Great teacher Onizuka Funny scene #1

Uploaded by MrCrazyChihuahua on 15.08.2011

Ahh what are you doing Onizuka?
you're getting too old for this stuff
Yo ma' man
Hey man you hear me?
what's up pretty boy
You were looking up to that high school girls panties weren't you?
do you hear me dude? 'Cause i'm talking to you man.
what do you say we teach this loser a lesson?
or he can give us his wallet and we'll forget the whole thing
otherwise we'll hand you over to the police right after we kick your butt!
Now here's the question
who's gonna get his butt kicked?
Me? A loser with the second-degree Black belt?
Or the pathetic pair who are unfortunately trying to swindle money out of me?
How 'bout it? Care to take a guess?
Hey Eikichi where are you?
Hey Ryuji! Thanks for picking me up!
Sh*t i didn't realize i was running so late! Sorry guys! Thanks for the spending money chumps!
Next time be more careful who you mess with!