NASA | A New Dimension to Learning

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"...over the last pass, so..." Working here at the Space Operation Institute
allows the students here to hit the ground running for anything that's NASA involved.
What we have at the SOI is rare, where we are able to actually
control or at least monitor a satellite in real time.
The connection between Capitol College and Goddard is that we
basically do everything that they are doing right here, just as students.
You know, we're not in the educational program. We're here to do things
and operate, that's true, but we're training engineers for the future
is what basically it amounts too. They were interested in having a process to
get more engineers into the space arena, and also to
reach their educational outreach goals - to help colleges and universities
educate the next generation of space engineers. Normally they are assigned
and have a mentor or they are supervised by a mentor,
and they go through the same process that we have to train
new engineers. This is no different than having
a new hire than having an intern. They get to work side by side
with NASA Goddard engineers. They attend meetings with the engineers,
their opinions are asked, they are appreciated,
they work as part of the team on the TRMM mission. My title is
for the Space Operations Institute is the lead sytem administrator.
Atually what I go through and do is maintain the systems for software and
hardware-wise to make sure the security standards are in place. I am in
charge of testing where we have to look for any loop holes in any of the code
and give it back as a product. And they have to rebuild it if anything is not correct
I communicate with the engineers over at Goddard
and I get all the regulations and requirements and I give that to our
development team. It's amazing. I learn so much
that I would probably never learn anywhere else. It's just overwheming,
because its a big role and not many people can do it in the world.