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This experiment is extremely dangerous.
You're the 1st guinea pig. How do you feel?
The experiment hasn't started. How do you feel?
Good, that's a normal reaction.
Young man, you're undergoing the newest Hypnotism experiment.
First of all, we'll erase your memory,
and fill in new data.
If this is successful,
I can utilize my body to the maximum,
and become history's first Superman.
What if you fail?
What will happen then?
If it fails, then there'll be nothing.
Are you ready?
What'll happen if it fails?
Are you ready?
Yes, and you?
The experiment is almost finished. Come and get the prism.
Hello everyone.
Sorry, there was a traffic jam. Morning.
Dad, your coffee.
Dad, who are you ruining this time?
Stop annoying me please. I'm confused already.
He's one of us! Why so, dad!
He's so handsome.
What a waste!
What are you doing? That's not a proper way.
Let me try.
What happened? He is dying.
Let me try.
Are you going to do it?
I've made it.
Young man, I nearly did it.
Let me try.
Professor! There someone who....
Don't move.
I want that crystal prism.
Forget it, young man.
Don't let it fall into the hands of the bad guys.
Yes, Professor.
Get off.
You're useless.
He's armed.
Go and get me the crystal prism.
Quick! Don't move! Hurry.
What is it?
Are you alright?
Dad, where does it hurt?
My heart! It's a heart attack. My pills.
He took your notebook.
The notebook isn't important, but the crystal prism...
Come over here.
That's the last pill!
Young man, do you want to kill me?
Alright, an eye for an eye; she's yours. You're kidding!
You, come over here.
Silly, it's Hubby.
This prism is the main source of the whole experiment.
I know it.
Listen carefully. Don't leave it with the crooked.
I'll keep it.
Keep quiet. Hurry up and go.
Come on! Quick...
How do we open it?
There's a secret code.
Let's go.
This way. Here.
We can cross the river by the cable car.
You first. I'll pull you across, hurry.
I'll pull you across.
You take care, I'm off first; good bye!
You too. I'll find you in Hong Kong. Good bye!
Land the helicopter here.
Wait for me.
I'll bomb you to death.
Goal again!
Interpol is good!
Get him.
Coach. I'm fine.
Ok, go!
They're playing dirty!
That's the way to survive.
I'll kick your ass.
All of our players are hurt.
Let me do it.
Master, look!
Step out. I've got to talk to you.
King Kong, I need your help.
Oh, I'm dying.
Who's that guy?
King Kong, Baldy's best pal.
Can he play dirty?
He's better than Baldy.
Really? That's great.
Forget the match. I've got you a treasure from New Zealand.
It'll give you credit. come on.
A girl's been calling you all day.
Who's she?
Stop it, want to die!
Get off!
Don't move.
They want my life.
I quit!
What is it? Look!
Let's go.
Catch it.
That's good.
Baldy! We scored, hooray!
Goal again!
We've won. Great!
Let's have champagne!
Another score...
How come we lose?
Why do you hit him?
They played dirty!
Just get them out.
It's great!
It's you!
You're mistaken, he's the umpire.
A brainwashing machine, who'll believe it?
Stop arguing; take it to head quarter.
It could give you credit.
So generous of you!
Don't trick me!
I won't.
Shouldn't you be in hospital.
Why are you still here?
I forget my glasses.
I'm not joking. Don't let the bad people have it.
I understand.
It's not safe enough.
Remember me when you have a raise.
That's safe enough.
Since when are you interested in men!
She's the professor's daughter.
So, it's a girl.
Are you alone?
Yes, no...I'm being followed; come on.
Why are those tricky following you?
So they can find you.
What a beautiful prism.
My hand!
Fix that.
Keep it well. Don't let others see it.
Thanks for help. Oh, it hurts.
Be quick then.
Be careful!
Someone behind you!
It's painful.
Ok? How's now?
Hubby, it hurts.
It's my finger tip.
