Crackòvia - Pepe's apology [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]

Uploaded by totalBarca on 26.01.2012

Spaniards, Messi... is dead
what are you doing?!?! It's a joke
No more jokes! Portuguese don't have sense of humour
All you have to do is record video with apology to Messi and it must look like real
because if not, there are people who won't believe you, but they believe excuses of some players from some teams (*reference to other Crackovia episode)
eh? ok, let's try Pepe, what do you feel?
an ache in the stomach
no,no I think it's hunger
Pepe, let's try again, what do you feel about stepping on Messi's hand
I never intended to stamp on Messi's hand, in fact I really wanted to make Juanito and stamp on his head (Juanito, player of RM, antagonist in several incidents, in 1988 banned for five years, after deliberately stepping on Matthäus' face)
it will be a long day
How about pizza? They add extra truffles.
all I do is defend my team and the thought of hurting a colleague has never entered my mind.
Here is the pizza, sorry, we don't have any truffles left
nooooo! once again!
I apologize, it was unintentional, like Costa Concordia's captain (cruise ship that struck a rock on 13 January 2012) I fell on Messi's hand
nooooooooooooooooo! cut!
take this, this is what you need to say, really easy, you only have to read it
wiiithhhhhhhhhh reeeeeeeeegaaaaaaaaarrrd tooooooo
Mister, what is that big letter?
incredible, we've been trying to 3 hours and haven't recorded anything
Look, there is little red blinking light on camera, maybe we recorded something...
La mano arriba cintura sola da media vuelta danza kuduro (Danza kuduro song)
nooo, turn it off now!
it's nothng, just...I'm so stressed out I just need some fun! understand?
oh, you're sad because of this argument with Ramos in the locker room, huh?
calm down, not everyone in the world hates you
not all players hate me?
no, all players do, I was talking about Karanka
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