking calls.
Maybe she's trying to avoid buying drinks.
She never bought drinks even before.
Where to?
What should we eat?
There's nothing to eat around here.
- What do you want? - Me?
- What are you eating? - Anything fast.
- I need more analyzing time. - Like that will ever help.
- How about clam chowder? - Again?
- Eat fast and come back. - I hate soup.
Then just go do your analyzing.
Can't we get rice?
- Watch it, lady! - Sorry.
- Damn dope sheet's not helping. - Dope sheet's just a dope sheet.
Look how good she looks.
- What's her number again? - 12
Man, this is hard.
Watch how lightly her steps look.
- How can you tell? - Today's her day.
If I don't win here, I'm screwed.
I warned you not to bet big on the first game.
Maybe I should've tried my luck in real estate.
Like that's easy.
What are you doing here?
Small world, huh?
How've you been?
I want my money.
The $3,500 you borrowed.
- Why, all of a sudden... - I'm not kidding!
- Let's go for a smoke. - Okay.
So you came here looking for me?
Anyway, it's good to see you. I really missed you.
Let's sit down and catch up.
Your hand's so cold. Did you eat?
Just give me my money!
I will. I will.
- But it's been so long... - Hey!
Just the way I like it. Thanks.
But it's a tad bit bitter.
Then just order the latte not regular.
It's not the same.
Want one, Hee-su?
Right, you don't drink coffee.
Do you have green tea?
Yes, would you like one?
It's okay. She's a little down from losing big.
You look good. Been working out?
There's an ATM over there.
I know. I'll pay you.
Isn't it strange?
What is?
It's been a while since we met. Shouldn't we talk first?
Like 'How've you been? ', 'You look different', and so on.
I just came to get my money back. So just hurry.
But we just met and all you talk about is money?
That's not fair.
Not fair?
How can you say that after taking my money and not calling for a year?
Has it been a year, already?
Guess you're right.
Did you forget?
Of course not. I'm sorry.
I didn't come for an apology.
All I want is my money back.
I still have the IOU you wrote me.
Did someone con you out of money?
What's with this?
Do I look like a con-man?
Come on, you can trust me.
Fine. I'm a con-man.
I was just kidding. Come on. You used to laugh at my jokes.
Write your account number down.
Where're you going Jin-su?
I got an errand to run.
- Let's grab a coffee. - Later.
- I'll wire it to you, later. - What?
I'll send it to your account.
No. Just give it to me now.
I can't. I don't have any money.
With the economic slump and all.
- If I knew I'd bump into you I'd... - CHO Byung-woon.
You think I'm stupid?
You come to the race-track with no money?
It's not what it looks.
I have my reasons.
Want me to explain everything to you?
I don't want to listen to your crap!
I'm getting my money today no matter what.
10 minutes to final biddings.
I'm pretty broke these days.
Is something wrong, Hee-su?
Your face...
Maybe it's the new make-up?
I'm serious.
How'll you pay me?
I have my ways. I'll get it to you, today.
Trust me and go home.
I told you I'm not leaving till I get my money.
So you wanna go around with me?
Employees Only Fine, whatever.
You're leaving without watching the race?
Yeah, something came up.
- What about tomorrow? - I'll try to come.
The girls are going out tomorrow night.
We're going to the Sake pub you told us.
Wanna come?
I'll try. Thanks for watching my bags.
Call me.
So nice.
Let's go.
I need it in cash. You know my situation.
I'll come whenever's good for you.
I got another call. Call you right back.
Were you sleeping?
I called you several times.
You know.
Just called to see how you're doing.
Nice car. When'd you get it?
You were saying?
Of course.
It's not that.
No, it's not what you think.
Just wondering how your Lasik surgery went.
Has it been a month, already?
Time flies, huh?
Then they're all healed?
I'm lucky to have good eyes.
Where are you?
Why are you all the way there?
When are you coming up?
Call me when you get back. Let's meet up.
Dinner sounds good.
Okay, bye.
The car looks fairly new.
Now what?
It seems like just yesterday when I was teaching you to drive.
Near Yangje River? Remember?
So what's the plan?
It's all set. We just need to go get it.
- Then tell me where to go. - Hold on.
My battery's low. I'll call you right back.
Give me your phone.
It's to get your money. Hand it over.
Come on.
Did this just come out?
All this high tech...
But if the battery's out, the thing's absolutely useless.
- So where The hell are we going? - Pull out.
It's me. What time?
I'll come over. Call me at this number.
Do you get TV on this?
- Let's turn it on and watch the news. - Don't touch it.
