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Good day. We welcome you to ''Janta Ki Adalat''
ln this program we try to bring people the public adores.
The people it holds in esteem and places on high pedestals.
The public sometimes demands explanations from them.
And flings accusations at them.
We bring you today's case in 'Janta Ki Adalat'.
We first invite the resident editor of the lndian Express.
We request the judge of this case for permission to begin proceedings.
The proceedings may begin.
Before we begin, Anita will briefly tell us about Prithviraj Singh.
Today's case is about a cop who nabbed greatcrooks in a short career.
The ACP of Bombay kept every promise that he made.
Here, he will answer the accusations himself.
Rajat Sharma will ask the questions on behalf of the public.
Now it's time for the guest of today's show.
The case is on former ACP of Bombay, Prithviraj Singh.
ACP Prithviraj Singh.
We begin the case. The first allegation on Prithviraj Singh.
The first allegation on him is that he does as he pleases.8
ls it true that in your 10 years as a cop, you were transferred 1 4 times?
- You weren't able to stay anywhere - Yes, it is true.
ls it true that you frighten all? Even men in your own department?
You didn't obey or pay heed to anyone. You did as you pleased.
People tremble at my very name.
Because l won't allow any illegal business in my police station.
l neither take nor allow others to accept bribes.
Everyone knows corruption is like a plague in our system.
l can't be quiet in the presence of corruption.
You were a cop. Your duty was to protect the law.
But you took the law in your hands, ripped it to shreds.
To this day, l've never broken the law.
lsn't it true that you fired at two innocent men. You murdered them.
The were not innocent. They were criminals.
Who is a criminal, who is to be punished, who has broken the law...
Who are you to decide this? The law will punish them.
l know that but the circumstances around this..
Anybody else in my place would have done the same.
What does that mean?
Today you are before the public. You will tell them what forced you..
..to kill innocents, open fire on them...
Why did you have to kill them? What had happened?
l was the DSP in the Sholapur Head Quarters.
My transfer orders came. l had to take charge of Gamdevi police station
Put that down. That's my stock, kept for tomorrow.
Clean the corners. Do a good job. What's up?
Good clean ship on. Pick that up. Hurry.
Pandu, you're back?
Tawde sir is here. Late but in time.
lt's neither 15 Aug nor 26 Jan nor Diwali nor Navratri...
Then why the operation clean up.
So that we don't become unhappy.
- Ass! Clean properly! - Do a good job!
Sir, do you have a headache? Help you get over the hangover?
- Shut up, man. - But is this the time to come?
- Henceforth come in time. - Why?
Will crime reduce if l come in time?
Crime won't reduce but you will lose your uniform.
- Which son of a bitch will take my uniform off? - Sir, don't abuse.
Our Pop is coming here.
- What? - The new ACP Prithviraj Singh.
The files of all the criminals in my area should be on my table today.
ln my eyes the one who accepts a bribe is worse than one who gives it.
So from today, all weekly, daily or monthly income...
....or any other form of income is terminated.
Any major crime in our area will be first reported to me.
All of you are my partners, my colleagues.
l need your co-operation.
lf any of you have a problem, my doors are always open.
How many times did l tell you not to create problems?
The guy on top had to curse our destinies!
Why did he send this dolt to our police station!
No weekly or any bribes.
lf we don't take bribes, our wives will abuse us!
Sir, don't mind my saying this.
Maybe you were in the loo when God gave out brains.
l did tell you not to mind.
Which son of a gun can stop cops from taking bribes?
l've heard what they first teach you in police training..
To enjoy yourself.
You don't know Prithviraj. The station he gets transferred from..
Cops from there don't take bribes for a year after he leaves.
- Fearing him. - Fear..? My foot!
Cut the jokes and tell me...
What is a cop's salary?
The beggars earns more than a constable!
What can he do? Suspend one from the job?
Let him! Anyway what does the government have to give?
Housing schemes but no houses.
Promises to hike the salary but empty coffers!
- Let life goes on. - You are right.
The hoods are better than this government.
Our families grow thanks to their help.
This guy who has crept out of the mould of integrity...
God knows how his wife must tolerate him!
- Come for dinner. - Go ahead, l'll eat later.
Have l ever eaten before you?
- Can you see l'm working? - You can work after dinner.
l can eat and sleep tomorrow!
But today l must work!
''My beloved...''
''My beloved my heart pines for you day and night.''
''Thinking of you, my dearest..''
''l toss and turn all night long.''
''Lend me your hand and give me support.''
''Give me love lest l fall.''
''Crazily in love with you..''
''My dearest heart, l long for you.''
''Passive desires are aroused.''
''What will happen next?''
''Every moment without you, my love..''
''My eyes shed tears.''
The tears again?
- Let's eat dinner. - l'm not hungry.
The appetite will die if you get so angry.
Come on. l'm famished.
Why? When we got married did you say l should feel hungry when you do?
l married Prithviraj Singh not his uniform hanging there!
l want my husband not a police officer!
Scolding me all the time!
- Now come on. - l said l don't want to eat.
Fine so we'll fast today.
Without you my life has no meaning.
l exist if you do. l breathe...
- My love.. - Stop it. You always use words well.
But that doesn't end your responsibilities.
- What responsibilities? - Hello, brother.
What are you doing? Have you eaten dinner?
- Here comes your responsibility. - My responsibility?
Yes. Are you aware that she's almost finished college?
Don't you have to think of her marriage?
Am l a burden on you guys?
- You have all the rights in this family. - Right.
Next time don't every say this.
l'll heat up the dinner.
l'll freshen up. Keep this on my table.
Who is lqbal Pasina? What a strange name.
Nobody will act smart. Wait for my instructions.
You stay with the potter. Yadav, come with me.
Attack the moment l give the order.
- Got the number. What else? - l'll come for the dough by evening.
Shut up.
Good day. How are you?
- What's your driver? - My driver keeps screw drivers.
Hush. Are you mad? Tell me the number.
Write anything. l don't even remember my truck number!
Good day, liquor brother.
