Playful Kiss - Playful Kiss: Full Episode 4 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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Episode 4
Is it that house?
That's enough, okay? Hurry and leave! If Baek Seung Jo sees us, we're dead.
Hurry, hurry.
Where's your room ?
Is it over there? Or there? Where is it?
Spare me, please!
It seems like it's over there. Right there.
If that's Ha Ni's room, that one must be Baek Seung Jo's room?!
Please, please! Spare me! Just go already!
Ha Ni, you came?
You're here early!
Ah, yes.
Why aren't you coming in?
Well, today is just...
Are they your friends ?
Ah, hello.
Ah! You, you're Lady Gaga, right?
Oh, yes.
Aaah, the pizza lady!
That's right!
Ah! Hello.
And you?
You're the friend who was in the relay. Right?
Yes. Hello.
They were curious about where I'm living,
but they're leaving now, right? Bye!
Omo, go where? Come in.
Shall I make some strawberry Bingsu (a mixture of fruits, ice cream and shaved ice) for you? You can leave after you eat it.
Oh! This looks really delicious!
Really? For real?
You're just loving this, aren't you?
Oh! Son, you came?
Spreading rumors wasn't enough, so you even brought them here?
No, that's...
You should know I've already scolded her.
Is this your house?
I invited them in.
It's so much fun! It feels like there are actually people living here.
But these friends asked me if I'm really your mom. They asked if I'm not really your older sister.
Oh Ha Ni.
Are you testing my patience?
I told you to stop doing this to me.
And not to interfere with my life anymore!
How far do you intend to go with this?
Just give it a rest!
What do you think you're doing now?
It was me who took that picture,
and it was me who put that picture in the book without telling anyone. Why are you scolding Ha Ni?!
You too, Mom, please!
Take down that blog right this instant.
What makes you so mighty that you can tell me what to do with my hobby?
Is ruining your son's life really your hobby?
By chance, I heard what's going around school.
So what if rumors were to spread? What's there to feel sorry about?
Then, we will... leaving now.
Ah, why? You should have dinner with us.
- Ah, no it's alright. -Goodbye.
Ah, why? You should stay and have dinner here!
Ah, right! This weekend, we're going to the beach.
Let's go together!
But we have class this week.
Omo! It's okay to miss just one day.
Oh! It's going to be fun!
You girls only need to prepare your bathing suits
because I'll prepare everything else!
Oh come on, please come on!
Don't ask me the reason. Can't you just do it for me?
Why? Did you mess something up again?!
Perhaps, are you sick?
Ah no, I'm not sick at all.
Fine then. How much do you need?
Ah, 1,000? No, no. 2,000? Ah, no, no. 3,000?! Yes, 3,000 would be good!
Just think of it as spending money for my wedding just a little early. I just need 3,000.
Will 3,000 be enough?
Yes, 3,000 will be fine!
Then, I'll give it to you!
Oh really?! Thank you so much, Father!
But, why are you so worked up over 3,000 won (about $2.50)?
Ah, the truth is...
I wanted to get a room.
What?! 3,000, 3,000 won?
Father, are you kidding me right now?!
Kidding? You punk?!
You little ungrateful, shameless rascal! Are you crazy?!
You little punk! You want 30,000,000 won ($25,600)!? Are you stupid? For what? To rent a room?
Don't waste your time on such unnecessary things and go do something productive.
I'm going to hang up now. HANG UP!
Don't you know that in order to protect your love you need to have money?
Aish! Shut up!
Oh, what a fright!
Would you move from there?
That is my place, young man.
Oh! What's this, ahjussi? So smelly!
Why did you lose your love, young one? Because of money?
Forget it! Just go back to sleep!
Love is lonely because fate is on the line.
One puts everything on the line, which is why it's lonely.
When living life is hard and you feel alone,
love is what makes such a world look beautiful.
Excuse me?
You say that because you don't realize how lonely that kind of love makes oneself.
But... ...does that mean you should give up on love?
Such a bright youth!
Wouldn't you feel sorry towards (Van) Gogh who lived his life more unhappily than we do ours?
What? Gogh?
Do you know about Gogh's love?
Putting everything you have on the line.
To have no regrets despite losing everything.
You must be able to do that in order to really say that you've been in love.
Wait, wait! Can't you tell me anything else?!
That's right! Bong Joon Gu.
Can you really say your love has been tested by fate?
You still haven't even properly confessed your feelings to Ha Ni!