Come on, let's run, hurry.
Baldy, hurry up.
Let me see.
Where? Where's the door?
Darling, take me to New Zealand, he's here, bye.
Clear off.
Stop blocking.
Watch out.
Don't let me fall.
I ain't dead yet.
Thanks for the box.
It's comfortable.
Good morning, Madam!
What's the time? Stop blocking me.
Yes, Madam!
Good morning!
Madam, your husband's great,
jumping from the 8th floor!
Yes, I know!
You've got guts to do so!
Tell me your story.
It's absolutely pandemonium that day.
The gangster had cornered me,
at the instant moment, I jumped from the 8th floor.
He thought I wouldn't dare,
but that was not true.
When we're doing this dangerous action,
we have to leave our family behind.
Pretending they're all dead.
Then you won't care about the height.
Come here, I've something to say to you.
Must be a prize.
Must be.
I'll be back right away.
I've to calm down, won't lose my temper.
Darling, they're flattering me.
Really? Sit down here.
Sign this letter.
What letter?
Baldy Jr.'s school application form.
It's a resignation letter!
Why quit?
Not every cop risks his life like you do.
Sign it!
It's a cop's duty.
Of course. But you've a wife and a son.
Jumping without a second thoughts.
It was the 3rd floor.
13th floor?
Look at you, calm down.
Sign it.
If I resign, who'll support the family?
I will.
Rely on you? No, I won't sign it!
If you don't, stay out of the house.
Listen, I was only bullshitting.
Baldy, the prism's very important.
What shall we do?
Not now, see what's left of me first!
Please listen to me!
You won't care, will you?
Kodojak, when'll you drop by?
We all miss you.
Come visit us sometime.
You are cute!
Darling, I don't know them.
Add two more charges!
No, I should get a taxi.
Baldy Junior!
Baldy Junior!
You scared Mom. Who taught you this?
He's crazy! Who do you love more, Mom or Dad?
Good boy.
Come here.
If someone mistreats me, what'll you do?
I shoot him.
Good boy.
Worth my spoiling.
Baldy Junior, is Mom still angry?
Who do you love more, Mom or Dad?
I love toys.
I'll buy them, but is it Mom or Dad?
Good boy, you've got to help me, ok.
Darling, your son...
You mistreat Mom, I'll shoot you.
One more shot.
Are you still angry?
Don't die, I'm not angry.
We've agreed on two.
Why the third shot.
Why should I forgive you?
You jumped from the 8th floor.
I want toys.
Later, not now. Go away.
You promised; I want it now.
Alright, I'll get it now.
Get some rice on your way home.
Damn guy.
Day! Bye-bye!
What toys?
Poor memory.
Oh yes, don't play on the street and on the roof.
What are you doing?
Stop hitting Mom.
Run, quick!
Let's hug.
Give me your hand!
I'll save you.
Come on.
Is that a baby?
Oh my god! It is.
How can that happen? Jesus!
A kid's going to fall - look!
My son.
Don't press.
I didn't order any rice.
I'm here to save my son.
Your sons up there.
My fault again.
Why are you still carrying the rice?
You think he'll starve?
The briefcase is ours.
I didn't hear anything.
You are covering his ears!
Listen, the briefcase is ours.
If you want your wife,
bring the case to New Zealand.
No... Albert...
Don't fret!
I only said you're a silly billy.
Stop sighing, my wife has been kidnapped.
And you didn't even offer any help if she dies.
We're punished.
I've never said it.
What is it? Do you want to save her?
Forget it.
What is it?
He preferred to be punished!
You've no sense of righteousness.
Son, I'll get the Prism tomorrow.
And save your Mom in New Zealand.
We might never come back, ok?
What do you want to say, say it!
I don't want you to blame me. So I've got two choices for you now.
First is the orphanage!
There're no toys and it's boring.
What's the second?
Follow me to New Zealand and save your Mom.
That's exciting!
Any third choice?