Doesn't look like someone hard on cash.
You're asking me?
I'm dying to know. How've you been?
I'll imagine crazy things if you don't tell me.
Damn this is bitter.
Why are you so mad at me?
You think I'm angry?
You've been acting like you're with a mortal enemy.
You steal my money and don't call. What'd you expect?
What? Steal?
- Aw, come on. - No excuses.
- Come on, hear me out. - I don't want to hear it.
You were feisty before but not this much.
You've changed.
Turn right up the street.
Turn right up ahead.
This is pretty neat.
I should get ready.
Did you get married?
Probably did, right?
None of your business.
When we last met.
You quit your job and were busy preparing for your wedding.
The guy was some big shot funds manager, right?
That's strange.
What is?
Oh, nothing.
Stay here, I'll be right back.
Why are we here?
To get your money, silly.
I'll be right back.
What? You don't trust me?
- No. - Then come with me.
Hey, you can't park there.
We're just making a quick stop. We'll be right out.
All visitors must park in the parking lot underground.
Let's just park the car, Hee-su.
We'll park it in the lot.
The parking fee is $1.50 for every 10 minutes.
This is paid parking, too.
Public parking lots are free on Saturdays.
Bet they're not.
- No, it's free. - Trust me, it's not.
How long are you staying?
- I have to pay? - Yes, ma'am.
- Told you. - Isn't it free on Saturdays?
Only on Sundays and holidays.
Let's just park here.
Damn it.
It's probably cheaper here.
Aren't you tired of putting that thing in and out?
Think it'll get stolen?
Hiding things is my hobby, okay?
See? You're mad again.
Want me to pay for parking?
I'll pay.
Don't you think it's about time we start seeing things eye to eye?
It's hard for me, too. I don't know what to do.
We should talk about our future and...
Excuse Me?
Can I help you?
I have an appointment with President Han?
Your name is...
CHO Byung-woon.
She's on the roof at the moment.
Follow me.
We'll talk later.
- Wanna wait here? - Let's go.
But it's cold out.
Pretty sharp.
Was it okay?
Not bad.
But, you're getting a little duff. Just slightly.
You're right. Why's that?
Hold the club again.
- Try it again. - Okay.
Your stance and posture are good.
Maybe it's 'cuz you're using your wrists too much before impact.
My golf instructor said the same thing.
But I thought I got better.
No wonder my score isn't getting any lower.
Oh, man!
Everyone goes through a slump. Try again.
Nice shot!
Just perfect.
May I see your hand for a sec, ma'am?
- My hand? - Yes.
See the calluses here?
This proves you're using your right arm and hand too much.
You're right.
Think of it as holding a sparrow in your hand.
- A sparrow? That's gross. - So to speak.
Hold on, Hee-su.
- You came with someone? - The friend I mentioned.
Your friend is very pretty.
She was much prettier before things got rough.
Do you golf?
How about it Byung-woon?
Slow paced sports aren't for me.
I'm more into fast action sports like horseback riding or skiing.
It'd be nice to play with young people.
I hate going out on the field with old timers.
- Golf is a great sport. - Of course it is.
No thank you.
I recently quit. You, too?
I quit, too.
- Just one more, then? - Sure.
- I don't like smoking alone. - Of course.
Then I'll...
Oh, right.
Mr. Kang?
Bring me what I asked for.
She's been helping me out in many ways, Hee-su.
No, it's the other way around. You're helping me.
But not nearly enough, ma'am.
You always know just what to say. So cute.
I heard what happened.
But I can only give you $1,000.
I have some big transactions today.
Take it and thank her, Hee-su.
Is that okay?
Of course, ma'am. $1,000 is a lot of money.
We're very thankful. Right?
I'm sad to hear that a young woman like you are in such trouble.
And this is for you.
- What's this? - It's an IOU.
How sweet. Everything you do is so cute.
I should bite my finger and sign it in blood.
But I'm kinda anemic.
So I signed it instead.
- Good. Wouldn't want you to get hurt. - Thank you.
Then we'll be on our way.
Already? Can't you stay for lunch?
There's a good eel restaurant around.
I love eel but...
Next time, ma'am. I gotta help out my friend, today.
Here. A sign of my appreciation.
This is for me?
To help you stop smoking. I mean, smoke less.
It's sort of sad.
It's missing 1%.
Just like I can't ever be perfect for you.
Well, that's life I guess.
Why are you walking so fast? Wait!
What? Still angry?
At least you got your $1,000.
It's a great start.
Lighten up. It's a nice day.
We're very thankful for your help?
WE? Why do I have to be thankful to her?
