CGRundertow LIGHT THE FLOWER for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 30.03.2012

Everyone wishes they could fly. Perverts wish they could be invisible. I wish I were capable
of photosynthesis. I could acquire sustenance simply by sitting in the sun.
And that’s awesome.
Sadly, even photosynthesis has a catch. You’re stuck in a dusty old house, you’re basically
screwed. happen to own several circular mirrors. And you’ve played a lot
of Zelda. Make Link proud and prepare for a potentially photosynthetic future with Light
The Flower for the iPhone.
Light The Flower is a beautifully simple game. There’s a flower, it needs sunlight, a beam
happens to be creeping through the window, you have mirrors. It’s your job to bounce
the sunlight to the plant by using those mirrors. Ambitious players can try to collect three
stars for higher scores, but otherwise, that’s the basic idea.
And what I love about Light The Flower is that the game is built around a simple concept,
but it fleshes itself out with really clever puzzle designs. Each level seems to introduce
some new obstacle or twist. For example, some plants take colored light, so you may have
to pass the beam through a color filter before it gets to the flower. You might even have
to split a single beam into several.
I mean, look at this. Who needs a mirror shield?
What’s interesting about this game is how precise some of the solutions are. I solved
a few puzzles with just this sliver of light barely getting by an object, almost as if
I found a way around the intended solution. But that’s the precision Light The Flower
demands, and tilting a mirror even by a pixel can change everything.
Light The Flower immediately struck a chord with me. It’s smart, it’s charming and
with five houses to play through, each with 12 levels, there’s no shortage of plants
to revive. If you’re looking for an interesting puzzler that will both test your brain and
make you smile, download Light The Flower and plant a little fun on your iPhone.