Agnes Monica "Konser Coz We Believe" Part 4/8 (Engsub Cc)

Uploaded by blastoop1 on 26.09.2012

Many people think that it's easy to be successful.
Or maybe, many people know that it is hard, but they don't know exactly how hard it is.
Perhaps, my friends and fans know that I sang in Asia Song Festival when I had a fractured ankle, but the show must go on.
And then during this concert preparation I was down with typhoid fever for few days.
But thanks God, I've recovered.
And everything doesn't stop.
Even if (I'm) sick, injured, or faced with any problem, everything doesn't stop.
And we(I) have to keep moving.
For that reason, I want to present myself a gift, if I may.
I want to give myself a present by singing my most favorite song that I always sing on every off-air show out of town.
That's right.