And even if you had,
what would be the point?
To not regret loving despite losing everything.
Listen carefully to what I have to say.
While you've been living here there's something I've really come to hate.
People with a bad head, like you,
who aren't able to take in the situation, let alone understand their own situation,
acting as if they know what's going on and bothering other people.
Don't make me repeat myself.
What I said about you being out of your mind wasn't just empty words.
Because of the letter,
he embarrassed me in front of all those students and teachers. Even after going through such shame, I didn't cry.
No, it's alright. It's totally understandable.
He has every right to do so.
He must be thinking that I planned everything out.
I said that's not how it is!
If I were him, I would be really angry too!
It must've been a pretty big shock.
Alright, bye!
Oh Ha Ni?
Are you Oh Ha Ni?
I hate stupid girls.
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I don’t know when it was,
Ever since I first saw you,
Every minute, every second, I keep thinking about you.
What you are doing...
Where you are right now.
Thank you.
Even when I try looking here and there,
And stomp on this and that.
I keep on liking you, I think I'm going crazy, Ooh.
I wonder if you know how I feel,
I'm telling you not to interfere with my life anymore!
How far do you want to keep going with this?!
Will you give it up!?
Every day stay by my side and protect me.
I love you too much for us to be just friends.
So can you please tell me that one word, I love you right now?
I love every day, only love me,
Please kiss me.
It really looks pretty!
How is it?

Seung Jo, you came down.
They said they're ready and that we should come out.
Oh, really?
Then shall we get going?
Seung Jo, you too. Put your bag down and quickly come with us!
Go where?
We're going camping for two days and one night.
I present you...
What about school?
I already called them.
Hyung, I've been kidnapped!
I woke up and found myself in the car!
Come out quickly.
That is the only way to save his life.
Quickly! I've already packed your luggage.
Your bathing suit too!
You are too much, seriously.
Who is it?!
Ha Ni! This girl suddenly says she's coming too.
Hello! I'm comming too!
Who is she?
What is this? Why isn't she here yet?
None of them are here.
Argh, really!
Good morning!
Nothing going on, right?
Teacher, Ha Ni isn't here yet!
Go Min Ah isn't here either.
Jung Ju Ri as well!
They've all gone to have fun.
They said they're going to the beach! Jealous, right?!
Gone to have fun you said?
Teacher, do you know how scary this world is?!
How could you allow three girls to go to the beach alone?!
It wasn't just the girls; they all went with Baek Seung Jo's family.
Did you say Baek...BAEK SEUNG JO?!
Just kill me instead! Kill me!
What? They went on a trip?!
And to add to that, for one night and two days?!
What am I going to do?
Am I going to have to earn some money?
Argh! What to do now?
What is it, Bong Joon Gu?
You, did you just get here?!
That's not it, Sir.
I'm in a rush and am leaving early.
Leaving early?!
Vice Principal, you see...
Aigoo, my aunt got into a traffic accident so suddenly!
I have to go really quickly now.
R-really? Then hurry up and go.
Ah yes.
Aigoo, but although I have to go really quickly, I have no money!
Can I borrow this just this once?
Aigoo, this?!
Yes. They said she might pass away any second!
Man, even if this is a piece of crap, it's still something!
The heavens are definitely on my side!
Ha Ni, I'm coming!
Okay, kids, raise your hands!
Quickly cross the road! It's dangerous.
Aigoo, how cute they are!
Alright, let's go!
Oppa! Oppa!
Oh. What is it?
We just opened right next to the subway station.

Here. Be sure to come and have fun!!
But I'm still a student.
Many university students come as well.
But, Oppa, you're really cute.
Ah, yes, thank you.
You should definitely come!
Massage Palace?
Eh? What's that?
Protect the youth.
Is this a good thing?
Yaah, really!
Let's go!
Oppa, do you want to eat some watermelon? I cut it up nicely so it's easy to eat!
There's a ridiculous amount of watermelon in the fridge.
Oh, but mine is super sweet! It tastes like honey!
A watermelon should taste like watermelon.
If it tastes like honey, how could it be watermelon? Wouldn't it be honey?!
So, how did you know we were going to the beach?
Everyone has their ways.
First, you need to have a bathing suit.
Ah, also hairspray and a hairdryer and...
And what else?
Ha Ni, do you have a swimsuit?
Yeah. I bought it last year, remember?
Hey! Just buy a new one!
Omo, there is even a Noraebang (Karaoke) there?