Can l get some liquor here?
- Where have you come from? - l've just come from Bihar.
l want to start a business in Dharavi. Please help me.
- How much do you want? - A couple of bags.
Give him 4 bags.
Can we get the white fairy here?
No, no.
l have a pal in that hut. You'll get it there.
Murli, get the stuff. l'll get back.
Here's the chit. Come in the evening and take double your cash.
Yes/ How much do you want?
Give me 10 to 12 pouches.
- Do you have money? - Lots of it.
Stay right here.
- Here you are. - l'll just come back.
What are you sniffing at? lt's the genuine stuff.
There's no fraud at lqbal Pasina's den.
Forgive me.
Good day.
The money..?
- What money? - For the stuff you took.
Look, you just said this is lqbal Pasina's business.
l'll give him the cash not you.
First give me the money. Then take the stuff.
Or l'll give you one punch.
- l won't pay you. - What's going on?
Look at him. Acting smart.
He's taken 10 pouches but not paying for it.
What are you waiting for? Give him one good blow.
Where are you running? Who are Gopi and Abdul?
l know nothing. First give me the goods.
Enough! How much will you hit me?
l'm thrashing you so that this area knows ACP Prithviraj is in charge.
And tell your lqbal Pasina to stop all his businesses.
Or l'll bury him alive!
At 10 tomorrow morning, he must come to the police station.
- Yes.. - Tell him .. - Yes.
Good day.
l'm lqbal Pasina.
You had given a time. l entered at the stroke of 10.
Sit down.
This chair that you see is meant for sitting.
- Sit down. - Thank you.
- Constable.. - Yes sir?
- Get some tea. - Hot...?
These liquor breweries and gambling dens of yours..
l destroyed them all. Do you have any complaints?
l did my business and you performed your duty.
- We're quits. - My name is ACP Prithviraj.
First l destroy illegal businesses in my area.
Then l lock up criminals.
Will you kill me in an encounter in the police station or do we go out?
Don't worry. The day l want an encounter with you..
l will enter your house and kill you.
Today l called you here to explain to you.
Don't try to revive your destroyed business.
Thanks for the advice.
- lt's time for business. - Listen to me before you leave.
lf you begin business, in your own area...
l will patrol you in the buff.
Only sweat comes out from lqbal Pasina's body.
But you cracked such a joke, that tears streamed from my eyes.
Shame on the life of the man who doesn't do business in your area.
Begin the business. Sure.
But before that, wherever you have contacts..
Get my report from all of them.
lf a single person advises you to start your business..
l swear by my uniform, l'll inaugurate your business.
He maybe an officer in his police station.
But why did you obey him?
He has no fear. He fears nothing.
Death is a joke for him.
Remember, fear only man in life.
One who doesn't fear death.
l got information from all.
They all say he's fearless and keeps his promises.
Come here.
You've come to duty drunk.
l drink everyday. You found out today.
What's your name?
l'll suspend you if you come drunk from tomorrow.
l don't have time tomorrow. Suspend me right now if you wish.
Without liquor my hands, legs don't work and brain...
You say that with pride.
Every man has the right to speak the truth.
ln any case, there's nothing in this lousy job.
l have parents at home, a wife and children..
The salary a head constable gets..
That does light the hearth at home but nothing cooks on it.
You've stopped all the bribes.
l still accept bribes. ln spite of your warning.
l will continue to do so even if you suspend me.
l will join the underworld.
Then everyone will address me as Gopibhai.
Hey, this is short by a thousand.
The matter is there's a constable in my department.
He has a big family.
Do all constables get the same pay or is this man paid less?
Why are you so involved in your duty?
You want to solve the problems of the whole department yourself!
lf your staff is underpaid, complain to the government.
Assume l'm paid 1000 bucks less from this month.
l understand you well. Distribute these too among them.
Your giving them money won't solve their problems.
But our problems will multiply.
l know you are right in your place.
l don't want to hear anything. Don't try to butter me.
Stop fighting and begin preparations for the birthday.
- What? - My birthday falls next week.
Don't you remember?
What gift will you give me?
- Anything you want. - Be present for the party.
That would be my best present.
You can get anything gift in the world but for this.
You get going. At 8 l'll be cutting the cake beside you.
Your brother won't come.
Will you cut the cake after the guests have left?
l won't cut the cake till brother comes.
Whether the party ends or tomorrow morning comes.
Sir, what's wrong?
The jeep has conked off. l had to be home by 8.
lt's my sister's birthday. l'll be late.
- l'll drop you. - Don't you have work? - No.
Don't be stubborn. l know your brother.
He must be busy. Cut the cake now.
- The guests have to eat. - Then feed them.
l won't cut the cake till brother comes.
And you mustn't. How is it possible..
You can't cut the cake without me.
But l've come. The first function l'm attending.
Let's cut the cake.
And this is my wife.
- Come along. - May l take leave?
No, eat dinner.
- Come on. - Cut the cake.
The cake has been cut. Any arrangements for song?
- Yes, we have arrangements. - Has Sukhwinder come?
''She's all dolled up and look at her go.''
''Lightning dances at your feet.''
''The bells tinkling at the ankles.''
''Let what must happen just happen today.''
''Even if the bells break.''
''Come rain, hail or storm.''
''We admit you are beautiful.''
''Be careful lest it turn to dust.''
''Why do you sigh? Look into my eyes.''
''l am the river that quenches the thirst of the sea.''
''Your style is intoxicating.''
''Anyone watching you will lose his way home.''
''Touch me and make your fate.''
''The one who drowns in my eyes is the winner.''
The song's over. Do you want to keep sitting? Let's eat something.
- Together. - Yes, let's go.
There's a message on the wireless. Rape in Hotel lmperial Court.
- Come on. - Sir, stay. l'll manage.
Eat your dinner.
This is the room.
Call the ambulance.
Are you all right?
Take the statement.
What's your name?
Look, l want to ask you one thing before registering the case.
Are you sure you want to register this case?
The police normally registers the case.
But the victim changes her testimony in rape cases.
l belong to a middle class.
