Девочка. Масло. Драма. (o^-^o) [Girl. Butter. Drama.]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Apr 13, 2012

Sup, I'm Stas Davidov.
This is 113th episode and it's Friday the 13th.
Happy friday clubbers, don't drink too much Jaga.
Or else your Saturday will be something like this.
And the girl doesn't seem to care at all.
She just continues walking like it's nothing [like a tank]. Maybe even hit another car on the way [commitment +5]
Sasha walked down the avenue and hit a bus (tounge-twister)
Prolly the girl just forgot that she can't walk through walls [happens..]
Who's there?
Bow down before the king.
What are you laughing at?
It's an accident!
It could be you or your relatives in this bus's place! [or a kitty O_O]
Heey, she left the scene of the crime!
Also, can you imagine that this vid's comments are full of people who are saying the driver is to blame.
Bloody Mother Teresas!
Yeah, driver is at fault for not managing to barrel-roll to the side. Together with a car [super ninja]
[K.O.! Bus wins!]
I'd get out of the car and give her a standing ovation [who could've doubted it]
And this is Horosho!
Second vid was sent by Kapitan~kapitan~
And it's about art.
It's so much about art that i'll even have to put on...
a scarf [extreme measures]
Not to cause more questions i'll tell you now.
Yes, this dumbass is stomping butter.
No, this is not a perversion, this is....... art.
[Endure it]
[get closer to art!]
Art is so subtle, she is so fat.
You understand? Butter symbolizes pain and life suffering.
Well i'll be cubismed and futurismed! It's a concept!
[good ol' art cursing! :P]
Mhmhm, and there are kids starving in Africa.
Riding like a cheese in butter.
Who was saying that you can't spoil a soup with butter?
And if it was an olive oil, she'd have her head decapitated by a tram (reference).
Good thing Annie didn't put it there (same reference).
Oh the cream of art society [butter beta]
Gather a bunch of connoisseurs of art, show them the worst crap and everything will go well, like butter on bread.
Oh my god! He's vommiting all over a Chihuahua!
Oh, it's a Scarf Pei. Must be an artist [scarf=art]
It's art.
[art is serious business]
Wait, we have a scene, layer of butter and a piece of meat on top.
So this is a sandwich!
And this is ... art.
And the third vid was sent by KOKERzeroZEROseven.
This is one of those vids you just want to share.
So how do you make Epic?
Take a quiet Belgian street, put a big red button and hang an arrow saying "Push to add drama"
It's that easy.
Well of course for total success you also need to hire a couple of actors and stuntmen [like 50 more people]
Oh yeah, and a chick on a bike [like 50 more people and a woman]
Well i guess you understand that up to this point it was your average day in Belgium.
[here comes teh drama!]
There, that's more like it! Football players always add drama!
[sports drama!]
Also the ginger has it! Not like has it has it, but like HAZ IT!
He has a face of a person who will try all this with his girlfriend.
Of course there are some faults in this vid as well.
Like, where's the explosion?
Where's the falling helicopter?
Where's dubstep?
Where's the fat woman dancing on butter?
Where are... like, kitties?
Alto, they have a chick on a bike!
I want this button [only the button?]
I'll take two!
And this is Horosho!
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When broke i resort to eating cup noodles.
I climb inside a gut and smoke for 2 weeks.
I'm a cow and they mess around with me in a slaughterhouse.
I don't mess around, i've got too much Soy inside!
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And this is art....
Bad idea.
It's not coming off like this.
Window, window, window.