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– Clarice! – Hi!
– Happy birthday! – Thank you!
I wish you great health, happiness, and blah blah blah!
– I brought a little gift for you. – Oh, you shouldn’t have.
– I hope you like it. – Thanks!
No, I had to… would I come empty-handed?
– I hope you like it. – Oh, I’ll certainly love it!
Oh, good!
Look, if, you don’t like it, you can exchange it, it will be no problem, okay?
No, no. C’mon!
I love it. Love it!
But, look, this brand has lots of other kinds, lots of colors, sizes…
– It’s fine if don’t like it. I’ll totally understand. – No, really, look, I’m even putting my things in it.
Cause if you go to the store with the tag attached to it, they’ll exchange it.
– And they don’t only sell bags. – No, no, here, I took the tag off! I won't...
But even without the tag... if you don’t like, they’ll exchange it.
– No, really. No, I really liked this one, no. – Cause it’s real big store…
They have an easy exchange policy, it’s a good store. I real big store.
– Look. Hold on. – No, c’mon.
– There’s no way I can exchange it anymore. – Look, I won’t be bothered.
– I promise, well, it took me the whole day... – No, really.
– But I’m not sure if did like it. – I won’t exchange it, I won’t!
– It’s okay if you wanna exchange it. – Look! I won’t, see?
– No, relax, look. Clarice, calm down. – I won’t exchange it! See?
– I won’t, I won’t, look. I won’t, look. – Look, give me that, let me exchange it for you.
– If it’s a matter of time, I’ll do it. – No, I promise…
– I’ll exchange it. No, Clarice, stop it. – No, look, see how I’m not gonna do it?
I won’t exchange it.
Clarice, did you really like it?
It’s has my name written all over it.
Oh, I’m so touched. This is so beautiful! Thanks, honey.
Tradução e legendas: Melissa Prado
Can I go?
Hi, so… I was supposed to be on this video, but…
I got cut out.
But they did this cool make up on me and…
I bothered them so much about it, that they…
I’m here to fill the credits space.
I don’t even think that I’m very well… good at improv, but I’m doing my best here.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this video.
I had a great part, I was gonna do a bum.
With the makeup that Juliana did…
I think it turned out great, but they couldn’t use it, unfortunately.
So, I’m doing my best now, and she’s taking my make up off, but…
The video turned out really nice.
I hope you’ve enjoyed it.