We have nothing but our honour.
Sir, l want them to be punished.
One is my boss, Rohit Gupta.
And the other is his friend, Ambar.
How did you reach the hotel?
l was ready to leave for home after finishing my duty.
When my boss called up.
He asked me to bring a file to lmperial Hotel.
- Sir, l've got the files. - So keep it there.
May l leave?
Do you remember l'd come to your office?
l work in the office. l'm not concerned with who comes there.
Let me look at you.
Let me go or l'll scream.
Scream! Yell!
Scream loudly!
l don't want to hurt you.
Forgive me.
Drink this. Drink it!
- l don't drink... - Drink it!
Compromise once in life and you'll get everything...
They kept pawing and scratching me like animals.
l lost consciousness out of fear.
l gained consciousness and found myself in the hospital.
What they have done to me!
Sign this statement.
Sir, l have a request.
Don't spare them. Please, sir.
Uncuff me, you bastard. Don't you know me?
- You'll touch me! - Don't abuse.
- Don't touch me! - l said don't use foul words.
- Let go of my hand! - Come to sir.
l'll have your hands chopped!
Do you know who the hell l am?
l'll put your belt around my dog's neck!
- Uncuff him. - Hurry!
You dog! You hit an inspector!
You hit me??? Acting brave because of your uniform!
l'll remove your stars and throw them in the gutter.
When l send you home nude from the police station...
Then you will find out who l am.
You'll remove my stars?
Yes, l will. Hit me!
You'll put the belt of this officer around your dog's neck?
Yes, l will. Hit me!
You'll send me home nude!
l will. Hit me!
Hit me, you scum! You'll pay double the price for it!
You'll make me pay double!
1 , 2, 3.
- 6, 7... - Forgive him, sir.
9, 10, 1 1 ...
12, 13, 1 4.
15, 16, 1 7...
No water or food. Let me see who comes to get him released.
Shut up!
Who is the pig who locked up my son?
Who is the traitor dog that tried to bite its' master?
Why has everyone shut up?
Thieves! Now why are you silent?
Who the hell is he?
l arrested your son.
Too much of hot air in you?
You arrested the son of the CM!
Your son has committed rape.
Don't bark in English in my presence!
l'm a man of the soil. Let my son go.
His charge sheet has been made.
You'll have to bail him out.
How did you make the charge sheet?
Tear the charge sheet.
l'll transfer you to the Naxal belt. You'll pine for your family.
l've been transferred 1 4 times in my 10 years of service.
So you have to decide whether to throw me into the jungle..
Or to free your son from prison.
You police dog! l pay your salary!
And you want to bite me!
Mr Advocate, tell him to draw his hand back.
Else l'll arrest him for raising hand on a cop.
You son of a bitch! You!! You'll lock me in!
Please control your temper.
l'll get the bail papers as soon as possible.
Get me out of here fast. This ACP is a butcher.
He thrashed me like an animal.
You idiot! Why did you do this?
- l made a mistake. - Okay. Don't cry.
You've given the third degree to my son.
ls he a Mafia leader?
Or does he have underworld connections?
He has no manners.
He wants to scare everyone by the power of your chair.
But anyone who tries to scare me meets the same fate.
Your blood boils.
The entire police department will watch...
... you wriggle at my feet in your police uniform!
And then l will kick you!
My uniform isn't a gift from your Pop so you don't own it!
The day the police and the armed forces become your mistresses..
The entire nation will turn into a brothel!
You will sell this nation like pimps do!
Stop preaching.
l've had enough. Now watch what l do to you.
Think about me later.
First do what you must for your son.
He maybe a lion but the tiger is his match.
How can the son of a depraved man have a good character?
Just as Baburao Deshmukh has sullied the post of Chief Minister..
This is the outcome of this.
They have burdened the middle class to fill their coffers!
The son of such a man is only fit for rape.
But now the time to free society from such anti-social elements.
Call up the Chief Minister Baburao Deshmukh.
The office of the Honourable Chief Minister.
Sambhaji Yadav here.
- Give the line to Baburao. - Speak on, you dog.
You must be happy. Now you've got the reason to bark at me.
Why do you speak like this? You are the Chief Minister.
Your behaviour should be civilised and dignified.
Do l have to learn manners from you?
l don't want to argue with you.
l only want to say don't misuse your powers to save your son.
Just you watch. l'll have him released tomorrow.
At the most you can get him out on bail.
Will that wash off his sin?
l know ACP Prithviraj Singh well.
He will see to it that your son is punished.
You jerk! You forget the Home Ministry is with me.
l'll throw him to a place where he'll long to see a city.
Don't make that error because victory lies with the truth.
Don't even try to interfere in the investigation of Prithviraj.
Because l am standing here in the middle to protect him.
Bring them both out.
What times...
Today is a court holiday but you got the order from the magistrate.
l know of 50 cases where bail can be given in an hour.
But the poor things are rotting in jail for years!
l'm not here to hear your sermon.
l'm here to get my client free.
You may take him.
But keep in mind, l'll give justice to that innocent girl.
No, sir. The case will be registered.
That rascal Prithviraj! When is he pushing charge?
Soon so that the moment the girl is discharged from the hospital...
- She will testify against Ambar.. - Kill the girl!
- Yes, kill her! - You keep your mouth shut!
- Kill her. - But how?
She is under police protection.
Feed them money! Bathe them with it!
Buy off the entire hospital but bump that girl off!
That girl is my patient. l can't abuse my profession by killing her.
Else l'll have to call the police.
Call the police. Call them.
The same police will throw you down.
Yes and it will be a suicide case.
Take a seat.
You'll be paid so much that you can open a clinic in another city.
We are decent men.
We shouldn't get involved with politicians.
ACP Sir...
l know my daughter didn't commit suicide.
l went home from the hospital for 2 hours.
ln that duration they killed my daughter!
The doctor say she consumed poison.
But l ask, how did she get it?
From where?
My son... is studying in the Xllth.
She bore the entire responsibility of the family.
