Sectarianism in Lebanon: Forced tattooing of a Syrian worker by a Shiite tattoo artist

Uploaded by MisterMjay3 on 05.06.2012

"Ya Aba"[Father of]
calm down
"Oh, Abu Abdullah"
This is the father of Abdullah.
This is Hussein, this is Hussein.
If he [Allah] loves you,
he will take you to heaven.There's no blood donkey
I’m trying to make a Muslim out of you.
Not with the regime or against the regime.
I'm making good because..
For those who sent you,
[send them this message] tell them,
“look what they’ve done to me?”
Say this to them:
this is a message to those who hate Shia.
Talkm donkey
They sent me to you alive saying,
Father of Abdullah (Hussein) if you try to come close to us Shia,
we will f*ck your mothers…
Al qaeda is supprting you.
I will even put a conjugation (the hamzeh)
on it for you.
Say ‘hi’ to [Salafist Lebanese Sheikh Ahmed] al-Assir.”
We are going easy on him for now.