Mochi Ice Cream もちアイス

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Hi, I am Francis,
the host of this show "Cooking with Dog."
Let’s shape the mango gelato into balls.
Use an ice cream scoop to make the gelato into balls and place them into foil baking cups.
Let the cups and tray cool in a freezer before use.
Work very quickly to avoid melting
and firm up 8 gelato balls in the freezer completely.
Next, let’s purée the mango jam.
Spoon the jam onto a flat, or uragoshi strainer.
Press the jam with a wooden paddle and continue scraping toward you.
Removing the lumps from the jam will prevent the mochi from breaking later.
Flip the strainer over.
Gather 1 tablespoonful of the mango purée with a spatula.
Let’s make the mochi, pounded sticky rice.
Combine the sticky rice flour and sugar in a microwave-safe bowl and mix well with a spatula.
Add a little water at a time and mix just enough to get rid of the pockets of flour.
Add the mango jam to the mixture and continue to mix.
Finally, add the mizuame, a type of Japanese sweetener.
Mizuame will also moisten the mochi,
but if it is not available, add extra sugar.
Loosely cover the bowl with plastic wrap.
Heat the mixture in a microwave at 600 watts for 2 minutes.
Cooking time depends on the wattage of the microwave
so adjust the time accordingly.
Remove the plastic wrap
and mix with a spatula until smooth.
Loosely cover the bowl with the plastic wrap again.
Microwave the mochi for additional 40 seconds.
Remove the plastic wrap and thoroughly mix the mochi with the spatula.
When the surface becomes glossy,
place the mochi onto a tray that is generously covered with potato starch.
This thick layer of starch will prevent the mochi from sticking.
Sprinkle more starch on top with a mesh strainer.
Lightly pat the mochi, spreading it into a 6-by-12-inch sheet.
Allow it to sit and cool and then place it in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
Let’s prepare 8 pieces of mochi for the mochi ice cream.
Cut the sheet of mochi in half lengthwise and then cut it crosswise into 8 square pieces.
With a scraper, place each mochi onto your palm.
Remove the excess starch with a pastry brush.
Flip it over and remove the starch on the other side.
Place the mochi onto a plate covered with plastic wrap and then cover it with another sheet of plastic wrap.
Repeat the process and layer each mochi and plastic wrap one after the other.
Cover the plate and place it in the freezer for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Let’s make the mochi ice cream.
Remove one gelato ball from the freezer
and place it onto the chilled mochi with the rounded side facing down.
Place the gelato along with the plastic wrap into a small cup.
Gather the mochi up to the center around the gelato.
Put starch on your fingertips to prevent the mochi from sticking.
Wrap the gelato with plastic wrap, hold it with a bag clip and then quickly place it in the freezer to firm up .
You should work on only one filling at a time to avoid melting.
Now, the gelato is completely firmed up.
Remove the clip and plastic wrap and place the mango mochi ice cream onto a plate.
Put the blueberry and strawberry mochi ice cream next to it.
Ice cream will easily melt so please finish each process as quickly as possible.
You can choose your favorite jam and ice cream and enjoy the variations in color and taste.
It takes many steps to make the mochi ice cream, but the taste is really amazing!
Good luck in the kitchen!