Should we try out a song, Oppa?!
What is this, a tour bus? Why would you sing?
Then should we play the "End Letter" game?!
Why that? It's so childish!
Omo! That's a great idea! Ha Ni, you really thought well!
Then, let's have the topic be four character sayings!
Mi Na first!
Ee Shim Jun Shim! (tactic understanding)
Ee Shim Jun Shim?
Ooh... "Shim Shim Pur Ee! (to kill time)
Is "kill time" a four character saying, Mom?
Of course! Shim Shim Pur Ee!
Hurry up and do it, if you don't you'll be punished!!
You'll have to write your name with your butt!
You're really immature!
One, two...
Ee Shil Jik Go! (telling the truth!)
Seung Jo.
Ah! Are you really doing this?
One, two!
"Go Jang Nan Myeong" ("It takes two to tango" or "One needs help to accomplish anything")
"GojangNanMyeong"? What does that mean?
It should just be Go Jang Nan Cha! (broken car) instead.
He didn't say "Go Jang Nan Byung" (broken disease), he said "Go Jang Nan Myeong"!
"Go Jang Nan Myeong". It means you can't make sound with just one hand!
You're so smart!
Did you guys get that?
So stupid!
Yu Yu Sang Jong! (Birds of a feather flock together!)
Hey! Hurry and go. "Go Jang Nan Myeong"!
- One - Myeong, Myeong?
"Myeong Myeong Baek Baek!" (Crystal clear!)
Wait a second.
What starts with Baek?
Two. Three!
"Baek Seung Jo Jjang!" (Baek Seung Jo is the best!)
You wanted to say those words so badly, that's why you asked to play this game, right?!
No. Are you crazy?!
Hey! It's just that there were no other words!
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Is it ready?!
Aigoo, thank you!
Whoa! This is great!
Kids, come get some drinks!
I should have bought Ha Ni a bikini!
She looks pure and pretty!
A high school girl's charm is her innocence.
- Oh. - Oh.
What's that, Oh Ha Ni?!
You have to use a tube?! I don't even need one.
Yeah, I can't swim very well.
Seung Jo, does Ha Ni look pretty? And innocent!
Doesn't she look like a high school student?
She looks like an elementary student.
You're pretty, Ha Ni. You're the prettiest!
That's right. Ha Ni is the prettiest.
Our Ha Ni is in bikini season.
I mean best.
I forgot.
You need these.
What is this!
They're socks.
Why did he give these to you?
What is that?
They look like socks.
God, I will kill that guy today and go to hell!
Ha Ni!
Oh, Ha Ni!
Are you okay?
Are you okay? Nothing happened, right?
Those socks were for you to wear.
Aren't you going to come here?
What is this? What's wrong with you?
Why is this suddenly being like this?!
Has it already lived its life?
We're almost there, so why are you being like this?
Is it out of gas?
I don't have any money, what will I do?
Is there any gas?
Let's see, let's see.
Is it there, or is it empty?
It's too dark, I can't see anything.
Ah, that's right.
Oh, what's up with this?
This is interesting.
Here. Let's see, let's see.
Dad, what is that?
Don't know.
Did it fall from the sky?!
I'm taking the picture!
Is it done?!
Next time, we should ask someone else to take the photo.
Go Mi didn't come.
Seung Jo Oppa!
Oh. You did well!
Man. That dung fly, Hong Jang Mi, is getting in the way. I hate her. Absolutely!
Look at that!
Kids! Let's eat some watermelon!
I think she's calling us!
Ha Ni! Come!
Let's go! I'm so hungry! The watermelon looks yummy!
Oh. Wait just a second!
Hey! Bbong (padding) Ha Ni!
What? Stop kidding around!
A tree goes plop and farts, "Bbong!!"
HEY! Really now. Baek Eun Jo!
Bbong bboro bbong bbong, bbong bbong!
You really, to your Noona?!
Bbong bboro bbong bbong, bbong bbong!
I'll scold you!
What's wrong with you too?
Try and catch me! Just try. Come in. You can't swim, can you?!
Just try and come!
HEY! Baek Eun Jo. Just try and come out!
Hey! Are you faking this?!
If you are going to act, do better.
Is this real?!
Hey! Baek Eun Jo!
Hey! Someone fell in the water!
Someone help!
After telling them to come eat watermelon, they go right back in.
Their maturity level is the same.
They're just innocent!
Honey, our throats are getting dry!
