Casa do filme Esqueceram de Mim (Home Alone House - with subtitles)

Uploaded by matheusoliveira20 on 06.12.2011

Hi there! Today is December 6th (2011) and I decided to do something different in this winter
I came to Chicago, Illinois, in order to make a childhood dream come true.
Thus, I took a train in downtown Chicago heading north, to a region called Winnetka
and now, I am right in front of the HOME ALONE house!!!
So, you guys can see, just across the street, the mansion used in the movie
I seems to me there is nobody in the house right now
I was trying to look through the windows, but I didn't go too close because it is a private property
Next to the house, there is the garage where Kevin McCallister comes, in the very beginning of the movie, to check if his parents had left
We can also take a look at the neighborhood
Now, I'm gonna get a little closer because in front of the mansion, there is the house where the robbers hid from the police, at the end of the movie
They clog all drains, open all taps and flood the house. And, that's where they get caught at the end of the movie.
It seems to me that the house is inhabited
It has Christmas ornaments and there's a dog in front of the house.
So, I'm not gonna get too close because they might not like tourists around.
But, that's it! Returning to this side, there's the McCallister family's mansion
As far as I know, this house is for sale and it is extremely expensive
Because the current owners are the same since the movie was shooted (22 years ago)
I believe they are sick of the lack of privacy
On the other side of the house, there's is something like a winter garden.
Maybe, it's a recreation area. Anyway, it's cool.
The driveway...
That's it! I hope you enjoyed the video. (If so, thumb up down below. Thx)