Reloj artesanal de péndulo con canicas - Marble based mechanical homemade clock

Uploaded by balsamen on 26.12.2010

The most important piece of the clock we are showcasing is...
It is a wooden mechanical pendulum clock built by an amateur.
Let's see it working.
Force comes from the weight.
The first two gears transmit this force to the two mechanisms of the clock:
1) The face mechanism
(two intermediate gears)
and 2) The elevating wheel for the marbles.
The weight impulses the mechanism.
but it moves only when the mechanism is unblocked
which happens at precise intervals
so that the hands move at the necessary pace.
This is controlled by a regulation mechanism comprised of pendulum, escapement and marbles.
Let's see how it works.
The escapement wheel has five arms
in which a marble goes down.
The weight of the marble impulses the wheel and pendulum.
At the bottom, the marble slides onto a slope
that takes it to the elevating wheel.
The mechanism has been blocked through all this
except for the escapement and pendulum
which are not connected to the rest of the clock.
The only interaction between the escapement and the mechanism is the exchange of marbles.
When the marble gets to the end of the slope
it activates a mechanism that unblocks the whole clock.
The weight is allowed to descend and pulls the gears and hands.
And the elevating wheel takes the marble up to another slope.
The mechanism is blocked and everything stops again.
The marble gets back to the escapement wheel and waits for its turn.
Meanwhile, the other marble moves down.
The whole cycle lasts 18 seconds.
With two marbles, the pendulum moves all the time.
Music: Orbital (The box pt. I)