But she was killed.
Killed! Sir, she was killed!
Don't spare them. An old father requests you.
Get them punished.
l will bless you.
What case are you investigating?
- We live in dread and alarm. - What's the matter?
Matter? Since morning l've been receiving threats on the phone.
They talk of killing me and you.
l don't want to know what this case is
l just want you to withdraw from it.
Why should l withdraw?
The law is not a whore they own to dance to their tune!
Why don't' you ask for a transfer?
Does my duty end if l get transferred?
l can not live in fear or pressure.
One minute.
ACP, what have you decided as a couple?
Put an end to Ambar's case.
Do you approve of bloodshed?
You son of a bitch! Don't threaten over the phone.
Come and talk in person. l'll stab your manhood in your stomach!
Will you do duty at the police station or stay with your wife?
You also have a sister.
Ask your wife where she is at this moment.
Where's Aarti?
- l asked where Aarti is. - She's gone out.
Why did you let her go out?
Why not? Should we stop laughing and enjoying because of you?
You work for the government. And we carry its' burden!
What law specifies this?
- Where is Aarti? - At Leela's party.
Sir, l.. actually...
l asked Avinash to come with me.
- Why? - Sir...
l love Aarti. l was going to tell you.
- Since when is this going on? - l met him at my birthday party.
- Does your family know? - They died in a car accident.
So l have to talk to you of marriage?
What are you saying?
Let's go home and give Anjali the good news.
But she knows everything.
Everyone in the house knew but me.
This means she didn't tell you the other news either.
What news?
You're going to be a Daddy.
But her pressure is high.
Take care that Anjali is under no tension.
l'll take care.
Don't hit me. l have done no business for 2 days.
- How can l pay protection money? - Am l to
- Where are you going? - Just a minute.
You're sitting here while they are openly beating a man.
Why don't you do something?
lt's their personal fight. We have other jobs to do.
- But you.. - Do you feel sorry?
Go and save him.
Go home and let everyone earn and eat.
Where are you going?
- Please sit in the car. - But...
Take her away.
Why are you beating him?
Get out or l'll bury you right here!
- You!! - l said, don't beat him.
- He hit me so much!! - Listen to me.
Henceforth nobody will pay protection money.
Will you pay for them?
Are you the bully of this area? Starting fights!
l'll lock you up under the Hoodlum Act.
You'll come out after rotting!
l'll take off your belt and uniform and send you home!
Do you know who l am?
Because of officers like you, the public fears us more than hoods.
- Stealing bugger! - Don't beat me!
Begs for a job on the pretext of poverty!
And steals when he gets the job!
- Own up, you scum! - What's up?
Don't beat him. Tell me what happened.
He's my servant. He stole my wife's ring.
l said don't beat him or l'll punch you back!
What proof do you have that he committed the theft?
We went to see a film leaving the house to him.
When we got back the ring was missing from the locker.
- Did you steal it? - No, sir. l didn't.
Be honest. Did you steal it?
l swear l didn't steal it.
l'm asking for the last time. Did you steal it?
No, sir...
l swear l stole it but don't beat me!
- Don't beat me. - Where did you hide it?
There's an electric room downstairs. lt's on the meter.
- Constable. - Yes, sir?
Go with him, locate the loot and lodge the report.
This is called modern time.
- Scum!! - Get out.
Don't beat me, sir.
Quiet. Here, wipe your face.
Why did you steal the ring?
My mother is very sick. She has contracted TB.
l'm with them for 2 years, asked for an advance so he hit me with his shoe.
l'm telling the truth. Here's the doctor's chit.
The doctor said l must give her this medicine or mother will die!
- Constable.. - Yes?
Get this medicine and give it to his mother.
Don't tell her l'm in jail or she'll die!
She won't find out and you'll get bail tomorrow.
- But my job...? - Work at my house.
Poverty is a curse.
The rich man is the scoundrel, the real culprit.
He forced the innocent boy to commit theft.
He should be punished! @#$$
A letter for you from HQ.
What's the matter? Transfer orders?
- Yes.- You must commend the police department.
The order actually is slightly late.
The day you arrested the CM's son..
Your transfer orders should have come that day.
The raped girl should have died that very day.
This is essential for the country to be at peace.
When there's peace, we will progress.
We and the country.
Now blindly watch what's going on.
Hear like the deaf.
Speak but there should be no sound.
Your tongue will be cut off!
We live like the 3 monkeys.
Like the 3 monkeys!
But it's essential. Yes. Leaders want the nation to progress.
You have to have change for progress and that needs transfers.
You need to be transferred. You have been transferred.
Go and drink.
My lecture ends.
What you said is true.
But l won't sit quiet.
- What will you do? - l'll get a stay order.
Will you go to the same magistrate for the stay order..
...who gave bail to the Chief Minister's son?
You're not aware today fearing the law, the government does nothing.
l fully trust the law.
- l will get the stay order. - How will you get it?
- How can you get it? - What are you doing here?
Sir, ACP Patwardhan has taken charge.
Patwardhan took charge?
- Now? Late in the night? - Yes, sir.
What's the matter?
What has to happen. The CM's son will be free.
There's no officer as corrupt as Patwardhan in the state.
He's the pet dog of the CM.
When the CM's son's charge sheet is placed before the court..
An accusation will be made that l arrested his son without proof.
First Patwardhan will tamper with the file and tear the girl's statement
He'll tear it if it's there.
l've got the original and Xerox of the statement.
- What? - Sir, l drink liquor.
l take bribes but that doesn't mean l'm stupid.
l know the importance of the file.
Give me the file and the statement.
You come as ACP, DSP, etc..
You don't know the ways of the world.
Learn to think wrong like me. lt will help you.
They will first come to you to look for the statement.
The statement is safer with me than with you.
Don't thank me. l'm with the police for many years.
For the first time, my heart is glad to have done some work.
For the first time, l'm seeing an honest officer.
My heart tells me to honour you.
Right from the heart.
All the papers are here except the girl's statement.
Hunt, you dogs!
