Resurrection Korean Drama Episode 7

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Episode 7: Can't Tell the Truth
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Dongchan. That bastard! He's so clever!
Who is Dongchan?
Do you know him? Do you?
He killed Haeun. He killed Haeun.
Calm down and explain it to me.
I'm sure Haeun mentioned his name.
Just his name?
It sounded like Dongchan did something bad to Haeun.
Dongchan has a clear alibi.
I investigated him myself.
Then...who did it?
Do you know who it is?
Do you know who it is?
Why did someone have to kill Haeun?
I wouldn’t regret it even if I died right now.
You’re waking up all the neighbors.
Thank you!
I’ll buy you a drink.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Eunha, I’m leaving you here with the memory of Haeun.
But I’ll come back to find you.
Be strong until I come back.
Don’t cry Eunha.
Don't cry. Don’t be depressed.
Don’t skip meals either.
I'm sorry...sorry.
I'm sorry, Eunha.
Shinhyeok will come soon. Come and wait here.
Right. You’re kind of distracting me.
Should I call Mr. Ahn?
Shinhyeok should have been here an hour ago.
He’s not a 7-year old boy.
He knows what to do.
Come in.
Come on in, Shinhyeok.
How was your trip?
It was ok.
I can tell it was a good trip by the tone of your voice. Was it?
You’re so selfish. Couldn’t you have called?
Mom was so worried because you were late.
I did not say anything wrong. What a man!
What are you doing there? Come in!
What happened to your wrist?
Oh, this?
Did you get hurt?
What happened?
I sprained it.
Did you have it checked?
Is it really ok now? Do you need to have it rechecked?
It’s nothing.
You must be tired. Take a rest first.
Let’s hear about your trip later.
All right.
Do you have something to say?
Then go upstairs and have a rest.
I will.
Good night.
You too.
What are you doing here?
What's up? Something to say?
I'm just glad to see you again.
What's wrong with you?
Just be your normal self. There's no need to act; it's creepy.
How am I usually?
Do I have to tell you that?
Good night.
Come in.
You have a sore wrist. I'll attend to that; just leave it.
I can manage this much.
Drink this first.
It's ginseng tea.
Thank you.
Were you upset?
I mean the frame.
You know, I broke the glass.
Did you get hurt?
Your finger.
Oh this? It's okay.
But you can't replace just the glass. It has to be the whole frame.
Don't be. It's just a frame.
But you really cared about it.
I like the new frame too.
I'm glad.
So where did you go?
Here and there.
Have a rest.
I missed you.
I missed you too, Shinhyeok.
You can't see Shinhyeok anymore.
I'm so sorry, Mom.
I'm so sorry.
Really sorry.
Keep your chin up.
It's not your fault that Haeun is dead.
But didn't he say anything to you?
Like why he was in Gangreung.
Didn't you hear anything from him?
I wish we could investigate it.
You know one reporter is covering Haeun's case.
A reporter?
Please! The southern Seoul beat is much better for Yeonghoon than me and--
Lee Gangju!
You are pigheaded.
Sorry. This is not only for me but it is--
Why do you want to change beat?
I'm getting along with the cops there and I want to work with you.
Flattery will get you nowhere.
South Seoul is your beat.
I found a story which has legs.
I really want to cover it.
Any material to back it up?
Do you have any objective evidence yet?
Ah...So far, I've got a gut feeling.
Gut feeling? Forget it!
If you approve and give me time, I can bring you something concrete.
I'm begging you.
The game begins now.
Wish me luck, Shinhyeok.
You can't go to work. You were sick all night.
I'm okay.
No, you are not.
I can call your office and explain.
They'll understand you've just been through a funeral for a family member.
I'm really okay. Don't worry.
I'll see you later.
Be careful. Don't skip lunch.
Even I'm having problems seeing things or hearing things...
You must be really miserable.
Keep your chin up. Seo Eunha is the best in Korea. All right?
Good morning, Mr. Vice President.
Good morning.
