St. Joseph's 2012 Tribute Dinner- Celebrating Surgical Innovation

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St. Joseph's
A leader in surgical innovation
Past, Present and Future
1963 - St. Joseph's performs the first cadaver kidney transplant in Ontario.
1980 - St. Joseph's is the first hospital in Canada to use real-time ultrasound.
1993 - St. Joseph's is the first hospital in the world to use a holmium laser for fragmentation
of renal calculi, now used world-wide as standard of care.
2000 - St. Joseph's marks a urology world first, with the implant of an antibiotic coated
penile implant, called Inhibizone.
2004 - St. Joseph's Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty redefines treatment of glaucoma.
2005 - St. Joseph's uses the da Vinci surgical robot for the world's first robotic-assisted
partial cystectomy, the first robotic removal of bladder stones and Canada's first robotic
surgery for advanced endometriosis.
2006 - St. Joseph's opens 10 new operating rooms, called the most technically advanced
in North America.
2007 - Using St. Joseph's da Vinci surgical system, surgeons perform Canada's first robotic
assisted radical hysterectomy - a landmark procedure marking the country's debut of robotic
gynecologic cancer surgery.
St. Joseph's is the first to perform a pediatric robotic kidney reconstruction on a 16 year
old boy.
2011 - St. Joseph's participates in the first cross-continental surgery broadcast to China
in real-time.
2012 - St. Joseph's takes delivery of Canada's first PET/MRI.
At St. Joe's we have a can-do attitude that leads to surgical innovation. The entire environment
and the cuture is very facilitative of introducing new procedures and technologies.
Through surgical innovation in the HULC unit, we're bringing new innovations to the forefront
every day - working with our lab partners in the bioengineering lab, the cell and molecular
biology lab, the clinical research lab, and our new mechatronics lab. Our vision is to
improve patient care and to educate surgeons worldwide.
Urology will continue to lead the way in the treatment of prostate cancer, kidney stones
and female urology disorders. Surgery of the future will be even more refined than it is
today - less invasive, less intrusive and with overall better outcomes for our patients.
Our team at Ivey is uniquely positioned to both test and evaluate surgical innovation,
and it's all to bring the best possible to the patients we serve in our community.
Every year our Breast Care Centre performs up to 25,000 mammograms, 7000 ultrasounds
and over 2000 biopsies, as well as 850 surgical procedures. Our innovative approach of combining
breast imagers and surgeons in one location reduces wait times for women by several months.
Our vision for surgery in the future is to continue to shorten wait times, reduce anxiety
and provide better outcomes for our patients.
With innovative technologies developed in the mechatronics lab, we'll allow for improved
designs of joint replacements, allow for minimally-invasive surgical implantation - which will shorten
patients' hospital stays, reduce post-operative pain and allow for a quicker recovery. It's
unique in Canada and one of few in the world that really focuses on problems of upper limb
joint disorders.
At St. Joseph's Health Care London, every member of our team is focused on the best
possible health outcome for each patient that comes through our doors. Our proud tradition
of surgical innovation is part of that commitment to care.
Innovation of surgery will continue to be driven by new technology. Many of those will
be introduced at St. Joseph's Hospital.
Because more than 8,200 patients receive breast care every year at St. Joseph's Breast Care
Because we serve more than 40,000 people each year who have suffered accidents and stress-related
injuries to their hands and upper arms.
Because we see 75,000 people per year for clinic visits, diagnostic tests and eye surgery.
Because more than 1,800 patients each year seek care for the debilitating pain of kidney
Because more than 20,000 surgical procedures are performed every year at St. Joseph's Health
Care London.
Because our patients deserve the very best care possible... at St. Joseph's surgical
innovation means getting our patients back to their daily lives faster.