Which one you want me to choose?
The second one.
I want to save Mom!
Son, you're great!
You didn't offer me a hand, but just drink up my water.
When did I refuse?
You never said you will? What? You will help?
You should said it earlier.
I'm frustrated in having a wife.
If I can't get rid of her, how can I survive?
That's bad, when are we leaving?
That's them!
What are you doing?
I'm going to kill them.
Silly, there are so many of them!
Let's go!
What so funny?
I'm free from the silly girl at last.
What a waste, she's pretty.
You know that my eyeballs'll roll whenever I see pretty girls.
Have you seen me doing this to her?
This one worth my eyeballs roll.
Don't say I'm here.
He's here!
Honey, I've found you at last!
How come you're here?
I was born here.
How do you know we'll be here today?
I've been waiting everyday.
That's why I got you finally.
We're here on business,
not after girls.
I can help you on business.
Baldy Junior, tell them what can I do.
Holding me.
You cheeky kid.
You deserve it.
We come all the way to save his wife,
not fooling around.
Leave us alone.
I'll do whatever you guys do.
You said it!
Come. Ok.
Follow me.
Stretch both hands.
Stretch both hands.
Raise them high.
Raise them high.
Raise one foot.
A somersault, and then walk a few paces.
Come on, do it...
It's easy!
Trying to embarrass me?
I know you're brainless!
Me, brainless?
What are you doing?
You deserved it.
I'll give you another chance. Here!
No more for me.
Chance for you.
How can you insult him in front of the crowd...
You come here.
How can you insult him like this.
He deserved it.
What do you want?
I want to follow you.
You're nice, let me help.
Hubbie! Wait, I'm coming.
Ok, let me help you.
Come on...come...
Flirting again?
Just looking.
There it is!
Come on.
Mom! Mom!
Mom? Where?
Come on...!
Get in!
What now!
Dad, it's a trap.
Follow us to the car.
King Kong, catch!
What is it?
Where are they?
Honey, wait for me.
Stop it!
My car is over there.
Stop it!
Are you OK?
Lucky I'm so brilliant.
Sit over.
How did you get this car?
For racing.
Racing, you?
I won a lot of races each year.
What's so funny?
Your opponents must be retarded!
Go after Baldy.
There! They're in front of us.
Baldy, we're here.
King Kong, you're fantastic!
I'm here, don't be scared.
Why are you braking?
She has a gun.
You are useless.
Still quarrelling?
Luckily I changed the lane.
Let's back off...
Can you actually drive?
Do you really know how to drive?
Look at you! Shut up!
Let me drive.
Bring me to my wife!
Shut up!
Hi! Shut up!
Good boy!
Let's back off and sump him.
You are crazy.
Stop it!
Baldy's there! Let's back off.
They are after us.
Back off!
Sit tight.
Are you alright?
I'm fine...
How do you drive?
Take it easy.
Stop it! Baldy's over there.
Pass it already.
King Kong!
They've entered the car park.
Where are they?
Must be on the roof.
How do you know?
Woman's intuition.
Oh, don't be afraid. I'm coming.
I'm here.
Let's get in!
You're King Kong?
That's right. So you've heard about me.
You've guts and did an experiment
to be a Superman, right?
Who are you?
Have you seen "Raiders of the Lost Ark"? Heil Hitler?
Since you like to risk your life,
a chance for you to show off. Jump over with the car.
You're crazy, jump?
There's a rooftop. Let's jump!
Shut up!
He's just kidding!
I don't think they are.
What do you know?
They are not kidding.
Let's go!
Come on...
Jump over.
We can't, it's so far away!
Hurry, come on!
Kneel down!
Let's hide inside.
Hurry up.
Don't touch whatever I touch.
Then close the door yourself.
Anyone in?
I know you don't like me.
That's good for you to know. Let's find them.
Although you've promised my Dad to take care of me, it can't be forced.
I've decided to leave you.