Shame on you!
Shame on you!
They've been doing this since dawn...
I see.
The company fired workers who worked hard for more than 10 years.
Is that the Vice President's management policy?
The union boss is probably in bed with the subcontractor.
They don't deserve this kind of treatment after 10 years of hardwork.
Tell us if you're going to negotiate. We can't just sit and wait anymore.
Mr. Vice President!
You're the union boss. Please stop this. We need to talk.
You're the one who's been avoiding talking to us.
Calm down.
Hang on.
Have you eaten breakfast?
Have you eaten breakfast?
Are you kidding?
I apologize that we haven't taken the negotiations seriously so far.
But you can't solve any problem by doing this.
I want to have negotiations.
I'm not saying I don't want negotiations. I want them.
But I need time.
I'll arrange an official meeting. We will talk man to man.
Everyone! I'll find a solution so go and eat something first.
You've been here since early morning.
You must be starving.
When you have strength you can do whatever you want. Am I right?
See you guys later.
I'm sorry, I should've told you about this earlier.
Long time no see, Mr. Ahn.
Yes. Did you have a good trip?
Yes, thanks.
I'm sorry for not attending the orientation.
It's okay. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother.
This is Eunha. She is going to work with us starting today. Please take care of her.
Nice to meet you. I'm Eunha.
The union and the Vice President confronted each other this morning.
So what? Will that help laid off workers get their jobs back.
The Vice President said he wanted to talk man to man.
Man to man?
I don't believe that.
Me either.
A demonstration has been held every morning.
We received confirmation from the companies who'll work with us on the convention centre project.
Even J&C's Vice President wouldn't be able to do anything about that.
His father must be interested in the project too?
Sure. The convention center could be his stepping-stone to enter Gangwondo.
Then we should get the project.
Which knot do you think I have to undo first?
Sorry, I don't get what you mean.
After coming back from this trip I feel like starting everything from scratch.
I don't know which knot I should undo to make a good start.
Then those two that I mentioned before are urgent.
Ok. I see.
First give me the summary of the union's key demands.
Right! Since we got confirmation from...
Should I make an appointment to sign the contract?
Okay. And you have a committee meeting at 2 o'clock.
You also have a lecture for the new workers the day after tomorrow.
It's possible to readjust the schedule depending on how you go.
This project's got a good reputation. You should go and see it.
And pinpoint how we can make the model house project successful.
Working in a construction company's interior team is never easy.
Your brain and feet are on the go at the same time.
I know that.
Mancheol passed away last night.
I see.
What a waste of time waiting for a suspect who never came home.
Anything wrong?
If he doesn't want to say anything, tell him that Geonha's son is still alive. That he didn't die, okay?
I need some detail on someone who is deceased.
The name is Yu Geonha. Social security number is...
Are you working on it or not?
You're supposed to be finding the suspect who killed Haeun. Why are you doing nothing?
It's under investigation in Gangreung now. Not here.
Stop with the bull crap!
You know it's obvious Haeun was set up by someone and got killed.
Heaven and earth knows that; you guys and I know that.
I wouldn't be acting like this if he died while living the way he wanted.
He doesn't know who his parents or siblings are... he's a poor boy that lived by hearing my lectures every single day.
No matter how many times I think about it...
I get so frustrated and angry that I awake from my sleep many times during the night, you bastards.
Please come and talk to me.
Forget it!
Bring the murderer of Haeun to me!
I want to erase Haeun's dishonor.
If you can't find the murderer, I'll do it.
At all costs, I'll avenge his name.
I'm working on that right now.
I don't care who's doing...
Listen! I'm doing it.
At all costs, I'll prove Haeun's innocent.
Do you promise?
I'll find the evidence. I really will.
Do you know something?
No, it's not like that but...
Then how would you find the evidence?
Just trust me. I feel so bad I just have to find them.
I'm sorry.
I do understand how you feel but it's not your fault, so don't be sorry.
I'm really sorry.
Excuse me!
Wait a sec.
