Mark Haub's Snack Food Diet

Uploaded by KState on 13.09.2010

The majority of my calories are now coming from these delectable little snack cakes.
That?s how things get know, is by instead of trusting that something is true, let’s
test it to see if it is true.
Am I concerned about my health? No, whatever happens, happens. I see this as an experiment.
The exercise is simply to, to see if these products which are thought by most to promote
or lead to the development of obesity, if they can actually be used to do just the opposite.
The first day and a half was rough. And I’ve done low carb, I’ve done low fat, I’ve
done a zone type diet. So I’ve done several of the fad diets or popular diets.
So that first day it felt very similar to a low carb diet. So I started on a Wednesday,
when I woke up Friday morning I felt good.
But I usually eat a can of vegetables or a raw vegetable at dinner time. I drink coffee.
That was one thing I could not give up. And then I also drink for protein milk and protein
supplements with milk.
I’m eating 1,800 calories a day or less and exercising roughly 60 minutes to an hour
and twenty minutes a week.
I started out at 200.8 pounds, and now I’m down to 195 in a week. But I expect roughly
about 15 pounds if I continue this same process, given where I am, to be down in four weeks.