This Week in Android Development, November 5th 2012

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RETO MEIER: Hello, everyone.
My name is Reto Meier, and welcome to "This Week in
Android Development," November 5, 2012.
Last week was a big week in Android with Andy Rubin
pulling back the veil of secrecy to announce the
release of Android Jelly Bean 4.2 along with a slew of new
hardware to go along with it.
It's now possible to get a pure Android device to suit
all tastes, with Nexus devices now available in
tall, grande, and venti.
All three sizes will be available for purchase at
Google Play on November 13.
This week in "Android Developers Live," Roman and
Adam briefly considered hosting "Android Design in
Action," live from New York, under water, and without power
before coming to their senses and heading home to brace for
Hurricane Sandy.
As a result, there was no show, but I'm happy to report
that all of our presenters are safe and well.
It's unlikely that the guys will be back in action this
week as New York continues its cleanup benefits.
But as soon as they're finished bailing out the New
York studio, the guys will be back.
Meanwhile, in sunny California, where the only way
our studio will ever be underwater is when the next
big earthquake hits and tips us all off the edge of the US
and into the bottom of the Pacific, Ian and I were able
to host the first our new format app clinics.
We briefly considered following ABC sitcom "Up All
Night's" lead in switching to a multi-camera, live studio
audience format, but instead elected to dedicate the
majority of the show to technical tips and tricks that
make a great travel assistance app.
Last Friday, we looked at how to use location and transfer
data efficiently as well as sharing data between apps.
You can tell us which apps and which app categories you'd
like us to review using this Trello board.
We'd prefer to review self-nominated apps, so if
you're an app developer, please put your app forward
for us to take a look at.
This week Ian and I will be exploring ways to work
together more effectively by eliminating the awkward
face-to-face meetings and corresponding only through
instant messages.
Find out more this Friday when we look at the technology
behind WhatsApp messenger, GroupMe, and Trillion.
Tune in on Wednesday for our regular European office hours
with Rich and Nick, and watch as Bruno hosts a very special
Spanish addition of "Android LATAM Developers Live." Next
week also sees the premiere of a new show, "Table Flip," with
me, Reto Meier.
This week I'll be talking about exit buttons and why you
should never, ever have one in your Android apps.
Exit buttons--
not even once.
As always, you can find the complete scheduled for this
week's live shows at Google Developers Live.
If you'd like to meet one of our developer advocates in
person and you're lucky enough to live in Prague, you can
catch Rich and Nick at the Prague GDG
Devfest this weekend.
Today's live wallpaper was "Fresh Leaves," from
And remember, to make the most if this night like we're going
to die young.
My name is Rete Meier.
Thanks for watching.