Hello, my friend.
I don't trust reporters. Leave me alone.
Why don't you trust us?
You guys are so typical. You will go "crooked cop" blah blah.
Was he related to any corruption.
That's nonsense!
You're attempting a trial by media. Well, you can just forget it!
That's a total misunderstanding.
We reporters always strive to find the truth only and nothing else.
Get out of here!
I'm not here just to look for an interesting story.
I don't know what happened but you must go to the media to reveal the truth.
I'll promise you that I'll report only the truth based on the facts and nothing else.
Give me you name card first. I need time to think about this.
Sure. Here you are.
Please call me.
I'll wait for your call.
I want to know how my relative is doing.
His name is Yang Mancheol.
When did he die?
Were his belongings collected by his family?
I see.
Goodness. Look at you. You look terrible.
What do you want?
You don't have any real evidence but your belief and testifying against me would only incriminate yourself.
So you need to talk to Mancheol to get some evidence. Is that it?
You think you can get me?
I'm sorry to tell you this but he's already gone to the next world.
Hey, buddy.
Don't be silly.
You're under my thumb.
Stop threatening the police!
Of course I can threaten a crooked cop, right?
Good analysis skills. Very decisive... Won't do what he believes is wrong...
A real brown nose... Pride won't let him admit mistakes...
We are more passive than J&C on this convention centre project.
What do you think?
We should consider how to differentiate our technical strategy from J&C.
Mr. Vice President, you're your own man.
But I want you to be a little flexible like on the matter of the union.
I'm saying this out of kindness.
What do you think of what he said?
Am I really my own man? I'll take that as a compliment, Mr. Park.
This is what I think.
I'll fight for my life on the matter of the union and the project.
If I lack the flexibility just trust me once more that I'll do a better job.
You seemed to have changed after the trip.
You think so?
Yes. What's the reason?
Traveling has a magical power to change people.
I see.
Are you free for lunch this Saturday?
We're invited to company president Jeong Sangguk's birthday party.
Assemblyman Lee and Gangju will come.
We can all discuss an engagement date.
What's wrong?
Yes, Department of violent crime...
This is Yu Shinhyeok.
Mr. Jeong Jinwu is here to see you.
Send him in.
To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?
I have a dinner appointment nearby.
I just came to say hello to your father.
You're so sweaty.
I drank ginseng tea last night, that's why.
Can I sit?
You can even lie down if you want.
I heard you had some time off. Where did you go?
Somewhere with fresh air and water.
You've changed.
I can't believe that you could just travel around leaving your work behind.
More haste less speed.
That's not like you.
You sound like you know me completely.
I know a little.
Don't be too hasty.
It's impossible to know or judge someone perfectly.
How is your father, Mr. Jeong?
Of course, he would be.
The technical committee list comes out next week. Are you prepared?
Of course I am.
Never be hasty. Take it slowly.
Step by step.
Do you like this song?
Isn't it good to do dishes while listening to music? It's not boring.
You'll get a sore arm. Put it down.
Look! I'm a cop. If I'm that weak, I'm in the wrong profession.
Why aren't you wearing gloves?
I'm better without gloves.
It's not good for your hands. Move away. I'll do it.
I'm okay.
Come on.
I said I'm okay.
I'm good at dishes.
Do you like this song?
Yeah I do.
If a Blue House economic advisor calls
a bank manager and ask him to lend
money to a certain enterprise that's obviously undue interference.
So will calling a special prosecutor be discussed at the special session?
If the prosecutor's office cannot do it then we need a special prosecutor.
And the ruling party should have a clear position in the deliberations
of the Legislation and Judiciary Committee on calling one.
We can discuss the appointment process, the investigation's scope and target, etc.
There is the fear that the appointment of a special prosecutor will mean
that the ruling party hands over the rein to your Liberal People's Party.
I'm never going to marry Shinhyeok.
Then who are you going to marry?
That's up to me.
What don't you like about him?
I've hardly ever disobeyed you since I was born.
