Uploaded by PauloTaman on 26.02.2012

My name is Felipe, I'm 27 years-old, I go by Iskor
and I started with graffiti in the mid years of the 2000 decade, around that.
I started out on high school, like, because there were some older guys a year above me
that would scribble all around school, doing tags and such,
I liked the lettering and I decided to get know more about it,
piece, 3D, throw up, and played with it, wild style, that's was my playground, man,
and afterward I did my lettering, so I had to develop my characters,
I started developing it and, man, it was something like this.
The main difference between canvas painting and painting the streets its the medium,
on the wall you make bigger things and all and there's also the interchange and all,
I mean, you're there on the street and if it's illegal you're subject to people reprehending you,
or the police, and you deal with spray cans and latex and such,
here you'll use acrilic, oil paint, you can't really use that on graffiti,
so it's really different, with different motivations too.
São Paulo is a city taken over by graffiti, you know,
and the fact that there's so many of it sometimes turns graffiti into something trivial,
people don't even look at it anymore, you know, and it's OK, fine,
it's like a natural process, if there's too many of it,
none will stand out, unless it is something very unique.
An art work of yours can cause laughter or reflection or even makes someone cry, like,
it will depend of what you've done, I mean, I think any reaction is valid, you know?
Maybe what's most valid, and the biggest search with graffiti, it's, you know,
not make someone stop and stare and say “oh that's pretty” or “oh that's ugly”
but to stop and think about it, to unchain a thought, no just an “wow” or gasp,
and that's what I've been looking for with it, the most interesting reaction.
I use my own techniques, you know, use them all, spray, sprinkler, brush,
I'm cool with that, whatever I can use, I'll use it.
I'm trying to follow some main lines with my stuff conceptual wise, you know,
which it's still being unveiled, but there's new things coming, so let's wait and see.
My characters wear masks, so, like, that one has kindof a sad expression,
sort of a downer and all, but it's a mask, it's not necessarily what's behind it,
it's more the representation of something.
Graffiti is something I really like doing,
it gave me many good things and I met a lot of cool people through it.
Doing what you like it's the most beautiful thing, it's a driving force.