It's good that you understand.
We'll always be friends.
If you need me, just call me.
But I'm always away, so it'll be difficult.
This is the map of the gangster's headquarter.
Go and save baldy yourself.
Take care.
It's beautiful!
Thank you.
This dress is beautiful, where did you get it?
Why so angry?
Why did you only flatter my dress and not me?
Men have to be discreet; they can't flatter so directly.
They'll start with the dresses.
Then am I pretty?
Even an aged woman will look pretty in that dress.
I'm leaving now.
You can't; it's dangerous outside!
Hubbie, I'm scared!
Your dad's last wish was for me to take care of you.
How can I break his wish?
You're loveable.
Come on, a kiss...
Stop it!
But you said I'm cute!
I love you.
Here back to you.
Hands up.
Let's run.
Hold me!
Hubbie, hubbie!
Not this one, that's the one.
Follow me!
It's this one.
This piece of scrap?
It's being fixed now.
No cash!
Use a credit card!
This is better than that scrap.
Get up.
Let's go!
God bless you!
Go on!
What shall we do?
Ask them.
She makes me restless.
I can't concentrate on doing anything,
not even holding a pair of chopsticks.
Can't control any one of my limbs!
I really wish to hold her day and night.
instead of watching TV alone.
But she'll never know
or even notice this guy - me!
(Always thinking of her)
Doting on her forever (Always thinking of her)
Nervously biting my fingers (Always thinking of her)
My dignity is gone (Always thinking of her)
But she won't know my thoughts!
She makes me lose weight
and terribly upset.
I really want to put up an advert
and describe in details my loving feelings.
(Always thinking of her)
Doting on her forever (Always thinking of her)
Crazily in love (Always thinking of her)
Chewing up tissue paper. (Always thinking of her)
But she won't know my thoughts!
be brave. Stop crying!
Don't let them despise you.
Baldy Jr.!
What is it?
Dad, stop crying, be brave.
I can't hold it.
I'm useless.
The prism's gone, and I can't save you.
At least we're together.
I'm unworthy to be your husband.
Albert, stop it!
The reason that I married you,
is because you're dumb.
Honey, I've got a lot to say.
Let's save it for our pillow talk.
That's the bad guy.
I'm experienced with them. Just flatter them.
Everything will be fine.
He doesn't like flattery. He's a Rambo type.
That's even better.
You've got the prism,
when can we leave?
Not yet!
We've agreed on it.
A fair exchange.
Nothing is fair nowadays.
You're dumb!
Dumb enough to give you the real one?
This is a fake?
No problem, let's try and see.
Help yourself; it's useless. Really want to try it out?
You're on, and we'll know.
Oh dear!
Let me go.
Darling, don't worry. I'll be fine.
Don't worry.
You're lucky enough
to try the century's best invention.
Ok, release my wife and son.
I'll stay on.
You're wrong.
They are staying because of you.
Go on, run. Take Baldy Jr. with you.
Albert! Dad...
What's the matter?
What's happened?
Sorry Boss, I pressed the wrong button.
It's alright. It's the wrong button.
They apologized; I'm fine now.
This is the gangsters' headquarter.
Such a big scale!
Don't be afraid, let's land first.
There's a UFO in the sky.
Let's go down and see.
There's a freeway, let's land there.
It's dangerous to land there!
You're gutless!
Land in front of the van there.
Don't, there'll be trouble.
Be careful of the cars.
Let me do it then.
It's dangerous!
Look at the mess!
Lucky you're all right.
Only car accidents can claim insurance.
Now your plane bumped into my car, how can I claim compensation?
No one will believe this.
What do you want me to do?
Sorry, we're in a hurry.
We're sorry!
Terribly sorry!
What now?
Get the stuff!
Go on.
Kneel down!
Listen to my orders.
I'll attack the front, you the back.
We must save Baldy!
Yes, sir.
Wish you success.
Hit me in my sleep!
Want to scare me?