We checked all the files. Maybe Prithviraj took the statement.
lf it's not found, you pimps all of you will be suspended.
- Sir... - Search the files on top.
- Sir, l'm very thirsty. - Just a minute.
Sir, please give me some water.
You pig! Don't scream. l'm Baburao Deshmukh.
What happened?
Sir, we can't find the girl's statement.
So it will be difficult to release Ambar...
Why have l sent you there, you pompous ass!
Don't give me excuses!
Or the Sharma bribery case, Gokhale lnquiry Committee..
Samant Encounter. l'll open up all the files!
You'll spend the rest of your time in jail, you dog!
lt's terrible to be friends and enemies with politicians.
lf you don't do their job, they will parade you naked!
- Sir, what happened? - What happened?
The dog has ordered that his son be released.
lf we don't, we're in thick shit!
Sir, please give me some water.
He's been asking for water for ages. Give him some!
- Give him water! - Yes sir.
Why is he in?
- Theft case. - Why is his face swollen?
Prithviraj Singh hit him.
Who hit him?
Take him to detention.
Sir, don't hit me. Sir, my mother is sick.
She has contracted TB.
The doctor said she must be treated or she will die!
Don't beat me, sir.
Mother will die!
Bhosle, come with me.
Good day son Prithvi. l am Sambhaji Yadav.
Leader of the Opposition.
- l know. - May l talk to you if you have some time?
Why must you ask? l'm sitting idle.
A doer never sits idle.
l am familiar with the battle raging in you.
l haven't come to sympathise.
Because l know you have been suspended under false allegations.
The city knows that.
Tell me if you've come to say something new.
Your tone makes me feel you think l'm here for political mileage.
l've come because l'm impressed with your honesty.
The depraved deed done by the Chief Minister's son...
He should be punished for it.
l am not the enemy of the CM or his son.
Keep your political differences to yourself.
This is why l want to support you.
Don't you know Baburao has mortgaged this state?
The entire treasury is being destroyed in his personal funds.
lf his son is sentenced in this case, his political life will end.
That is why he has sent ACP Patwardhan in your place.
His presence won't end this case.
l know. l also know why ACP Patwardhan is writhing.
Because you have the girl's last statement.
l know this is a terrible time for you
That is why l will support you now.
This is not a personal war.
This, my son, is a battle field.
Here's my car. Call me if you feel the need.
Your brother doesn't trust anyone.
Nobody at all.
God knows what war he's fighting.
Of integrity. And we all have to pay the price for it.
No, l won't let this happen.
Nothing matters to me more than my husband's peace.
Come what may, l want the Prithvi l married.
He was a smiling, playing the fool, vibrant man.
Do you remember the night before we were married?
''You came and made my heart beat.''
''Blushing with hennaed hands.''
''l've fallen in love with you.''
''Today l've realised why the heart goes crazy.''
''l've fallen in love.''
''This was the result when our eyes met.''
''My heart has lost control.''
''Your love is full of mischief.''
''l lost my heart for the first time.''
''Why does something that's yours become another's?
''Your love is in the air.''
''l'm enjoying this sentence.''
''Your words weave a spell on me.''
''You've become my beloved.''
''My bangles cling and ask you to marry me.''
Good day, mister.
l have come to visit you.
l hear great men come, to see you.
They will give you solace but that won't fill your tummy.
You don't worry about my tummy.
But your business must be flourishing.
Yes. ACP Patwardhan is a great guy.
He eats and gives us all an opportunity to eat.
My business is really doing well.
Throw the bag here.
- What is this? - One has to eat.
Will you survive on air and water?
- Sir, what are you doing? - Have you come to buy me?
Or to prove your generosity!
Prithviraj Singh can feed a dozen beggars like you!
Another thing, pray to Allah that l don't return to your area.
lf l return, l'll hit you so much that you'll learn to respect honesty.
Get out of here. Wait.
ACP, talk to me with manners.
Don't teach me. l don't talk to curs like yourself!
Don't act too smart. Even a dog is a lion in his house.
Get out!
Get out.
You don't know lqbal. l'll set you right.
Came to buy me off!
l'll shred the rascal!
Find out where he comes and goes.
Within 8 days l will bury him alive!
We'll have to do something.
- l'll kill the guy right now.. - Shut up!
l will kill him in the middle of the street!
And before next Friday.
You don't have to go to the road.
l have come to your house.
You said a dog is a lion in his own house.
Today l'll prove to you that the lion makes his home where he goes.
Try it out if you don't believe me.
Will you hunt a lion with the support of these eunuchs?
lf you are a man, don't put them in front.
Come and show me what courage you have so your dogs understand.
What guts the one for whom they clap has.
Listen to what l have to say...
Get in.
None of you will interfere.
One bullet will spill your brains out.
But l have no enmity with your wife.
So l spare you for her sake.
But keep in mind, never again point fingers at my integrity!
Coward! Will you shoot me in the back?
Shoot me in the chest if you possess the guts!
Let him go. He trusts his integrity a lot.
And Allah is with the upright.
You've spoken of integrity so hear this from me too.
lf you ever need my services in the war you're waging..
..give me a call. l swear l will be there by your side!
Why did you let him go? We should have killed him!
No, man. We fight a war of selfishness.
He's fighting a war of integrity.
lqbal salutes honest men.
lqbal salutes you!
Papa, shall l give you a suggestion?
Why don't you get that ACP Prithviraj killed?
Keep your mouth shut, dog! Even if he meets with an accident..
...and suffers a scratch, the Opposition will haul my ass!
My chair will be in danger!
- What about me? - Jerk, you did that rape!
- You enjoyed it - l made a mistake!
l did rape her but what do l do now?
Go and rot in prison!
- You have to do something. - l know that!
ln addition to saving you, l have to save my chair!
l'll have to do something.
We have a search warrant for your house.
Certain important documents are missing from Geeta rape case file.
The police is sure that you have hidden them at home.
- Why are they here? - They have a search warrant.
But what do we have at home? How can they do this?
Do your duty.
Disgrace on you.