Watermelon for me, too!!
I'll give you watermelon.
Here's some. Say "ah".
Eat some watermelon!
What?! They fell?!?!
Honey, what's going on?!
What?! Hey!
Ha Ni! Ha Ni!
Just stay still!
Eun Jo!
Eun Jo! Are you alright?!
Are you okay?!
Eun Jo!
You're okay?! Yes?!
Our son!
Wow! This looks so good!
Seung Jo.
Go give Ha Ni some water. Warm water.
I'll go give it to her.
Oh no, no!
Jang Mi, you cook the beef.
Baek Seung Jo, quickly!
My goodness.
Are you okay, Ha Ni?!
You don't have to go to the hospital?
No. You were scared, weren't you?
Of course!
I was so surprised, my heart is still hurting.
It had to be when I was under the sand.
It's okay. I came right out.
What do you mean "it's okay"?
I couldn't move because of the sand, but there you were right in front of me flailing around!
At that moment, I was thinking...
"This is what they call hell."
I'm sorry, Dad.
Do you want some water?
Seung Jo, thank you so much. If you hadn't been there, what would have happened?
It was nothing.
For that, I will pay you back with a killer dinner.
You can't swim and without fear...
What was I supposed to do? Even when I yelled, no one could hear me.
You are an accident prone troublemaker.
After meeting you, there's not a single quiet day.
Why are you being mean again?
I'm still sick.
Who... Who are you?
Where is my Ha Ni?
Is it all ready?
Then, all of the men go to the tent!
What about Eun Jo?
Since Eun Jo's sick, he has to sleep with me.
Wow, it's our sleeping quarters.
Wow, this is great! I get top bunk.
Wow, jackpot! So great!
I call this spot!
It really changed!
Go, go, go!
You got the top bunk.
Must be nice!
Must be nice!
You're not tired?
I'm okay.
Hey, hey, you took one!
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You know how to play guitar too?
I borrowed some of your clothes.
Okay. I heard that you saved Ha Ni.
I should have come a little earlier.
Well, I guess you did your fair share.
Did you come all the way here because of Oh Ha Ni?
Of course I did! I don't care what a stiff genius you are; you're still a puberty stricken 18 year old!
I don't know when you'll turn into a beast, so I've got to watch you day and night.
Why? You should just move into our house then.
Do you have an empty room?
I'm warning you! Don't you dare make a move on her!
Remember that I'm always watching from somewhere. Got it?
You like Oh Ha Ni that much?
Man, if you ask me that directly, it's a bit overwhelming.
Whatever I become, I need to hurry up and get a job.
My dream is to make Ha Ni happy.
Yeah. You guys look good together, you and Oh Ha Ni.
Really? You think so?
You're different than what I thought, Baek Seung Jo.
Definitely different.
Yeah, really different.
You have some taste.
Yeah. Ha Ni doesn't look good with you.
Doesn't matter how much Ha Ni likes you. That'll end in good time.
Baek Seung Jo, should we be friends?
Why? Okay, okay. Do whatever you want.
I don't need a friend like you. As long as I have Ha Ni, I'm good.
Hey, sing a song.
Once again, he has come a long way in order to protect you.
Playful Kiss.
Ha Ni.
It was great when we were playing.
There are so many colleges, we'll get into one, right?
Of course. We still have two months left.
We can do it.
Is this arrogance I see because you got into the top fifty within a week?
It's not that.
You guys should be playing at this age. What kind of suffering is this? So sad.
It is, huh? You feel really sad for us, don't you?
We'll eat well.
Thank you very much.
Kids, if there's something you don't know,
ask him.
What else would you use a smart kid for?
Thank you.
Did you see? Her face is the size of my fist.
Ha Ni, this is no joke for you.
No. It's mother's (Seung Jo's mother) preferences.
Oh, mother?
What? It's my friend's mother.
Oh, look at this.
What is this?
"Things To Do With Seung Jo."
- "A date at the Nam Mountains." - Hey!
- "Piggyback ride amongst a lot of people." - Hey, hey!
- "Holding hands." - "Talking on the phone all night long!" "Getting married!"
It's completely decorated with Baek Seung Jo.
Give it to me!
Ha Ni!
Hey, what are you doing?
I thought Baek Seung Jo was really skinny,
but ever since we went on the trip, I found out he's a man.
He must work out. His back muscles look really firm.
Even talking about him gets you excited?!
You like him that much?
