The Magnificent Trio

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Come on, move. - Let go of me...
Help... help...
Someone please help...
Leave her alone and I'll spare you
You... Dare to fight with me?
I can see that you don't want to hurt her. Otherwise I'd have taken your life instead.
Don't be rash. You are right
I'm the head of Mati village
This one's my son, he's from our village too
Why did you kidnap her? - She's the daughter of our county magistrate
You kidnap the county magistrate's daughter... Don't you fear the imperial law?
We're prepared to lay down our lives. - You don't know, young man...
There's been drought at our place for many years. The imperial court has exempted our provision
But the county magistrate kept pressing on us. We have no where to turn to.
Therefore we kidnapped his daughter...
Hoping that he'll loosen his grip on us.
If not, we'll die with his daughter.
I hope you'll understand us.
This is outrageous, completely insane.
Liang tong, did you find out who kidnapped the lady?
Yes, the kidnapper is the chief of Mati village, Kao Pao-hsi -
and his son Kao Chi-hsien
There is also this guy named Li Chu-jen
They have tied up the lady at the mill. - You lead a team and bring her back
Master Xin, you take along some more men
Spare no mercy for those rascals, but make sure that lady is safe
Master Yen, we can win for sure if you will go
Just a few bumpkins,
Master Qian and his gang would suffice
Go on - Yes
You... you're not going? - I'm here to protect, not to kill
Lady is very kind even to servants like us
But I'm also from the Mati village. Chi-hsien is my friend since childhood.
I heard that they are there too at the mill. You think they are safe?
It's fate
But, taking this step,
You think we can deal with that hypocrite!
That bastard thinks this place is so remote that even the Emperor can do nothing
He has no respect for law, nothing but corruption
Killing and taking away our horses.
If so, why do you still challenge him? - We're forced to do that
Other villages can't give them anymore provision
They were taken away and died two days later
There's just this much rice for our whole family. What else can I give him
This is insane, we have completely nothing
Master Kao, shall we finish this rice first. My brother will bring us more later
Okay, Chi-hsien
I heard that they lost the war at the border. General Lu died in the war
Minister Yuen took the imperial sword to the border. He's sure to pass through here
So we've petitioned all their guilt
Minister Yuen is a good official. I'm sure he'll do us justice
I only fear we might not be able to see him. - Maybe I can help
I'm confused, I don't even know your name. Or where you are from.
I'm Lu Fang, I broke the encirclement and came here
General Lu is your...
My departed grandfather. - So you're Mr. Lu
I didn't know, please excuse our rudeness. Chi-hsien
Kowtow to Mr. Lu
Mr. Lu. - That's alright
Our country is undergoing such a crisis, I doubt if anyone would care for formalities
I'm also trying to see minister Yuen in Peking
I'll leave tomorrow. If I meet him en route...
I'll inform him of your situation. - Oh... thank you
Mr. Lu must be very tired. Maybe you should've some rest
But this place is such a mess
I think this place is very nice. When we're at the war front,
We didn't have nothin' as good as this
Master Xin, of course you can handle this. But the lady is still in their hand
Liang Tong, you deal with them from the front
And I'll bring my men to attack from the back
Master Kao, the government troops are here
Listen, release the lady and all of you won't be executed
What about our provisions? - Release her first
No. The county magistrate has to come and tell us himself that he will not cut our provisions
If you still act so stubborn, we'll break in. We're ordered to spare no mercy for you guys
One step further and I'll kill her
You stupid old fart. Dare to kidnap our lady, I'll kill you...
Who are you? This is none of your business. - It's everybody's business
Who are you? - The bodyguard of the county magistrate
Can a county magistrate indulge his bodyguard? Solid proof of corruption
I see you don't want to live, let me...
Liang Tong. - Anyone else?
Let's go
Thanks for your help. If not, we all would've been dead now
This young man is pretty good
Last year, when things weren't that bad everyone in the village learnt a bit of martial arts
But we lose when it comes to facing these bandits. After you leave tomorrow, I don't think we can...
I've killed a few of them; things are complicated
I'll wait here for minister Yuen. - Thanks, thanks so much
Later when we have time, I'll teach you a bit. - Thanks... thanks
You should bow and say: Thanks, master. - Yes, master
A bunch of good-for-nothing. - Yes
Where's master Yen? - He went out
Where to? - I guess in Choi's restaurant, enjoying himself
Ask him to come back. - Liang Tong, ask master Yen to come back
You all take a rest too
My lord, I think that man is pretty skillful. He might far exceed master Yen
I have a friend named Hanrui
He's nicknamed eight-handed master, very skillful
He has a few skillful men with him. If we're willing to pay them a handsome amount. Then...
Good, where are they? - Eagle castle, eight miles out of town
Take 300 dollars from the treasury and go now. If only they can take care of this matter...
I'll pay them generously
My lord, you don't have to worry that much
They won't dare to harm the lady. They simply can't dare!
But minister Yuen was assigned to the border. He'll pass by here in 2-3 days
We've to settle this matter as soon as possible. Otherwise, if he hears of this...