It's common courtesy to thank someone for helping.
I'm not the one she helped out! You are!
I just came to get my money!
Relax. I know.
Anyway, that lady's probably in a good mood, now.
Feeling happy and proud about helping us out.
Here, take this.
Come on.
Borrow the money but make them feel good about lending it.
Then everyone's happy.
The rich are stingier you know.
Lending $1000 out of the blue? That's not common.
M-1 Festival with Emelianenko Fedor Wait, Hee-su!
Got any good CDs? How about some music?
I don't listen to music in the car.
You used to carry around an MP3 player filled with songs.
You always used to make me listen to your favorite singer.
Her name was Ast... Bart or something, right?
Astrud Gilberto.
That's it. The drowsy singer.
Her songs were comforting, though.
- Just wondering... - What?
What is it?
- That woman back there. - Yeah?
Do you sleep with her?
Finally starting to wonder about my life, huh?
Isn't that why she gave us the money so easily?
She may seem naive but she's a prominent business woman.
She's very careful with her money.
She wouldn't give it out for being tangled in some love affair.
Then why'd she do it?
Probably 'cuz she trusts me?
You may laugh.
But I'm a pretty reliable guy, you know?
A reliable guy who ran with my money?
Hey, I'm trying hard to pay you back, now.
I got the money from her 'cuz I'm the collateral.
I have to do anything she asks from now on.
So you'll sleep with her if she wants you to?
You're talking like that's the worst thing in the world.
- You think that's normal? - Depends on how you look at it.
If you think it's good, it's good.
If you think it's bad, then it's bad.
Everything's that simple to you?
Simplicity is good.
We retrieve unpaid debts for you!
So you're curious of my relationship with her, huh?
I can tell you more, if you want.
No, thanks.
Be honest.
I'm so not curious. I don't need to hear any of it.
Why would I care what you go around doing with women.
You haven't changed one bit.
I still look the same, right?
People don't believe me when I say I'm over 30.
Still pompous, too.
Come on.
You'd be disappointed if I was any different.
Oh, Byung-woon?
Hold on, please.
Hey! Byung...
He can't come to the phone right now.
PARK Se-mi?
Okay, bye.
Hi, mom.
I'm a little busy.
I don't need any more Kimchi. I hardly ever eat at home.
Yes, mom.
I'm eating well. Don't worry.
I gotta go, mom. I'll call you later.
Was it your mom?
- Why didn't you put me on? - Why?
So I can say, hi.
- How's her health? - Good. How'd it go?
She had a bad knee. Is it better, now?
No need for you to worry.
Did you get the money?
Let's check elsewhere. I didn't expect much, anyway.
Your many girlfriends don't always help?
- She's a friend from school, I swear. - Whatever.
Same class, elementary school.
She got divorced and is working hard to raise her daughter alone.
So now you're using hard-working single mothers?
Aw, come on.
I thought things got better for her but I guess not.
The whole world's struggling.
I hate this world.
There you go again being pessimistic.
- Why are you so... - Know someone named PARK Se-mi?
Se-mi? Oh, her.
- Why? - She called.
Give me your phone, again.
You have arrived at your destination.
Which building is it?
It should be around here.
I told you to go straight, not turn right. Now we're lost.
The navigator said to turn right.
These things aren't always right. It's just a man-made machine.
It's more reliable than some people.
- Found it. - Really?
I think it's this one.
Man, she must've made a lot of money.
Guess the economy doesn't affect the girls in this biz.
I'm just outside your building.
It was clear roads all the way.
It's okay, wash up slowly then.
She said to come back a little later.
What do you want to do while we wait?
I don't have all day. Just go now, I'll wait here.
She just woke up. I should give her time to wash-up.
It's not a date!
Who cares.
Let's just wait for 30 more minutes.
She works nights. It's hard for her to get up early.
But I promise you'll get the money, okay?
Aren't you hungry? Let's go for lunch.
Isn't our favorite restaurant around here?
What was the name?
Je-ju House.
Right! Remember the cutlass fish?
The owner used to love you 'cuz you'd always have seconds.
I did not!
You did.
I don't remember.
I can't believe the restaurant's gone.
Just our luck.
Think it went out of business?
I don't remember seeing many customers.
The owner used to be so nice and giving.
Hope she's doing well.
Now what do we eat?
Let's go grab something good and spicy.
From cutlass fish down to hamburgers.
You know I don't eat burgers at mealtimes.
It's not my idea of a meal.
It's like instant noodles.
This isn't a meal.
It's more like a snack.
Then don't eat.