Uncle King Kong!
King Kong, how come you're caught?
I'm here to save you, right?
How come you're here?
My big mouth.
They want me to be their guinea pig.
For their experiment?
No! Welcome. King Kong.
My Dad's experiment wasn't successful.
You'll only kill him.
Take him over there.
Let's go!
Baldy, you can't take this test, run!
King Kong, if I die,
take care of my wife and kid.
Don't worry, I'll do so.
I'm just joking.
Dad said he'll be fine.
I'm alright, I'm just scaring myself.
King Kong!
How come my chest is swollen, oh no!
Oh dear! My hands are swollen too.
My fingers!
How come my fingers are like this?
Not now...
Shut off the mains!
Baldy, let's go!
How dare you hit my husband!
I'll crush your skull.
I swear!
Dad...what are you doing?
Baldy, no...
Put him down!
Calm down!
What is it?
Ignore them, let them fight.
He's your son.
Your own flesh and blood!
Give him to me.
Son, don't be afraid.
Stop hitting, it's me!
Albert! Don't!
No, don't go over! Son!
Dad! Albert...!
Baldy, are you alright?
Albert! Dad...
That's good!
You rotten man, I'll pin you down one day.
Follow me!
Are you ok!
I'm fine!
Are you alright! How are you?
I'm alright!
Take them away!
Go on!
Go on!
Come on!
Quick! Over there.
Go. It's dangerous here.
Hubbie! Come here.
Oh, you are hurt!
Go! Baldy
Baldy. Come on, run...
Dad...! Albert!
How can you leave us behind?
Albert...! Dad...!
Come out!
It's dangerous!
How can you ignore your partner!
Leave here at once!
Take her out.
Let's go.
Baldy, let me save you.
Hold him.
Don't move!
Albert...! Are you alright?
Dad's fine.
My darling wife!
Darling, I'm sorry I can't save you!
You saved us, we're fine. Look!
King Kong!
Where's my Baldy Jr.?.
Where's he?
It's ok.
Good boy!
Don't let them take the advantage. Let's break it!
You just recovered, let me!
No, let me!
He wants the prism.
Don't move...!
Under high temperature...
the prism will...
...will explode!
Why didn't you say so earlier?
There was no time.
You're troublesome.
Now what?
It's going to explode.
A big explosion! Run!
Hurry! Run!
How come they haven't turned up yet?
Here they are!
Many people have come for us.
I'm here to see him.
Good to see you.
I'll help you. Thanks.
King Kong, how're you!
Look, Kin's here.
He wants to compromise.
Ok. Let's shake hands.
Let's do so.
Slyvia, how're you?
King Kong, how're you!
On behalf of the lnterpol, congratulations!
It's our credit, not yours.
The HK Royal Police is so proud.
This is the lnterpol's case.
They solved the case. It's our credit!
You're being unreasonable!
Hold him, please!
Yes, Master
Bring the club!
I dare you to hit me!
What if I dare?
You've been fighting for decades.
Right. Let's shake hands!
Shake hands... Ok.
Want to kill me?
Are you mad?
What if I'm mad!
I'm not scared!
Come closer!
Your sweet name matches you the most.
I'm so attracted by you.
I'm King Kong
and I'm like James Bond,
the best partner.
Coffee with milk, like you and me.
Iron and clothes are we.
We are meant for each other.
What a pair we make.
Any troubles you have, you can share them with me.
Let's sit down and talk it over.
If you need help, I'll be right here.
At your beck and call.
With you by my side, I'll never be afraid.
United we're strong.
I'll back after you
have no fears, rest assured.
What a pair we make.
Any troubles you have, you can share them with me.
Let's sit down and talk it over.
If you need help, I'll be right here.
At your beck and call.
With you by my side. I'll never be afraid.
United we're strong.
I'll back after you.
Have no fears. Rest assured.
What a pair we make.
That's what we are,
always a pair of aces.
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