Crazy Cardio Challenge | A-List Look With Valerie Waters

Uploaded by LivestrongWoman on 06.07.2012

Hi, I'm Valerie Waters with the A-List Look. And today, I have for you a crazy cardio challenge.
All you need for this workout is a timer and about 4 square feet. We're gonna do a 10 second
rest, 20 second work period. Be sure to record your score, because you're gonna wanna beat
it later. If you're ready, let's get started. Okay, let's start our crazy cardio challenge.
I got my timer set–10 second rest, 20 second work, 12 rounds. I'm gonna push the button,
wait for the next beep, and we're starting with Side to Side. Be ready to sweat. Okay.
Here we go. So you don't stop until you hear the beep again, and then you'll get 10 seconds.
This way I don't have to count, and you don't have to count either. You get to keep moving.
And the goal here is to push way off that outside leg, working your hip and glutes.
And we push. Stay low. Okay, you get 10 seconds. And then we're going into Side Switches, okay.
We're gonna be crossing over, pause when I land. Here we go. And we switch. Make sure
you land with soft knees, abs are tight. That's good, keep it going. 10 seconds. And I'm going
into Front Switches. So kinda like Side Switches, I'm gonna be switching–one leg's in front.
Here we go. Now, if your knees are okay, you can land a little deeper, like that. But just
be gentle at first, until you get used to doing this exercise. Still gonna get your
heart rate up. Burning tons of calories. My legs are already starting to burn a little.
God, I appreciate those 10 seconds rest, right? Lunge Kicks. Bend with me for a little bit,
watching these A-lifts. You know I love this one. Whoop, we need a little balance. Land
in that lunge. That's it. If you wobble, don't worry, that happens sometimes. And if you're
a beginner, you can use a chair to hold on. Switching legs. Okay, get ready. Nice lunge
position, abs are tight. And we kick. And we kick. That's it. Really good job. See,
I turned my head, make me fall. Gotta focus. Good. Okay, this is kinda like your little
break. Wanna work on your posture a little bit, so we're going Standing W's. This is
one of my favorite exercise for the rear delts. Arms are bent, should look like a W at the
top. Squeeze those shoulder blades. If you sit at a computer a lot, this one is really
good for you. And squeeze. Push that chest out. Abs are tight. Very good. Okay. Flying
Side Lunge. Hearing my heart rate–this is what happens when you do crazy cardio challenges.
Okay, so I'm starting like this, and I fly to the side like that. And you touch. And
you reach. Wanna make it harder, take your hand all the way to the floor. Okay, perfect.
All the way down. That's it, reach out. Keep it going. Awesome. Okay, now we're going to
a little bit of strength challenge. We're gonna go Push-Ups. You can do full push-ups
or on your knees, but I'm asking you to do this three rounds. I'm going on my knees.
Good. Abs are tight. I want you taking it all the way to the floor. Good. That's it,
keep going. Okay, from here, we're going Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold. Lie on your back. Okay,
butt comes up. This leg moves. The other leg holds. Working your glute, a little bit of
hamstring. If you feel it too much in your hamstring, it may mean your foot is too far
from your butt, and you might have to scoot it in. Keep your hips high. Give that a little
stretch. Switching legs, this butt comes up. This leg's up in the air. And here I go. I'm
really working this stationary leg here. And I feel it. I hope you do too. Give that a
little hug. And we're going into a Three Way Crunch. I'm gonna put my leg up in the air.
Hands go behind my head. And I'm gonna go, side, inside, middle. Side, inside, middle.
Side, inside, middle. If you wanna make this harder, pick the other leg up. Okay, almost
there. Switch legs. Get ready. Inside, outside, middle. Inside… Notice how I start to get
quiet–that's because I'm breathing hard, and my abs are working. Inside, outside, middle.
Inside, outside… Okay, you have finished round one of your crazy cardio challenge.
And it is a challenge, so be sure that you're recording how many reps you do during each
20 second work period. I want you to take a quick break. Have a little sip of water.
You'll rest 10 seconds and another 30, and you're gonna do this two more times. So definitely
by then you should feel your legs start to shake a little bit, and you should definitely
feel like you had a cardio challenge. I'm Valerie Waters. And remember, you are just
one workout away from a good mood.