- May I take your order? - One Zinger Burger set, please.
- And your drink with that? - Coke, please.
Will that be all?
No, I'll have the Spicy Burger set.
I'd like it cut in half and a biscuit instead of fries.
I'll have a lemonade and some corn salad, too.
- For here or to go? - Here.
Your total comes to $10.90, please.
I'll give you a cutting knife.
I'll just pay for my order, please.
Here's your change.
Do I get a coupon with that?
- What? - Nothing.
Let me eat, will you?
Wanna split our burgers?
Still don't like sharing food, huh?
- Since we're together like this... - What now?
Brings back old memories.
It's nice, right?
Damn it.
CHO Byung-woon speaking.
Where are you?
I'm nearby.
Can you go around like that?
It's not that I don't love you.
I just can't do this anymore.
He's always good to me.
Thanks for understanding.
I'm sorry.
Hi, there.
$1, please.
- Wait. - Sure.
- I'll take this, too. - Okay.
$1.60, please. Thank you.
Where'd you go? I looked everywhere.
I thought you left.
Why would I?
I only ate half the burger. Why'd you throw it out?
You looked pretty busy.
Leaving already?
See you around, sir.
- Bye. - Good luck!
Thanks again. And have fun giving out tickets!
Give me a break.
Here's $100.
Where'd you get this?
I taught one of the girls when I was a ski instructor.
Now, a student?
All grown up and helping people out. Makes me proud.
- For borrowing money from students? - What's wrong with that?
When you're low, you borrow. When you're not, you give.
- It's all a part of life. - Whatever you say.
You lent me money, didn't you?
Why did you, anyway?
You said it was urgent. That your business was at risk!
It wasn't 'cuz you felt sorry?
Isn't that what you said?
I don't believe this.
Maybe I heard wrong.
- Here. - Wow, thanks!
Sucking on that should keep you quiet.
You remembered I like canned coffee?
I don't get why people drink black coffee or espressos.
Canned coffees are simple and sweet.
Don't you think?
Why should I?
This doesn't make any sense.
Then she's really weird.
Come in.
Want some green tea?
Do I really have to do this?
She says she wants to see you first.
What did you say this time?
Nothing. Just that you're waiting outside.
Probably just wants to say hi. Sit down.
Isn't this place, awesome?
- This is Hee-su and this is Se-mi. - What's this?
- Beer in ice, For me. - Right, Right, right.
Have a seat.
May I ask why you wanted to see me?
No reason.
- Lots of foam, Se-mi? - Yes, please.
- Thank you. - My pleasure.
I just wanted to see who you were.
But I guess I had pretty high expectations.
I beg your pardon?
You're so average.
I imagined you'd be something special.
Stunningly beautiful.
Or overly elegant and classy.
Since Byung-woon said you two were close that is.
Stop kidding around, Se-mi.
I'm serious. You deserve that much.
You're way over her league.
She loves to kid around.
You used to like him a lot, right?
Isn't that why you lent him the money?
If you did, why are you hounding him?
If I were you, I would've just given it to him.
Se-mi, please.
You don't know anything! How dare you!
- Hee-su, let's sit down and... - Shut up! What is this!
Why do I have to listen to that?
It's all because of you!
If you waited for a year, couldn't you wait a little longer?
Ever think how hard it's on him asking for money out of the blue?
Must you put him through that shit?
What about the shit he put me in?
Se-mi! Hee-su has it rough these days.
Byung-woon! Stop acting like an angel!
Bickering over a few lousy bucks. So lame.
For girls like you who make easy money...
$3500 may not be much. But it is for me!
Stop acting classy! You're nothing but a bargirl!
Oh! Geeze!
You're both taking it too far.
Guess you're right.
I'm not what you'd call classy.
I'm so sorry to both of you.
This is all 'cuz of me. I'm so sorry.
Just yell at me, girls. Please?
It's my fault. I'll kneel for forgiveness.
- Hee-su, I'm sorry. - Let go!
Se-mi, please...
What are you doing?
Get up.
I'm sorry, lady.
I must've lost it or something.
I was kinda rude on purpose.
I'm known to be a little saucy.
See? I knew she was kidding.
Now that's the Se-mi, I know.
- Is that a compliment? - Of course.
Whatever you say.
- Want some green tea, Hee-su? - Who's this?
Hi, honey.
Just being a good girl at home.
I have someone over.
Okay, I'll call you.
Ah, forget what I said earlier and...
Hey, lady.
Don't sweat it.
Here's $700.
- You don't have to clean that up. - It'll just take a sec.
Girls these days are like models.
Must be somethin' in the food.