Do you possess any shame?
With what face have you come to search my brother's house?
l'm only doing my duty.
lf this is your duty, then l'm sorry to say the man l loved..
..knows neither his duty nor his love.
Go away and don't ever try to meet me.
Go ahead and search.
- l found this bag in the bedroom. - Open it.
What is this?
lmpossible to wear this without taking bribes.
ls anything in this house lndian?
Must be a gift.
They have stooped down to depravity and you stand quiet!
At least now come to your senses and tell them we'll leave city today!
l won't run away! l won't.
We won't go anywhere.
The more the pressure the put on me, the firmer will be my will.
You want to save the CM's son?
Use all your powers. You are a stigma to the department!
lt would be better if you'd wash dishes in the CM's house.
You'd sweep his floor.
What are you staring at? Finish your search.
But you won't find what you're here for.
- Pimp of the CM! - What did you say?
Pimp of the CM!
25 independent MLA's giving support to the state ruling party..
....have withdrawn support.
Most of them gave the reason for withdrawing support as..
The Chief Minister's son is accused of rape.
And we won't support such a minister.
The court will decide whether he's guilty or not.
But we won't support such a chief minister.
The governor has asked Baburao to prove his majority in 15 days.
Hail Sambhaji Yadav!
Please calm down.
Don't sing my praise.
Don't forget that the chief minister has 90 MLAseven today.
He only needs 1 1 MLAs to prove his majority in an assembly of 200.
And he can spend 55 crores to buy these 1 1 MLAs!
Then in 2 months, toll tax, petrol tax, import-export levy..
...he will get this money from the public!
lt's no joyous matter.
We have to be careful.
This day dawned in this state thanks to you.
lt's your illusion. l haven't done anything.
What we couldn't do in 3 years..
ACP Prithviraj achieved it in a month!
Just a month! That's the power of righteousness.
And the example is ACP Prithviraj Singh!
The entire state and nation should be proud of him!
But one thing worries me.
The safety of Prithviraj Singh and his family.
What happened?
- Please tell me. - You lost York baby.
You killed him before he came to this world.
What did that girl mean to you for whom you put all on the line?
We had nothing to do with her.
l lost my baby because of her.
l can never forgive you!
Don't touch me.
You only love your uniform.
You love your adamant streak and your duty.
What happens to us doesn't matter to you.
Why do you say this? l can't even live without you.
- You are lying. - No, Anjali.
Look, what you desire will be done.
Are you saying the truth?
- Yes. - Then forget that case.
We have no enmity with anyone. We'll leave the city tomorrow.
Whom are you asking to leave?
Whom are you cursing?
Prithvi? You should be proud of your husband.
lndian women have never feared sacrifice.
You are his inspiration, his strength.
As far as your family is concerned, l promise you..
lf your family doesn't get police protection within 24 hours...
l will immolate myself in front of the Mantralya!
lf Prithvi withdraws from this case..
..this entire city will be at the mercy of this corrupt man!
Support your husband.
As a father, l beg you.
That oaf Sambhaji Yadav has turned my son's case into a political issue!
And all of you are sitting with hands in pockets!
- Sir, we're trying our best.. - What rot!
Everywhere people are singing praise of Sambhaji Yadav!
l have to give protection to Prithviraj and his family!
No MLA is willing to be bought even for money!
- What are you doing? - We've got 2-3 MLAs.
But that doesn't solve our problem.
Sambhajirao must be dreaming of the chief minister's chair.
That scoundrel will never become CM.
The 22 MLAs of TWT will never support him.
And we still have 90 MLAs
What will Sambhaji do with 42 MLAs?
And if l don't stay CM, l'll request dissolution of assembly.
- Then we'll have re-election. - Doesn't matter.
- How does it matter? - The public is against us.
So? Throw a couple of bombs in Muslim homes.
A couple of hundred will die. That's not very tragic.
Garland some statues with shoes. There will be some bloodshed.
l will file a case on Sambhaji Yadav.
As long as l have power, nobody can win the election against me.
And l'm not tense about the election but about my son's case!
The court has ordered that the charge sheet be filed in 7 days.
l must save my son under any circumstance.
Even if l have to destroy Prithviraj's life!
- Got a match? - Yes. - Want a smoke? - No.
Don't take so much care of me that l feel embarrassed.
- Don't delay, pal. - Who is this?
Don't ask. lt's important for you to know where l'm calling from.
Room number 406.
The room where Geeta was raped.
And now your sister is on that very bed.
Come and rescue her.
What happened to Aarti?
Let go!
- Aarti! - Brother!
Met your sister?
l'll kill you wherever l see you.
Nothing has happened to your sister as yet.
Her honour is as intact as in your house.
We spared her. But hear this clearly..
ln 5 days, Ambar's charge sheet will be filed.
Give me the statement before that.
lf my son and my seat are no more..
Then your family too won't survive.
Do you understand or should l explain..?
This is a good enough dose. He'll bring the letter in 2 days.
- And if he doesn't? - We'll do as you command.
We'll wait for 3 days.
Then blow up his family.
lncluding him.
Only if he doesn't give the statement.
- Now what are you doing? - Sending you somewhere safe.
Where is this haven?
lf there was such a haven, wouldn't every man live there?
There is one place.
Come on.
Come in sir.
No need to say anything.
l know what happened with you.
- Take this in. Listen.. - Yes?
- Take them in. - Hello.
Sir, what happened?
There are 5 days for the charge sheet to be filed.
Till then l'd want Aarti and Anjali to stay with you.
Allah gave me an opportunity to serve you.
Do you want to say it and humiliate me?
Don't worry. Your wife will stay here like my mom.
And sister Aarti too.
But this should stay with you.
lt doesn't matter even if the city gets to hear.
Allah hasn't made the eyes that could rise at my house!
Don't worry, brother. You've considered us family.
Trust in Allah. The responsibility of your women is ours now.
What are you thinking of?
Who kidnapped your sister?
- Do you know? - Yes.
Anna Pillai's men.
He does all the CM's dirty jobs.
