Canal do Otário: GOL 1.0 - Volkswagen [Eng / Spa / Deu Sub]

Uploaded by OtarioAnonymous on 21.08.2012

Hi, my name is Sucker (Otário)! How are you doing?
What's up? Let's buy a GOL 1.0?
After all, the GOL is a true Brazilian pride!
Designed and manufactured in Brazil exported to over 60 countries ...
It is the best selling car for the past 25 years!
And to facilitate, the government announced tax cuts,
The automakers have pledged to reduce their profits,
And a GOL, that in earlys 2012, was costing more than 31,000 real...
Now ... is available for "just" 27,990 reais. It's CHEAP!
Furthermore, you can easily make loans! (in very special conditions)
Ohhhh that's cool!!
That's it ... I'll finally realize the dream to purchase a new car!
Hunpf, is that true?!
Well, if you pay 40% of the car's value and finance 60% in 60x
You are making a big mistake!
When you finish the payments, you will have spent at least 50% more of the vehicle's value!
And if you can not pay the installments ... Bye, bye GOL!
What? If the provision fits in your pocket, okay?!
Oh, boy...
Do you know what the annual cost to keep a car like this?
Let's make a basic calculation... and taking into account:
IPVA, Compulsory Insurance, Opcional Insurance, depreciation, Opportunity cost, maintenance, tire (every 2 years), parking...
garage ..., fuel, hits (?), scratches (?), fines (?) ...
This is at least R$16000/ano.
Not convinced yet?! So here we go ...
This wagon ... ops, huuuuunnn ... I mean, the GOL 1.0, no optionals included...
It is only sold here in Brazil because only Brazilian accepts to buy this garbage!
The exported models have 1.6 engine, dual airbags, abs, automactic windows and air conditioning factory!
In Brazil, a car with these features costs more than R$37.000
But in Argentina, this same car, imported from Brazil, runs about 22,500!
And in Mexico, far than Argentina, It costs, believe it or not, R$18,500 reais! (shipping and taxes included)
Didn't understand?! So I'll repeat ...
The car produced in Brazil and sold for more than R$ 37,000 to Brazilians ...
... travels about 10,000 km to Mexico ... pays all shipping and import taxes ...
And it is sold, there by R$18,500?!
Half price practiced in Brazil!
Are you sad?! Keep calm, because now it will get worse!
Discounting the freight to Mexico, the GOL 1.6 could easily be sold in Brazil for R$ 15,500!
And the government will continue receive taxes the automaker and its dealers will continue make profits ...
... thousands of jobs would be created ...
and ... the consumer would be able to buy a product at a fair price.
Don't you believe me? So let's practice a little reverse engineering exercise
[snapping fingers]
From R$18,500 charged by GOL 1.6 in Mexico Around R$3000 are related to shipping!
Moreover, 30% rate is related to import tax from Mexican
Now, being very conservative and assuming that profit's dealership resale in Mexico is only 10%
And that the carmaker profit in Brazil is only 30%!
This is the maximum amount that the GOL 1.6 costs to be produced in Brazil! Less than R$ 8500!
How can be possible that the same car is being sold in Brazil at R$37,000?!!
Even considering government tax of 100%, concessionaire's profit of 100%, and carmaker's profits of 100%...
we would get a value less than 34,000 reais!!
And people ask me to not speak bad words anymore! Is there a bad word worst than this?!
Don't fuck with me?!
Comparing to the U.S., well, no ... you can not compare with than because they do not sell these shits over there!
But let's imagine a state of art GOL 1.6, with all optional items included...
In Brazil you would pay about R$52,000l! That's true R$52,000 real!
But in the U.S., for the same value, you can buy a Camaro!
That, in turn, in Brazil, it costs 4 times that amount!
No, no ... wait a minute, something's wrong!
You mean the same amount I paid in a shit car in Brazil I would buy 2 cars in Mexico or a Camaro in the U.S.?
You are kidding me, right?! That's not possible!
Well... it's true!
And you know who's to blame for these aberrations to happen?
Much of the blame is the heavy taxes imposed by the GOVERNMENT, What with its cascading effect, affects the entire production chain!
Reaching almost 100% over the production cost of an vehicle in Brazil
Another part of the blame is the automakers and their dealerships, that keep stratospheric profit margins !
Even getting billions in public subsidies, serving only to fill the pockets of their headquarters and corrupt politicians
Another part of the blame are banks and funders, that get abusive charges over consumers ...
And, last but not least, part of this, is your fault!
Accepting pay these high values as if it was normal!
Want to know ... let's walk, or ride a bike ...
Besides helping the environment, health and pocket will thank you!
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- Make a politician's life hard ... Do not buy more cars!
[Stamp - Do not buy!]
You thought I would just mention the VW, right?!
The GOLl was just an example.
Everything that I said, applies to all other carmakers in the country, with no exception!