How to Create a Picture Frame using Elmer's Glue

Uploaded by ElmersBrands on Jun 28, 2010

Well joining us now is lisa singer from Elmer's and you have a beautiful
piece of wall art to show us this is actually a wedding photograph and it's
very easy to do and you're going to show us how to do it right?
First we're going to start with foam board
and we're going to cut the seven and a half inch by seven and a half inch
with a craft knife
we've premeasured ours which i highly recommend
and we simply make that cut on the cross
so i think that if i now we're working on the mat because we don't want to
damage our table exactly exactly and the knives are very sharp so we don't want to
damage them
next we're going to glue the two pieces of foam board together using our
fabric and
paper glue
and spread it out here we're just going to do the top corner since were on tv
here okay and we're going to want to spread that glue all the way along to the
edge okay and that would go all the way around
i love the fact that this mat has a grid on it
so it really helps us with measurement. You need to make sure that
you get it exactly right
working the foam board is great too
because it's so light and versatile I'm going to set that aside so can dry
we're going to pick up our glue again
to on here these side of the ribbon
today they're really finished looking you can hide this seem as well
Go all the way around you wanna pull it tight
press it down and pull it around to the other edge
and then we're actually going pin it to help hold in place for tv
that's another nice thing about this glue is that it does dry clear
so even if you have a little extra glue
and it really doesn't matter
it also dries flexible as well. Well
that's good to know now i don't have a really nice place paper background
landscape it is so popular is so wonderful to use the help easy is it to
use it here. Actually with the spray adhesive it's very easy okay to supply
it on
even coat
You want to make sure you do it in a well ventilated area we are mostly not going
to spray this in here that we did pre spray it just a little bit that we would
just go over lightly
and turn it over
and then i'll let you just position that he does have a little bit of an open
time so we you can maybe trying to move it around just a little bit
press it into place
The next step is is to take our purple
mat and go ahead and apply some more glue
to this
again you want to sponge brush it completely to all the edges

we're going to go ahead and place that
into the center of the frame
and next we're going to take that seven by seven inch square that we cut earlier ok
actually do you want to just cut through and there are no we were talking as you know
and sometimes you have to go back over the right to make sure it goes
all the way through
now on that
on the twelve by twelve mats that we did as well we actually did two and glued them
together just to make it a little bit thicker right right
And with this one we're going to use one now let me bring back in for you and can't
Oh do you want to
glue the photograph down as you go ahead and clue the photo down
And we're just using an acid free glue here too
and adhere the picture down to the foamboard
now we're using a paper glue because foam board is actually paper
that is correct and paper is on both sides with a little bit of foam
in the center
go ahead and
center it up again using the grid
just place it gently down into place, now we're doing everything
pretty quickly because were on tv and so many have time constraints at home
you would make sure that all the surfaces is a really covered well
which the foam brush is great for that
next we're going to take the ribbon to add an accent to the bottom of the photo
we've got a glue dot
here and we're just going to apply
down to each side
and you just push and it appears like magic

we're going to slip that underneath
just to wrap it around
you want to pull it tight so you get a good professional look

go ahead and take our
paper glue again
and just
will just leave it like that for right now we're just pop it right there in the
center it, it's a beautiful photo into here
and then we're also going to embellish it with a flower I noticed on the finished one
there's an extra thick glue i think with yes and we're going to use a tacky glue
because we do have more of a fabric type of material here
that has a little bit of a backing on it that we want to make sure we get a good
bond to that something to put a little bit just on the center there
and then
just attach that to the ribbon do that at all haha is gorgeous let's take a
look at the finish project
we turn it over
and what was the on the back here we're going to use pop tops
we pulled them off and adhered them with a special glue since it's
metal to metal so this is actually the tab from a
uh... a soda can and then a thicker adhesive because it is metal. that is so
cool recycling, it is all about recycling right now let's take a
look at the other project that you have here and i you have some techniques on
here and the wonderful really want you to show his
pal you got the black line around the photograph okay
or actually using a special tool as a marker with the plate tucked inside
so we're going to use a ruler to help us get a really clean line
so you just need to line it up
and you in a press down and pull the tool toward you
notice when you using these tools with the blade inside
there's a special way to hold it and a little bit more upright
let me show you again
Now we are back into position
As you can see I'm holding the marker almost straight up
and pulling it back towards me to get that mark on there
So that cuts and puts a border
actually so you can see that perfect edge and i think it's really cool lisa
thank you so much as a really great project
Stay tuned and we'll be right back