Where can l find them?
Give me one day. l'll tell you where to find them.
''Go to Delhi, Bombay or Agra.''
''You won't find a skirt like mine.''
''You may compare it.''
''There's satin in my skirt.''
''Gold is studded in it.''
''My skirt is encrusted with pearls. Bells adorn my skirt.''
''Go to Bikaner, Jaipur, Kolhapur, Sholapur or Dadra.''
''l've been to UP and Bihar.''
''l brought a necklace.''
''My skirt has thousands of fans.''
''They gift me the Charminar.''
''Go to Chennai, Mussourie, Calcutta, Dehradun or Andhra.''
So Prithviraj, developed cold feet?
l know how to put a two penny police officer like you in place.
Come on. Give me the statement!
You want the papers of the girl's statement.
You'll get them from court.
l've only come to tell you, the state your pimps are in..
They can't even go home.
Use your power to bring them.
l'm giving you the last warning.
Stay away from me. Your son is a rapist and my duty is to punish him.
The way l've exposed your pimps..
Similarly l'll expose you and your son in the court in 3 days.
Begin the countdown.
Papa, what's wrong?
Couldn't you find another girl to rape?
You should have told me l'd have got a crowd of them!
l made a mistake.
What are you watching? Come back tomorrow!
- Somebody is here to see you. - l don't want to meet anyone.
Sir, he calls himself the right hand of lqbal Pasina.
l cared for these papers more than life itself.
Now it's your job. Don't spare them.
You're abusing me.
What are you doing? lt's not needed.
l've got the petrol account. My pockets are always full.
- Shall l leave? - Yes.
Don't spare them.
- What's the matter? - l've quit the force.
- But why? - l can't work like a remote controlled toy.
The seniors in the department are slaves ofpoliticians.
l can't work under them.
This is not right. Don't l have political pressures?
- Have l put down arms? - l'm an ordinary man.
And that's what l'll remain.
l lost the love of parents when l was a kid but...
l can't lose Aarti because of this job.
Sir, what's the matter? You seem very happy.
Yes, sit down.
The naked sword hanging on my head for days will now disappear.
l don't follow.
Anna Pillai will attack lqbal Pasina's house.
He will kill Prithviraj's wife and sister.
lf they are dead, Prithviraj himself will commit suicide.
My tension will be over.
Do you understand?
- l have to go home. - Why?
To make a call, l mean there was a call. - Okay.
- Why are you laughing? - l've hit the bullseye.
This drunk Gopi is Prithviraj's man.
His right hand man. He's gone to inform him.
And the truth is today we're fielding for Prithviraj.
The moment Prithvi goes to lqbal's house to save his family..
Anna Pillai's men will kill him in the docks.
Yes, how did you call?
Anna Pillai's men are going to lqbal's house to kill your family.
Save them. Bye, sir.
lnspector Tawde here.
You dog! How did you think of me?
Prithviraj has been given the message that Anna Pillai...
...are going to attack your house.
But the truth is Anna will kill Prithviraj on the dock road.
l admit to being corrupt.
But nobody eats salt with salt.
But no cop wants another cop dead.
You've done me a great favour by telling me.
lf l survive, l'll pay off your debt.
Come with me.
Take him to a doctor!
But he desperately needs rest.
What's going on?
Baburao will stoop to such depths to save his son?
Firing on Prithviraj means there's no place for moral men in our nation!
Baburao has wounded democracy!
Being chief minister doesn't mean stooping low for selfish motives
...that people feel ashamed to call him human!
Bravo, Yadav. Bravo.
One should learn from you how to give all issues political hue.
l'm a fool, running this state for the past 3 years!
l don't have the sense to kill the officer...
...who has the case of my son.
Why do you want to malign me? You want the chair? Take it.
l have no attachment to the seat.
But don't malign the father of an innocent child.
l'm the CM but that doesn't mean l've no obligation to my family!
You are great!
The way you've used my son fro political mileage...
l pay obeisance to you.
Journalist friends, the views that Sambhaji expressed about me..
Do print them.
Also print this...
lf ACP Prithviraj's killers aren't nabbed within 24 hours..
l will suspend the Police Commissioner and Home Secretary!
l want those killers! Dead or Alive!
- Are you Prithviraj's doctor? - Yes sir.
- May l meet him? - Yes sir.
- What do you say now? - He's very sly and cunning.
Son, how are you?
l hear Anna Pillai shot you.
Clever...right side..
l had told him not to kill you.
Be careful, if l don't get the statement in 2 days..
l'll get your family post mortemed along with you.
Do you understand? l'll take leave.
And what do they say..?
Please move aside.
What happened?
What happened, son? What did he say?
He threatened me.
Said he'd destroy my full family.
l give up this battle.
lf you accept defeat so soon, what about the common man?
l too am a common man.
A common man.
Can you suggest an honest lawyer?
Who can file the statement in court after two days.
Which lawyer can you trust?
He will negotiate for that statement for a crore or two.
There is one solution.
The day the charge sheet is to be filed...
l will come with you.
This can't be the solution.
There's another way.
l can take the statement to court myself.
You could lose your life.
What do we lose if l go?
As long as men like you live in this country..
Sambhaji Yadav has no sorrow in being a martyr.
Don't worry, my son.
l promise you, as long as l breathe..
l will take the girl's statement to court.
lf Sambhaji is a rogue, l'm a bigger scoundrel.
This game of the media will prove dear to Sambhaji.
The media will spit on him.
- Today l had the dog tongue-tied. - Sir, Sambhaji Yadav is here.
Take the Devil's name..
What could be the reason for his coming here now?
He's a cunning dog. He's not here to walk in the garden.
He's so shrewd that he won't lie on his bier for nothing.
Good day.
How are you, sir?
Won't you ask me to sit?
You should have come out of the womb on a chair.
Won't you sit unless l ask you to?
- Sit down. - Thanks.
Are you here to mourn?
l've come to discuss not condone with you.
What's the meaning of crushing this poor public further?
You're here to talk to me? What will you drink?
