EGE Red Carpet "Hard Man" by ASL Films

Uploaded by meevelina on 04.06.2012

Welcome to EGE Red Carpet.
In 2011, we hosted the “Versa Effect” at Red Carpet.
Did you enjoy yourself there?
Are you wondering if there will be another event?
Yes, there will be 3rd Red Carpet.
The new film is called “Hard Man”.
Do you remember watching the film “Gerald”?
The male actor was Andy Vasnick, he is in the movie “Hard Man”.
The film will be showing in Hollywood at the Egyptian Theater.
When is it? It will be on September 16th, 2012.
As for ticket costs, there is a special price
now through July 8th, which is $50.
The price increases to $65 after July 8th.
The ticket includes Red Carpet, meeting Deaf Celebrities,
variety of hor’ dourves, drinks and mingling through the evening.
There’s a possibility that this event will be S...O...L...D...OUT
so buy your tickets today!
We are looking forward to see you all here!