What's wrong?
Wondering about my relationship with Se-mi, are you?
Don't get upset.
I was always popular with the ladies.
- But it's not what you think. - It's not that.
Then what is it?
I get it.
Looks like you haven't changed much.
You act tough but you're a softy in heart.
You don't know me.
Don't worry. She didn't get hurt by what you said.
How do you know how she feels?
She's been through a lot in life. She's a tough girl.
That doesn't mean her feelings will never get hurt.
I just meant she's used to it.
How can you say that?
What did I say?
Who are you to judge whether her feelings were hurt or not?
It's nothing to argue about.
Have you ever had your feelings hurt?
Do you know what it's like?
Your laces are undone. Someone must be thinking of you.
- Leave it. - Hold still.
You're right. I've never been that hurt.
But maybe just a little.
After you said you wanted to break up.
I could never forget the look on your face.
It was strange.
I haven't seen it before.
But you looked...
Really happy.
I thought you were happy with me
but you looked happier when we broke up.
I'd get flashes of that.
And felt kinda hurt.
Oh, hi.
Just going around on business.
Are you sure?
Thanks a lot.
You're the best. Thanks.
I'll call you right back.
- What are you doing here? - Just stopping by.
Do you live here?
My in-laws live here.
You came to our wedding, right?
- You remember Me? - Of course.
We bet who could drink the most rice wine at the reception.
That's some memory you got there.
He almost died throwing up at the toilet all night long.
- Are you on your way somewhere? - Yes.
Why don't we grab a quick drink?
Sorry, but we have to meet someone.
Just 10 minutes, then. The cafe here is nice.
Yeah, just for a while.
Maybe next time, Hong-ju.
What would you like to drink?
I'll have coffee, instant style, with lots of sugar and milk, please.
Green tea for you?
Yes, I'll have green tea.
Let's drink beer. It's Saturday. Draft beers, please.
I'll be right back with your order.
Yes, pops?
How've you been?
I heard things weren't good.
Well, it can't always be good.
Really? I met some of Hong-ju's friends.
I really like your style.
We ordered beer.
Moderate and intellectual.
Aw come on, pops.
You know? He was famous in school for
having high standards in women.
It's a compliment, right?
Of course.
Here it comes.
Thank you.
Shall we?
You ran a lumber company, right?
Not anymore. I'm now looking for investors to a new business plan.
- Waitress? - Yes?
Another beer, please.
What business?
Sort of an international restaurant business.
You used to date my wife, right?
Dae-hee, please.
Once when she got really drunk, she rambled on about you.
Probably doesn't even remember.
So I wanted to meet you and ask you.
We were just in
horseback riding club together in college.
- Right, Hong-ju? - Right.
- I was a freshman and you're a senior. - Right.
But you said he was your first love.
Well, back in college... You know...
We were sort of close friends.
Close enough to sleep together?
Just asking.
Thank you.
Shouldn't you go after her?
She'll be right back.
- Drink up. - Sure.
Here she comes.
Should I order some food?
Anything you want to eat?
Pick something, Hee-su.
I'm sorry.
Do that again and I'll kill you.
Okay. Have a drink.
Thank you.
Damn hangover.
Why'd you drink so much?
How can I say, no?
At least we got $300.
Borrowing money from strangers. You're something.
People say I could probably sell air conditioners in the North Pole.
A survivor but a liar. Phony restaurant business...
- I wasn't lying. Wanna hear it? - No.
Your phone's ringing.
It's probably for me, again.
- Your bag in The back. - Yeah?
Why do you carry around such a big thing?
I was staying at a friend's place.
His brother got back from the army so I moved out.
- So you're homeless? - Yup.
I was a little short on cash, so I sold my place.
And you still hang around race-tracks.
It's not to make money. I used to, but it's not that anymore.
Then why do you go there?
Remember my dream of becoming a jockey?
If I didn't get so big, I probably would've made it.
I had to give up my dream but I still love being there.
Watching the jockeys riding the horses
makes my heart jump.
Why are you stopping?
Let's drop it.
What do you mean?
Let's just split up here.
Are you mad again? What is it this time?
It's not that.
I can't do this.
Then what about the money?
- We're almost there. - Just wire it into my account.
Take the money while we're on it.
I want to give it all to you today.
Forget it. Just drop it.
Did you really come For The money?
What do you mean?
It's strange how you wanted your money
and now you suddenly don't.
There's gotta be another reason.
Like what?
Like you missed me?
Give me a break.
Turn left at the intersection ahead.
Hear that? Let's go.
I said, no!
