VRZO - นิทานเรื่อง "โลก[The Earth]" [Byปลื้ม] (Ep.9)

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Hello guy, This is "The Fable" by Pleum
Which it will be a short story with some point of views that I have composed
This story is called "The Earth"
What's the story about? Let us watch!
Once upon a time, long long ago
A new planet was born
That new planet is called "Earth"
And Earth gives birth to many other lives
And so the Guardians were born
I am the guardian of the vast Ocean
My duty is to protect this beautiful blue oceans along with all other lives in my terrain
I am the guardian of the green Forests of this Earth
My duty is to give birth to every lifeform with my fresh air to breath in
I am the guardian of the enormous Sky that covers this Earth
My duty is to protect this Earth from the heat of the Great Sun and keeping balance to every life on Earth
The guardians always look after all the lifeforms on Earth
To keep balance and peace to all lifeform on Earth
Earth along with all lifeforms are living in harmony
Until one lifeform was born
Which is Human
The guardians love the human from the bottom of their heart, like all other lifeforms that they loved
But the guardians did not know of what's about to come in this near future
Foresty! Are you alright?
Are you hurt?
I'm alright, the humans just need to build their shelter to live in, I can endure it
Is it so?
Sky started to feel that humans are totally different from all other lifeforms on Earth
But when humans have populated, more and more
Their needs also increases
What's this!, why humans are cutting down so many trees?
This is too much, I will teach you some lessons
Please don't do that Sky, I'm alright
humans only just populated so they needed to cut down my trees
But they are hurting you
It's okay Sky, because I love the humans just like I love all other lifeforms on Earth
Until days gone by
Humans have further populate and develop
But on the other hands the guardians are weakened
Owww! this stinks
Are you alright Sky?
Before saying that you should be worring more about yourself
Yeah, that's right I really miss all those forests in the past
Sky, I guess my time is running out
Don't say something like that Foresty
What would Earth be like without you!
I really wanted to stay, staying with all the lives in the forest that I love
But now the forests are depleting
This is the last one
So big
You humans! I will deal with all of you!
Wait Sky, Listen to me
I'm not listening, if I don't do anything you will surely die!
Do it! Cut it down!
It's the last one! Do it!
Sky listen to me, I love those humans, from the bottom of my heart
I have endured everything in order to make them happy
Even though they don't love me at all
But anyway I still love them
After guardian Foresty was gone, Sky started to get weaker, slowly
But the humans still live with the same way of life
Which is consuming and destroying the Earth constantly
Even with the Ocean
Sky, I miss those days that the oceans are still blue
And all marine life are still swimming happily
And look at the oceans right now, Sky
The humans are so selfish, they only love themselves, love being negligent
Just only to make themselves comfortable without thinking about me one bit
But I still loved and believed in them
Now that the guadian of ocean and forest are gone
The only thing left in Sky's heart is that
Why those foolish human still didn't notice anything?
Humans still continue to harm and destroyed the Earth
I can't take this anymore, without Foresty and Oceana I'm burning
My body's burning like I'm about to caught on fire
This is so torturing
I can't bare this much longer
The humans wouldn't be able to survive, when I'm gone too
It would strangely be satisfying
Foresty...Oceana, I don't really understand you two
Why you love those humans?
You've got a lot weaker, Sky
Great Sun! What are you doing here?
I'm here to incinerate this place into nothing
To restore this place back to another beginning
Huh! What did you mean?
You should've known best of how much this place have rot
I've given the power to live to every being on Earth
But only because of these lowly human
Those lowly maggots destroyed my beloved Earth to rot like this
So, I must eliminate all humans which is the cause
I will do it even if it will take millions of years to recover
Because it is better than letting these humans to destroy this place in to nothing in front of me
So, Sky release your atmosphere so that I can restore this place back to another beginning
I..I can't do that
What this you say!
All my friends have been hurt and destroyed by the humans
But even in their last breath, they still love and believed in the humans
This shows that there are still something good within the humans that makes my friends loved them
Which I still cannot find the answer to that question yet
If I let you incinerate this place, my friends would be very sad
Therefore, I will not release the atmosphere
I hope you would understand
If that's so, I would make you vanish for your would's own good
You fool!
Why do you still fight for the humans?
Look at them, look at what they are doing right now
When you are fighting in order to protect them from me
They are still hurting you anyway
That's right, Why my late friends still love you
We all take good care of you since you are born
We both loved and care for you
But Why!
Why don't you love us at all!
When Sky thought of his friends who was gone because of the humans' action
Sky shed lots of tears
Don't you worry, I will eliminate all of these disgusting human
Therefore, burn! along with you humans
Long time no see, Sky
Hmm, You have become overconfident
I don't really have the intension to be harm you, Great Sun
But I will protect the humans too
Because my duty is to protect all that stands on my land
I am Ground
You...Ground..Where have you been?
Never mind about that matter, just take a look at that
I think it would be the answer that you are looking for
And for you, while my friend is looking for an answer to his confusion
I will be your opponent, Great Flame
You foul brat!
I will make you fall, pebble
Try me!
After ground pointed out something to Sky
He stared at that something with amazement
Which is, humans in ways that he never sees before
Huh, There are humans who love us too
Oh, so this is the reason why Oceana and Foresty still love humans
Because they knew that there are humans who love us
While I only look at the humans' bad traits which create a bias mind against the humans
Adding up with all the toxic fumes that blocks my sight everyday
That I have overlook those humans who love us
So, there are humans who love us from the bottom of their heart
This is my limit
Don't you worry, after I've incinerated this place
I will make this place beautiful once again
So you get it now right Sky
You...Why did you!?
I can't let you destroy this planet yet because there is still hope
Even how small the hope is, I still wanted to risk my all with the humans
I apologize!
So you believed in the humans huh!
Alright, I'll head back this time and I'll be watching your little hope, Guardians
Are you okay Sky?
Thank you Ground, that you've come to tell me about the humans who love us
There's nothing on land that I don't know
But it is too late for the himans to love us now
Because Oceana and Foresty are already gone
Hmm, Oh so you didn't know about that right
That if humans help us growing back the woods and clean the ocean
Bringing them back to its former state
Our friends Oceana and Foresty will be resurrected
Huh!, Is this true? How great
Alright, Will this place restore its beauty and both of my friends will return
Or maybe I might disappeared before it happens and Earth will be destroyed
The Earth's future only depends on your hands now
This story teaches that
Right now, if we still don't have our resolve
The Earth would definately be destroyed by our own hands
But if we have our resolves right now
That Earth is something that we have to protect and cherish
Someday the Earth might be able to restore its beauty like once it was before
Stop damaging the Earth only because of our negligence
And caring more about the world that we lived in
For our next generation and for our world
The Earth have existed for many million years
Please do not let it collapse within some thousands years by our hands