- Tea, liquor or cold drink? - Whatever you have.
Send two cups of tea with cream.
Now, why are you here?
You have 90 MLAs.
You've tried but you haven't been able to buy 1 1 MLAs.
Will you become the CM with your 46 MLAs?
l wish to say if l and my 46 MLAs...
...support you, will you give me the Deputy Chief minister ship?
How you change colours!
l'll make the dog sitting beside a gutter the Deputy CM, not you!
Then think of Ambar.
the distance between him and the law is closing.
Are you black mailing me?
l'll wipe out Prithviraj and his entire family!
But l won't compromise with you!
Will you be able to hold on to your minister ship then?
People will forget in 3 days!
Mahatma Gandhi was killed in this country.
Great leaders were killed. What did the public do?
We garland their idols on birthdays and sing hymns on anniversaries.
Give up your dream of being Deputy CM.
Why are you so attracted to the chief minister ship?
The public will snatch it away from you in 2 years.
Just think, if our powers and thoughts are united..
We can serve people for many years.
You're a real pig!
You'll lick crap! But what do l gain by making you Deputy?
l'll only save my chair.
- My son will hang! - No.
Your son is national treasure for me.
l'm responsible for his safety.
Take a look. This is the Xerox of the police file on that girl.
With her statement.
Take a good look.
You're playing a big game with me.
How did you get this?
You are the Chief Minister.
But less experienced than me.
You used force to get this file.
l got it with love from Prithvi.
The day l take my oath as Deputy Chief Minister..
l will burn this file and the original.
l swear by my country.
You're a lousy man!
l'll have to give you half the chair.
So should we celebrate with tea?
Rascal! Scoundrel!
Cancel the tea. Send Black Label and 2 glasses. And eats.
- Will you drink in the afternoon? - Do l have to take your permission?
Old man, now what's wrong with you?
- There's one tension. - Now what?
lf the one who attacked Prithvi isn't arrested..
You had promised to dismiss home secretary and commissioner.
ln front of the press. What about it?
Just you watch.
So Patwardhan, how's your ACP?
Fine. Alive.
We shot at him to keep him alive.
Forget that. Why did you call me here?
- This has been sent for you. - Wow!
- What a piece! - Careful!
lt's loaded.
Can't you say that? Shall l leave?
He asks me why!
Don't you know Baburao?
what's the matter?
Read this.
No, don't shed tears!
You've lost that right because we've shed many tears with you!
Aarti's almost lost her honour.
l...sacrificed my baby!
Your tears can't pay their price!
They stole our peace of mind, joys, everything!
Go to them and get an answer. Why did they do this to you?
Why did they do this?
This is the Deputy Chief Minister, Sambhaji Yadav.
This is Prithviraj Singh.
Yes, my son?
Why did you do this?
Look, my son..whatever l did is for your welfare.
l will explain everything to you.
- Explain... - Not like this..
Baburao and l will tell you together.
- First you get well. - No, l want to meet you now.
All right.
Come to the Malabar Hill government circuit house.
All right.
Was it Prithviraj?
This integrity is a terrible thing.
Now we'll have to cool down that pig's anger.
What's to be done? We're wielding the flag to serve the people.
Sometimes we'll also get hit.
Didn't l say he'd come? Come in son, Prithvi.
Lock the door. Don't let anyone in.
Why did you do this?
l did it for your welfare.
All the roads to your safety were closed. You could've been killed.
Your family too was at risk so l had to compromise with him.
What compromise?
Baburao's has promised me he won't interfere in any of your matters.
Nor put any obstacles in the path of your progress.
Tomorrow the government notice will be on your table.
You'll get your job back.
- And in a month.. - Not a month.
You'll become DCP in 25 days.
- My word. - Good.
- But justice for that girl? - Given.
Call the bald guy.
Look, l'm no demon.
We too are human..what do they say..
- We are human. - Good day.
Did you call for me?
What are you doing here?
Give him 25 lakhs.
And a flat for 10%/% in Versowa.
You too..?
What's the point in fighting?
My daughter is gone. She won't return.
These men have done a lot for me.
l'll live my old age in peace. My son will finish studies.
l have no complaints. l don't want to fight any case!
Well done.
You too must give up this case.
Forgive this boy.
Rogue! What were you saying? Say it in front of him.
l'll never rape an innocent girl in my life.
You called me here to laugh at me?
No son. We're practical.
There are millions of rapes in our nation. Who gets caught?
Why are you after Ambar?
He did make a mistake.
Give him a chance to reform.
Your case would have dissolved the assembly.
Elections again.
The public that is already dead by inflation...
Would the burden of election have been sensible?
lf a simple sacrifice can lessen the burden of this country..
what's the harm in compromise?
- Why? - Shameless!
This country can never progress as long as you are in power.
Will you reform the country?
Think about yourself.
You are right.
l too should think like you.
l should have money and cars.
My wife should have lots of jewelry.
- lsn't it? - Exactly.
This is what we were explaining.
But what will l tell my conscience?
How can l look myself in the mirror?
My conscience will prick me.
The father of the girl who was raped is not sorry.
Why are you increasing your worries?
The voice of the conscience only exists in stories.
ln real life they have no meaning.
Your conscience is dead.
Not mine.
What l will do today won't affect the system of this nation.
Nor will it remove corruption.
Prithviraj has lived his life with his head held high.
And that's how he will always live.
l can say with pride, l'm not a part of your dirty system!
You are a fool!
Today is Dassera.
Ravana is burnt today.
And we're the Ravanas of today.
Yes. And that is why it's essential to ignite you.
- Constable! - Scream, you jerks!
Nobody will hear you.
No, my son. Don't shoot me.
These were the charges of the people and the testimony of the accused.
Now we await the judge of the people to pronounce judgement.
We sympathise with Prithviraj.
But l can't pronounce him innocent as he took the law in his hands.
Prithviraj Singh is innocent.
He is innocent!
- He is not guilty! - Yes, he's innocent!
Honouring public opinion we request the government..
This case be viewed sympathetically. 00