Spaniards and Koreans have many things in common.
Like partying all night, drinking.
And being a little quick tempered.
How about adding some baby's breath to that?
Callas go better with irises.
I can mix in some irises for $10 more.
- No, that's fine. - Okay.
The callas look beautiful as they are.
Spaniards also have similar tastes.
They like spicy and salty foods and eat rice like us.
Their Paella is kinda like our Kimchi fried rice.
So I think rice wine will do well in Spain.
A rice wine pub in the heart of Madrid.
Sounds sweet, huh?
The sign will say, 'High Quality Rice Wine from Korea.'
And I'll sell Kimchi and Korean pancakes to go along.
Sure. Whatever.
Isn't it great? Wanna go in business together?
No. I'm no dreamer like you.
A rice wine pub in Spain. Great idea.
Isn't it?
See? Everyone thinks it's a great idea.
It's a sure thing, I tell 'ya.
Smell this, Hee-su.
It's good.
Thank you.
Thanks, Hee-su.
- When did you visit Spain? - I'll go someday soon.
Wow! Cool!
Must we always meet, like this?
Why were you in Yang-pyung?
To buy some pork chops.
Right, Yang-pyung pork chops are the best!
- Long time no see. - Hi.
Give this to your wife, for me.
- Come with me to get the money. - Oh, okay.
Come on up.
You too, Hee-su.
Isn't this nice?
- How much was it? - Pretty expensive.
- We're coming right out, right? - Of course.
- After a quick bite. - This isn't a picnic.
It's a picnic if you got beer and pork chops.
I only had half the hamburger before.
Just one pork chop and we'll be right out.
Watch the stairs.
- Did you get enough to eat? - Hi, there.
Watch the stairs.
The bike looks good on you, man.
I wanna sell this old place but the wife likes it.
It's great! You have an awesome view.
Come on in.
When did you build this? Cool!
This took a whole week.
Hon? Wake up.
I'm here, too.
Hi, Byung-woon.
Happy birthday!
Thank you.
Why'd you drink so much?
The girls put me up to it.
I had no choice.
Come in, Hee-su.
- No, I'll just wait here. - Come on in.
Are you holding another exhibition?
- Next month. - Really?
You came together once, right?
- Yes. - That's right.
- Hello. - Hi.
- Lots of neat stuff Here. - The beer's hot, hon.
Get me a cold one.
The beer's all gone here.
- Byung-woon? - Yeah?
- Go out and barbecue. - Sure.
Happy birthday.
Thanks, but it's no big deal.
Are you an Aquarius?
Then you two aren't a good match.
We're not dating.
Aquarius tend to leave people easily in bad situations.
- Beer? - Thank you.
What's wrong?
Nothing. I get like this whenever I see your cousin.
Don't get started.
Why does he live like that?
Why are you here alone?
I don't like a big crowd.
Me, neither.
You don't want to talk to me?
But I've been dying to talk to you.
Have a seat.
Menthols, okay?
Is he your younger cousin?
No, we're the same age.
My birthday's a little faster.
Then why do you look so old?
You should talk.
You look way past 50.
It's 'cuz I had a tough life.
But he grew up like a prince.
- He never gets old 'cuz he's childish. - That's right. I'm a little immature.
Women like that in men.
I'd work my butt off and he'd inherit the family business.
Then he went and lost all the money in the family.
Even his wife ran out on him.
Really? She ran away?
- Shut up. That's private. - Man, that sucks.
I realized a man needs to have money and power.
Of course, he does.
You're so immature. Both of you.
Just saying I'm worried about him.
How many times did I help him out?
Just watch it next time.
So I'm the bad guy, huh?
Forget it.
It's okay. Everyone knows.
More pork chops anyone?
- A well done one, please. - Sure thing.
- And get me a sausage. - Okay.
I saw his dad at Thanksgiving. He was a mess.
I wish he wouldn't worry his dad so much.
But there are times, when I envy him.
No matter how hard things get, it doesn't seem to bother him.
He's got a crazy idea of opening up a pub in Spain or something.
- Spain? - Yes.
Didn't he tell you about that?
That's enough.
- Here's a fresh round. - Let's go.
What? We didn't even eat yet.
Where's my sausage?
- Oh, right. - Let's just go!
Here's your sausage.
- Thanks. - Be right back.
Are you upset?
My cousin's like that.
People mistake him at first.
But he's a good guy at heart.
How can you say that after what he did to you?
What did he do?
Don't you have any pride? Aren't you angry?
You're right.
Now that I think about it.
Ooo he makes me mad!
What's with the runaway wife?
