How to Build a Computer for Gaming (2012) Part Two

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 23.07.2012

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here with part two of my
tutorial on how to build a gaming PC. Last time we prepared the
case, installed the power supply and got the motherboard all
setup. The next step is to install the motherboard into the case.
Before doing this you need to keep in mind that there are
different sizes of motherboards and each will mount differently.
On the back of the case you should see a few brass standoffs
already installed. Grab the motherboard by the heatsink and
roughly line it up with where it will be installed. Now look to
see where the six screw holes line up compared to your case.
Here the middle two standoffs are correct but we’ll need to add
four more. Grab your bag of screws that came with the
motherboard and get the standoffs that you need. You need to be
sure to use the correct parts here as if you don’t use standoffs
the motherboard will ground itself out on the steel case.
Not good. Now screw the standoffs into the holes that you know
match where the motherboard goes. You don’t need to use any tools
to do this but be sure that they’re pretty tight. Then spin the
case around as we need to install the I/O shield that came with
the motherboard. It’s easy to put this in backwards so it’s best
to take a look at how the motherboard mounts before pushing it
into place. Put the case down on it’s side so that you have
plenty of room to work. Gently lay it down on top of the standoffs
in the position it needs to be in. Then adjust it back and forth
until it lines up with all six standoffs as well as the I/O shield.
This can be tricky so take your time and make sure it’s lined up
right. Then grab your screwdriver and using the screws that came
with the case screw all six screws into the standoffs. Be sure
everything is lined up perfectly at this point as it’s a pain to
fix if it isn’t. Once everything looks good go back and tighten
each screw and the motherboard is officially installed. Now sit
back and admire your work. Moving on let’s install the graphics
card. Slice the seal on the box and pop it open. Inside you’ll
see a driver CD and case badge, installation guide, registration
card, a DVI to VGA adapter, a full sized DisplayPort to Mini
DisplayPort adapter and a molex to 6-pin SATA power cable. Oh,
and the graphics card itself which is slightly important.
On the bottom of the card you’ll see the PCI connector along
with a 6-pin power connector on the back of the card. On the
front are your display outs for connecting monitors. On this
motherboard there’s only one full sized PCI connector however many
motherboards will have two or more. Generally you should install a
graphics card in the top most one and then add extra cards below that.
On the case you should see a few metal covers blocking the way. Just
unscrew these and set the screws aside for a second. You won’t need
the covers anymore but you might as well hang onto them, you never
know when they might come in handy. Flip the case on its side again
and push down on the graphics card until it clicks into place. Nice
and easy huh? Pick the case back upright and then put the two screws
back in to make sure the card doesn’t go anywhere. Once you’re done
you should see all of the connectors poking out of the back of your
case. Voila, the graphics card is installed. The next step is to
install the hard drive. Pull it out of the protective bag and you’re
ready to go. Slide it into one of the empty 3.5” drive bays. Over on
the side you’ll see a pair of holes so adjust the drive until both of
these line up. Now grab four screws and...wait for it...screw them in.
Bet you didn’t see that one coming. Now it’s time to toss the DVD drive
in. Take the front panel off the case by pushing the plastic tabs
backward and then pull the panel off. Now we’re going to need to remove
one of the five and a quarter inch bay covers by pressing the tabs aside
until it comes out. Pop the front panel back on and then slide the optical
drive into place. Just like the hard drive line it up with the screw holes
and secure it with at least four screws. Simple as that we now have all of
our parts installed so that’ll be it for part two of this tutorial. If you
guys enjoyed this video definitely be sure to leave it a thumbs up and be
sure to check out the finale in part three where we finish the build up.