Ah, really.
Study, study!
Number 1. 1/4 of this...
That's the equation.
The answer...
What are you talking about?
Should we start with number 2?

Hurry and go.
Hurry, hurry, hurry.
Get up, get up.
Eun Jo, not there, but higher.
Excuse me.
Do you have a bit of time?
Right? Okay.
What the heck, Oh Ha Ni?!
You see, I'm studying with my friends and there's a problem we don't understand.
We just can't seem to get it.
I don't want to.
Come on, it won't even take you a minute.
30 seconds, just 30 seconds!
Even 30 seconds is a waste of my time.
A waste of your time?
Our lives depend on your 30 seconds.
At least you speak well.
It's this one!
What about this do you not understand?
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There, right?
Thanks a lot!
Oh, I see.
He solved it so simply, even I can understand it.
Alright then, the next problem!
Let's go for the next one!
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Just one more.
You're going to sleep?
The next equation as well...
I'm sorry!
Come back in 15 minutes!
Try going in.
Yeah, it's been 15 minutes...
I'm scared.
Hurry up!
I just can't do it!
Hurry up and go in!
Oh my, oh my!
Are you happy?!
Don't you dare come near my room now!
Ah, I see.
What if I actually get into a university like this?!
It would be nice if he could help with our other subjects too.
That's right!
We have free time this week!
Are you out of your minds?!
How can you ask that after seeing how he reacted last night?
What's this?
Hey, what are you doing?!
Why are you bothering Ha Ni?
Oh Ha Ni.
Who solved these for you?
Baek Seung Jo worked them out for you, didn't he?
I heard you two live together.
No, that is...
Move it, move it, move it!
That's right, the god, Baek Seung Jo solved them!
Are you guys jealous?!
You guys study with Baek Seung Jo?!
What is it? What are they talking about?
Oh Ha Ni.
Let me in too.
Me too! Me too! Me too!
What are you talking about?
Don't you guys have any pride?!
Joon Gu!
Does pride get you into university?
What?! Pride?!
You little! You're supposed to study on your own!
Who are you asking to teach you?!
Isn't that right?
Right, right?
Hey, you, yellow head!
You're going to go too?
Just look at them! Fine! Go, go!
Oh really?
Just go, go, go!
Hey. Hey. One. Two. Three.
What? Man!
Why are there so many shoes?
- He's here! - Hello, Teacher!
Mom, what the heck are these--?
They all came to see you.
Baek Seung Jo!
Tutor us too.
- Me too! - Me too! - Me too!
Jeez! Oh Ha Ni.
No way.
I'm a bit tired.
Dear, where are you going?
Mom is so very happy!
That my son,
can be of help to someone like this.
You're happy?!
Hey, Oh Ha Ni!
You better come out!
Just this once?
Oh Ha Ni, you really...
Save our class, just this once! I will never forget your kindness!
We'll never forget!
Please help us!
Please save us!
The object on the ground,
has a mass of 2 kilograms.
If 10 newtons of force are applied,
with a frictional force of 4 newtons,
what is the highest speed this object can reach?
With this problem,
you use the equation of F = ma.
If F = ma, what is F?
M is mass.
A is acceleration.
Oh, I see!
What we're looking for is the value of "a".
Therefore A = F/M.
In this case, force is 10 newtons and mass is 2 kilograms.
I'll do the dishes!
I'm all done.
Your friends left?
I told you to have them over for dinner.
I couldn't. You even made lunch for all of them.
Do you think studying is going to get you anywhere?
Baek Eun Jo,
that's a yellow card for you.
One more time and you're out.
What should we have for dinner?
Sweet and sour pork!
No way!
It seemed like Seung Jo didn't like sweet and sour pork very much.
When it comes out for lunch, he barely eats it.
I like it!
That's right.
Seung Jo doesn't really like it.
I said that I like it!
Are you tired?
You want water?!
This one is cold.
Never mind.
Oh, really!
That one was just put in.
Yes! What's happening?
What should I do?
I'll leave right away!
Yes. I'm hanging up.
What should I do?
What am I going to do?
What should I do?
What to do, what to do?
My husband is going to go straight there as well!
So you two figure out your own dinners, alright?
- Why isn't Hyung going? - Hyung has to study, he's a senior.
Don't come out! You two stay here!
Hey. Hurry.
Sorry, Ha Ni.
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Where are you going?
I'm going to go get food.
I'll make it!
As a thank you for yesterday as well as today.