Oh, that. I got divorced.
Actually, she divorced me.
You got married and divorced all in one year?
What can I say.
When the business went down, she took it real hard.
So I let her go.
I didn't want to see her unhappy 'cuz of me.
I guess I could be a pretty nice guy.
How can you joke about something like that?
Well, what's past is past.
I can never tell if you're being sincere or not.
I know I can be a little simple.
But I've always been sincere.
Okay. Drop it.
Why do you always cut me off when I'm being serious?
Don't get serious. Joking around suits you best.
Let's just go get the money.
We have only $900 left to go.
So I can come right in, now?
The teachers' room? Thank you.
Is it on the first floor?
Can we go thru here?
Thank you. Have a nice day.
Let's go, Hee-su.
Can I park the car here?
Sure. That car's parked here.
You're not hiding the navigator?
Forget it.
You sure?
It's a good thing.
I'm glad you didn't change.
What are you talking about?
I knew you'd always be doing well somewhere.
I liked that about you.
Don't act serious. I told you, it doesn't suit you.
You always knew what you were doing.
Perfect. Except for that feisty side.
I like you the way you are.
- Don't ever change. - What? Stop it.
- Wanna run to keep warm? - No.
Me neither.
- Are you here for So-yeon? - Yes.
- Hi, I'm her teacher. - Hello.
You're her uncle?
Well not exactly, but sort of.
Would you like to call and check?
No, it's okay.
You're early...
Go down that way to the next building.
She's on the first floor. You can take her home.
Thank you.
Her parents trust you enough to ask for favors like this?
She liked me a lot ever since she was little.
I'm pretty popular with the kids.
Bet you fit right in with them.
No, it's 'cuz I can relate to how they look at the world.
Is that so?
So-yeon's a lot like you in some ways.
She's smart but has one heck of a personality.
But I never got suspended from school.
Everyone suffers from something.
So-yeon, me, you... We all do.
Even the school guard back there.
It feels weird being back at school.
Brings back a lot of emotions. How about you?
Where are all the kids?
Maybe the teacher told us the wrong place.
Where is she?
- I didn't get married. - Huh?
Hey, wait!
Do you know a student named EUM So-yeon?
Okay, keep up the good work.
I'll go ask the teacher again.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Scraping off gum.
What's this for?
If I fill that up, I can go home.
It's not my fault.
I can't go around keeping an eye on her all day.
Students have their rights.
Her cell phone's off.
Shouldn't we report her missing?
She's only been gone for an hour.
Mrs. EUM?
When did you last speak with So-yeon?
Aren't you glad to see your favorite Uncle B?
I missed you big time, kiddo.
Has it been a year, since we met?
It's been two years.
Oh, that's right.
I can go home by myself, Uncle B. Just go.
Aren't you on a date?
A date for all three of us, then!
You're worried that I'll run off again?
Come on, we're pals. I'd never think that.
You don't have to say that.
What kind of music do you like? What were you listening to?
Like you'd know if I told you.
Of course I would. Do you know Astru... Gil... Gilbrake?
It got towed.
You said I could park here!
They have towing on Saturdays?
Some diligent workers...
My bag... it's in the car.
Oh, no.
We'll go get the car back. It's not far from here.
Come on.
Let go!
Want a handkerchief?
So-yeon? Good.
Hey, this is the handicapped seat.
It's probably okay to sit there.
You don't wanna see me, right?
Want me to sit somewhere else?
Fine. I'll go somewhere else.
I'm going.
I'm sorry. I feel like it's my fault.
No, of course it's not.
It's all my fault.
Why's that?
For meeting the wrong person.
I guess he can be pretty childish.
But I still think Uncle B is okay. He's not that bad.
Why did you skip school?
Sorry. I shouldn't have asked.
Just felt like it.
Why don't we catch a cab?
The subway's faster.
- Get closer. You're getting wet. - No, Thank you.
- See? It's all wet. - I'm fine.
Let's take the next one, Hee-su.
Wait up!
The screen doors are closing.
I told you we should catch the next one.
What's wrong? Are you hurt?
I think I sprained my ankle.
But it'll be okay.
I just wanted to...
go get the car faster.
Man, you're pretty fast.
Sit down.
No, I'm okay.
M-1 Festival with Emelianenko Fedor
One in 6 billion, the strongest man in the world coming your way.
I never used to like combat sports.
But I saw him by chance on TV one day.
He looked like the average, nice guy next door.
He looked so shy waiting up on the ring.
But when the game started, the guy completely changed.
He started pounding away at his opponent.
I've never seen anything like him.
