7.9 million jobs lost, many forever

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the as it was a big issue for GE on the ground southern California what do you think that'sa
real burden for on economy is regards unemployment CNN leading do you know what a great article
called seven point nine million jobs lots of we've lost seven point nine million jobs
since the beginning of this recession in two thousand eight
the mainstream media starting to realize that all this and realize most of these jobs will
ever come back I mean if you look at California high construction state Florida high construction
what in your home building commercial building Wall that's right
those jobs aren't there anymore so right now we have to use this occasion
in the economy there's huge amount of other places Russian workers mortgage bankers real
thing anybody deal with real estate
here in California Florida that basically need to figure out what they're going to do
with the second part of their lives
I have people on the ground in California nevada one a year two years
the other
they're eking out a living and they haven't made the adjustment necessary
ensure the new phase of life the new phase of southwest there it is
no they saw the car payments they still live in and the fourteen fifteen hundred dollar
a month rent
%uh they stood at the credit cards is the better choice
and they've been living life in a way that isn't fair
I I cast an adjusted to their new-found life so
on the ground here in southern California talking to people that are and they really
panicking and they're like okay now I'm going to go get a job what's going to happen when
these of millions of Americans are going to the job market
and then just a celebrity Wall where they're not going to be able to get a job nineteen
I did some the people that have had jobs twenty eight twenty five years consistently
now all of a sudden
you know there's not a war
and their wives are pushing them to get off the job market vision of the matter
he did what you think's going to happen these people really did the pushed into a severe
form of depression and across this country were not only to have it and they called depression
a depression for recent this site the law the site coast is that the nation the psychology
of the nation
new Jersey into a depression
and that is good
I happen to majority the populace
that is not that will not that cannot be just this
economic reality
you're not going to be after twenty years thirty years of be an employee you know all
those almost certain to be knocking on doors figure out how to start a small business for
one fourth of the money
that's a new reality is
you know a few are working you take it take that he'd taken a salary that if you've been
laid off the been able to find a new job many times the jobs are finding are fifty percent
pay cuts
so you know if you take out the census workers were looking at hundred thousand new jobs
are being created in this economy per month
since the beginning of the year
that still leaves eight million in the whole I mean even the road use at pictures for showing
a higher level of unemployment in this country
for years to come
that's that you've reality for America is and unemployed America here's a quote from
the economic cycle
research institute we've entered an era where the US will see more frequently sessions than
they are in houston
you've been employed in the job and now you are giving your employment that have limited
shirts that you're looking for work you need to understand you may not do the job that
pays more than fifty percent of your previous income
so we know there's a huge it just that process that needs to happen in their kids' minds
is we need to take on a local basis just like which are also I think that in delta
everything's in the local everything's and equality everything's
did the cutting out the middle man and now those are the only people in the village of
I were the people that it will hit the streets right in
knocking on doors starting small businesses and servicing clients and an end to the best
of their ability cutting all the red tape that goes with the so-called corporate job
so when young California
and the home building across the country
we've lost one million jobs in two thousand eight
the auto industry and manufacturing lost three hundred thousand in finance and real estate
we've lost five hundred thousand so
%uh visitation in the employment structure the united states
there's a bunch of people in Michigan
you should have the initiative
there's a bunch of people of California and Florida in the construction is unified as
his industry that had nothing to do they don't know where to go and the question is is the
that is the midwest states some of the states that have low unemployment you know it's easy
and that cities like seattle are they
and they've really of the store
all these people that are dislocated from the economy
all right elbow love with seven hundred eighty seven billion dollar stimulus program
if they're calling this the summer recovery on nicole was the summary of gloom and doom
and and boom is Mark potter says your state and since some there's a certain hired southern
California but they're not the high-paying jobs there that peace is changing of high
in this up workers
you know and if you are able to get a job it's that of vastly
reduce salaries in which it is used to because
the the job market out there is just filled with live thousands if not millions of africans
and you know
that's that's what's happening
the wages are coming down as you can tell from the images in this video it's not a rosy
picture the live of middle class is going to lower class the lower class
there's a the streets hard and as you can see again the the video pictures of the video
that I have here
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