You're going to?
What's with you?
Even though I look like this, I am Oh Gi Dong's daughter!
Always treating me like an idiot.
This time...
"Hawaiian Loco Moco"?
"On a bed of warm rice..."
" a thick patty of meat."
"Pour a generous amount..."
"...of gravy sauce."
"Place a sunny side up fried egg on top."
"The point is to dip the meat in the yolk."
Baek Seung Jo, you're going to be absolutely amazed.
What? The big problem was this?
Mom's good at acting, isn't she?
The bank lady called. She must be wondering what I was talking about.
You told me to come here all of a sudden, so I thought something had happened too.
But something did happen.
Her whole class came over.
Oh really.
Hey, Ha Ni is something else.
That's what I said. Ha Ni, she's got strength.
She's got bad grades. All she has is strength.
Hey, you rascal!
Are you just going to keep saying what's true?
Oh, that picture?
We took it right in front here, when we were going to start remodeling the restaurant.
It was around the time my wife passed away so Ha Ni must have been... was when she was four years old.
You're not interested in getting remarried?
Well, if someone as great as you appears.
But really, if Ha Ni gets married, you'll be lonely by yourself.
Just hearing the word brings tears to my eyes.
There's no need for that!
We can live together!
Then again, I don't know if we should leave those two alone like that.
I left the two home on purpose.
The air between those two seemed so bad.
Guys and girls, if they're alone, it all works itself out naturally.
Hey, are you going to give me food or not?
Hey, what's happening?
I'm sorry.
It's burned, just slightly.
This burnt thing, what is it supposed to be?
Hawaiian Loco Moco.
Hawaiian what?
Loco Moco.
This is only slightly burned?
This isn't dinner, this is just mush.
You don't like mush?
Are you telling me to eat this right now?
When do we spray this on?
Just bring the water.
It's amazing.
It's just like the ones in a restaurant.
It's really good!
How did you cook the egg so it's so soft?
And so quickly!
It didn't even take 30 minutes.
Because I'm smart.
Cooking is all smarts too.
Ah, really?
Then my dad must be super smart.
Then is Bong Joon Gu smart too?
Joon Gu is really good at cooking too.
No way.
It's true.
He sold Dduk Bokk Gi and Ma Tang for the festival and it was totally good.
Is making Dduk Bokk Gi cooking?
It is. Those types of food are the hardest.
The dishes that are eaten by a lot of people, it's hard to accommodate each person's tastes.
Even the Ma Tang, the outside was really crispy and the inside so very soft.
You know how typically it's really mushy and sticky--
You're already done?
I only had a spoonful!
Clean it all up, and do the dishes too!
I really only had one bite.
[So Pal Bok Noodles]
Thank you!
Let's go to Noraebong (karaoke)!
I'm tired, let's go home.
It's only 10:00!
Let's go to Noraebong.
Oh my, seems like you're having fun.
I can't, I have an important English test.
I've got to prepare for it.
Don't worry about me and have fun.
Though he's always so fussy, he still does everything.
Where did my English book go?!
Why is that the only one missing?
"Talk all night! Get married!"
No one can see that!
It's so embarassing!
What will I do?
I'm going to get made fun of so much!
Oh, yeah! He's sleeping.
You rascal, so nice of you!
Where is it?
He sleeps so beautifully.
What is this?
He only reads the original editions?
Why are you acting like a thief?
That's not it. I had to look for something.
Do you expect me to believe that?
Of all times, when no one was in the house but the two of us,
you suddenly have something to look for?
No. Really.
Bong Joon Gu said...
...that we're all puberty stricken 18 year olds.
Why are you like this?
What is "why are you like this"?
Isn't this why you came in here?
No way!
What's it matter?
We're the only ones in the house right now.
Seung Jo, why are you like this?
Seung Jo ssi!
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What major?
Why would you go to university?
When you find something you like, your heart starts to beat.
What's going on?
Shut up!
I knew we would be far apart.
Yes, yes, yes, I will go!
I'll be there! Thank you!
Where are you?
Ha Ni, why don't you go in first for now?
You got it!
You got it!
Seung Jo got it for me.
Do you think I won this so I could play with it?
If you come to my university, I could keep you entertained.
You're going to take the exam tomorrow, right?
Did you catch a cold?
This won't make me drowsy, right?
I hear you fed Seung Jo Oppa sleeping pills.
Please tell me it's not like that.
That nothing happened.