He's nothing like any fighter I've ever seen.
Invincible on the ring, but a kind helper outside like a superhero.
Once when I was down.
I saw him in my dream. He even spoke Korean.
He said, 'Are you okay? How are you feeling? '
I felt overcome with joy and said, 'I'm okay now, thanks to you.'
It's amazing, but for a while I actually felt better and...
What's wrong?
Oh, darn...
There's a lot of people here like us.
At least we're not alone. Cheer up, Hee-su.
What the!
What's wrong with this?
- Let me try. - Don't touch it.
- You'll just break it. - No, don't worry.
This might help.
Why didn't you get married?
I couldn't do it.
Basically, I left him.
One of his workers embezzled some cash
and he lost his job, too.
Suddenly out-of-work right before the wedding...
He suggested we break up.
So I did. Like I've been waiting for it.
Bad, aren't I?
To make matters worse, it wasn't easy to find another job.
I couldn't start at the bottom, again.
How in the world did this get like this?
Can't you be serious for once!
I was listening.
Forget it. Get in.
Do you have any duct tape?
Just get in!
Sounds kinda like my story.
You know. Him and me.
Sending his woman away when things turned bad.
Reminds me of some movie star who once said...
'We're breaking up because we truly love each other.'
So how about the pub in Spain idea?
I said, no.
Want some?
Nice and sweet, huh?
Stop it.
You said you liked this side of my face.
So I always used to stand on your left.
- I wanted to yell at you. - What?
If you said you didn't have the money,
I was just going to yell and go.
I've had enough yelling. Not you, too.
- Still, it was nice. - What was?
'Cuz you came looking for me.
Yeah, whatever.
See? We did good, today.
We're pretty close to $3500.
Borrowing money all day to pay me was good?
But we could do it 'cuz we're together.
It would've been hard doing it alone.
Call again. I'll just go, if it's any later.
Give me the keys. I left the phone inside.
You can have this.
You came with Byung-woon, right?
How did you...
I saw you in front of the store, earlier.
I remember you.
Oh, right.
Sorry to make you come twice.
- Where's Byung-woon? - Just getting something from the car.
- Mommy, 'Sailor Moon'. - Hold on, sweetie.
I'll give you the keys. Say goodnight to her and go on in.
Here's $400.
I didn't have an envelope.
Sorry to keep you waiting all day.
I heard he didn't pay you back for a year.
You know he's loose with money.
I can't take this.
Didn't you come for this?
Yes, but...
He told you, didn't he?
That I'm divorced and a single mother.
That big mouth of his...
Please. Just take it.
I may not have a lot,
but it's enough to help out a friend.
When Byung-woon needs help, I have to help him.
He helped me through many rough times.
So just take it.
He's really something.
He insisted on helping me even when things were worse for him.
You two got close, already?
Hey, I'm so sorry.
- I was busy before. - It's okay.
- I gave her $400. - Thanks.
I'd better go.
- Okay. - Nice meeting you.
- See you, Eun-jung. - Bye.
Excuse me!
Let's say I've already been paid.
Don't do this, please.
If it's 'cuz you're thinking of my state,
it hurts my pride.
No, please. It's not like that.
I can't take it either. I promised Byung-woon.
Let's do this, to be fair.
- You won't budge, will you? - No.
Fine. I lose.
Byung-woon? See that?
- I Still kept My promise. - Okay.
- Well, take care. - Bye.
Why'd you do that? Now we're $200 short.
It's okay.
That's cool, Hee-su.
- Write me an IOU. - What?
- Pay me the $200, later. - Should've known.
- Write it. - Okay. $200.
Plus the $82 for towing.
And $30 each for the flowers and gas.
Aw, come on.
At least I'm not charging the chocolates.
But I paid for the bus and subway.
Then take that out.
$200 plus, $82, plus $60... then...
That's $342 minus the bus and subway fares...
- Where should I drop you off? - Huh?
Oh, any subway station.
Want some garlic extract? I got lots.
What's with garlic extracts?
It's really good for women. I'll give you some.
Should I let you off up there?
That's fine. Okay.
How about dinner? We still have some time.
No, thanks.
Right. I got an appointment, anyways.
Here's the garlic extract.
Make sure you drink it.
- You take care. - Bye.
Free taste test for Sangria. Would you like to try some?
Hi there.
It's Sangria!
Sangria is from Spain, it can be made easily by...
JEON Do-youn
Are you here alone?
HA Jung-woo
I've been dying to talk to you.
IOU 'I CHO Byung-woon borrowed $340.10.
I swear to pay you back ASAP.' February 16th, 2008