But let me do what I want to do at least in the matter of marriage.
All a parent wants is their children's happiness.
The marriage is actually for you. Am I wrong?
Yes. You can say that.
Politics is just like a battle.
You need a strong comrade.
But this marriage is still good for you, too.
If you don't stop thinking that way, I'll leave home.
I hardly see you at home anyway. It's hardly a threat.
Don't think you can change my mind.
I'm as stubborn as you are.
I should get going.
Take care of yourself.
You too. Don't skip meals and drink less.
This is how a father and daughter are supposed to talk.
I'll drink less.
This is odd. Something's wrong.
There are supposed to be two brothers but they have the same birthday.
They must be twins.
Whose family register copies are they?
Shinhyeok - July 27, 1979
Ganghyeok - July 27, 1979
I'll help start a joint venture with a Vietnamese company as promised.
We'll also do our best on the project.
I have a sprained wrist. Please excuse me.
No problem.
My signature looks awful.
When will the technical committee members be announced?
Next week.
J&C already started lobbying for their favorites. It doesn't look good at all.
Don't talk like a losing pitcher before the actual game.
The real game starts when you've got two outs right?
Sorry, you're right.
Then the union issue is...
I'm still working on it.
Are the new employees having a special dinner today?
Yes, team by team.
You go home first. I'll hang around a bit.
Have a nice weekend.
You too, Mr. Vice President.
Would you stop calling me that?
See you later.
Excuse me.
Is that the Vice President of the company Yu Shinhyeok?
Why are you asking me that?
Is he? Is he really Yu Shinhyeok?
Let's drink some more.
Of course.
Where should we go?
Let's go to a karaoke bar.
No, a night club.
How about some live squid and rice wine?
Can't we eat something else?
Then how about live octopus?
Let's go!
I should get going now.
This is for new employees. You can't go.
I'm already drunk.
Let her leave. She's still in mourning.
That's right.
Can you go home by yourself? You've had a lot to drink.
Sure I can. See you tomorrow.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
Do you remember me?
I never imagined I'll see you some place like this.
I had too much to drink.
I've got a new job.
Haeun was so glad I got a new job.
I always cry when I'm drunk.
I'll drive you home.
See you.
I'm home.
Hi. Welcome back.
Did you drink?
Have you had a lot to drink?
A die.
To die. A die.
To die.
Password incorrect.
Yellow die?
A yellow die?
My cowardice was exposed.
Jinwu criticized my remarks about the project and made me feel small.
The bitter taste of defeat...
It's scary to look at myself in the reflections of a well.
A man with a head but no heart. That's me, Gangju thinks.
When can I be honest with her?
When can I tell her being with her is when I'm most comfortable?
I always think about and regret that I kept Ganghyeok's secret.
Otherwise he'd still be alive and here.
I've always wanted to go back and fix it.
My great Dad and Ganghyeok.
I feel like I lost half of my soul at that time.
I miss them so much.
Welcome, Mr. Kang.
It's not my birthday but thank you anyway.
You're always beautiful.
You've gone to a lot of trouble preparing.
Not at all. Everyone's inside.
I think we should do something about Dongchan.
Don't be too sensitive.
Working together doesn't always mean going together forever.
Even though you're not going together, you can still have the same destination.
What do you mean?
Are you talking about me?
I mean it's not good timing to sort him out just now.
There's a right time for everything.
I've known you over 30 years but I still don't know who you are.
You don't have to.
You just have to know yourself. That's enough.
Long time no see!
I came here to sort it all out.
Both our families are here so this is the best day to do it.
You know what I'm talking about. The marriage.
Marriage what?
This is my advice from my heart.
Please marry someone you really love. And I'll do likewise.
Haven't you ever thought that...
That what?
That a man, Shinhyeok, might really love you from his heart.
That maybe he just doesn't know how to express it.
Well, have you?
What are you talking about?
Don't judge or believe only what you can see.
The truth can be hidden where you can't see it.
Let's call off the marriage plans.