Scary Stories and Bad Memories - Scare U Episode Three with Dr. Margee Kerr

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Thanks for tuning in to SCARE U - I'm Dr. Margee Kerr - Scare Specialist here at The ScareHouse

Margee: Today we're going to be talking about... Nick: Is that a duck on your desk?
Nick: Is that a duck on your desk? Margee: Yes. Why? Are you afraid of ducks?
Well...yeah... a little.
Did you have a bad experience with a duck?
i didn't particularly have my own experience about one
Well then why are you afraid?
i'm from the streets ... and i don't know much about animals...
but I've heard some stories about those things
and they have the devil's eyes....
As Nick just highlighted, we can have fearful
responses to situations we've never actually encountered
that's right we can learn fear.
this process evolved from our ancestors, who would sit around the fire and
share their stories about close encounters with snakes, rocky terrain,
and other challenges
We are hardwired to listen and encode others experiences into our own memory banks.
The expressions on people's faces when they are afraid, as well as their body language
and tone of voice
all communicate to the listener
that THIS IS SCARY and we respond accordingly.
because we are predisposed to empathize with other people,
personal stories are far more powerful than statistics
regardless of actual risk
people's stories affect us
creating a fear in us based on their experiences
here's what i mean
uh... what's wrong
Niccole: "Look at my hair! It's ruined!" Laura: "Why didn't you go to our usual salon?"
I did! There;s a new stylist there
and she did THIS to my hair.
"What? I have an appointment there next week" "You might get her!"
just like Nick's fear of the duck, which he never actually encountered
Laura has now developed fear of a new hairstyle based on someone else's experience.

She now views going to the new stylist as a scary situation.
That's right, she's afraid
in addition to learning from others, Our memory also plays a critical role in fear.
and fear response.
Fearful or threatening situations
like going through a haunted house
are stored differently in our memory.
They are attached to heightened emotions.
The sound of a dentist drill, a barking dog
these are just some things that can trigger
powerful, physiological responses.
(dentist drill sound)
Some of these are due to the memories and emotions we have associated with these sounds.
like for example, getting a cavity filled.
Memories like this are often called
flash bulb memories
Flash Bulb memories are those that are easy to recall.
For example, I bet you remember your first roller coaster ride
your first scary movie
or ...
your first kiss?
thanks for tuning in to Scare U.
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