We'll be in trouble. - Yes...
How come Yen Tzu-ching isn't back yet! All he knows is killing and bridging the law
I see that his kung fu is pretty good. So I released him from the jail
And even hired him as my bodyguard. He owes me a big favor
And see now how he repays me
My lord, we still have a few bandits in the jail. Maybe they can...
Forget it. One Yen Tzu-ching is enough. If we have a few more...
My lord, there is some difference between them. Yen Tzu-ching likes to play hero
He kills for the sake of justice
But this is a real bandit group; they want money
As long as you pay them generously they will do whatever you want
But of course they are not completely reliable. And so does that Yen Tzu-ching
So we should let them monitor each other
I'm such a man, with all my skills
Don't drink too much
What are you afraid of, the night has just begun. - All I'm saying is, I don't want you to be drunk -
and get grumpy
Hey Miss, where's your boss? - She's inside, please take a seat
No, I'm here for master Yen. Is he here? - Yes
Tell him that some urgent matter awaits him. We want him back to the office immediately
Who's this lass, I have never seen her before
She's the daughter of Kao Pao-hsi. Her family is poor, she just started work here
Kao Pao-hsi
Who is it?
Someone from the office has requested you back. - What's the matter?
The county magistrate has some urgent matters
It's a duty from the county magistrate, try your best. Come
The county magistrate considers you important so he wants to hire you, what do you think?
Are you sure? - Even if I lie, never will these silver dollars
Once you agree, all of you will be released. And he has a handsome reward for you all.
My lord
I've already spoken to them
Hmm... good
Each of you will get ten silvers...
After you kill that guy at the mill
Another ten silvers await you upon return.
And for one who can rescue my daughter, there's a reward of another fifty silver dollar
He's the only exception. All of us are willing to work for you, my lord
Good. Master Yen, you go with them
If anyone tries to desert or conspire against me, kill him at once
Let's get to work
My lord, we've been wronged. - Shut up...
We are wronged
Who is this? - He's a stranger from nowhere
He hurt two men, made a big fuss outside the office. And when we arrested him -
he didn't resist! He said he can have two meals in the jail
Now he's here awaiting your order
Bring him in. - Yes... hey you, come out
Quickly, our lord wants to speak to you. Quickly
Take him out. - Yes
Get up...
My friend, what's your name? - I'm Huang Liang
I'm Yen Tzu-ching
My lord, this man comes into jail for the sake of getting some food
My friend, I see that you're really skillful
If you will work for me, not only will you get food
I'll also reward you handsomely
Food is all I need
Master Yen, take him along as well
Wang, you have a big family. You'll need this food
Save it for yourself. - No... please bring this to master Kao
It doesn't matter if we don't have enough but they need food badly
I'm going. - I hear, the office sent out many warriors and police
When you get to the mill, be very careful. - I understand
Why'd you need this, don't fight with others! - Don't worry, it's just a precaution
Mr. Lu, have some corn porridge
Chi-hsien, you take it. - No, master, you, you take it
Mr. Lu, you broke the encirclement into places so remote, you must be hungry
I insist you have it
A student ought to obey the master
When a master orders him to eat, he has to eat
Take it
You eat
You eat. - No, dad, you eat first
I can't take it anymore, you eat
See, you should understand by now
Why do you think they kidnapped you!
Have you ever seen someone so hungry before? Something that you take for granted, -
is precious to them! And your father still forces them for provisions
It's true that they kidnapped you...
But you can't blame them.
When we were fighting at the border ten thousand of us were weak and tired
Surrounded by two hundred thousand Qing soldiers
We didn't even have strength to pick up our weapons
Most of us died in the remote mountains
But you people here are still enjoying life. Sucking blood from the poor
I know you're not a part of this. A lady like you would know nothing about sufferings
This hairpin is yours, I suppose
It's worth a year's income for this whole family
The village people!
Hey kid, dare to come out and fight with me!
Brother, he isn't worth fighting with.
Hey kid, come on, allow me to send you to hell right now
You're Mr. Lu? - Huang Liang?
Our young master is here, whoever wishes to fight, may fight with me
Just now I've seen how good Huang is. This gentleman seems to be very skillful
I'd like to have a round with you, no matter who wins
At least I'll have something to report upon return
Good, please
Really good, I'll report my mission
Let's go
Master, you're really skillful. This Yen Tzu-ching works for the county magistrate
He's something to be feared of. Now he lost the fight to you
This man's really something. He's different from the others
I've tried my best, but still can't win over him
This one is brother Huang. He's also from the battle at the border
Master Huang. I didn't have enough to eat in the jail
I got this one on the road. We can share it.
Brother Huang, you just came out from the jail?
Yes, after I came out from the battlefront, I was so tired and hungry
Now all of us...
Believe that general Lu is a hero
But the battlefield...
Drains my spirit
When I came to this county I had absolutely nothing on me
Kept thinking how could a man like me...
Go to steal or rob
So I made a big fuss outside the government office
And thus found myself food and lodging
The county magistrate is short of fighters so he has his eyes on the prisoners
Never could I've dreamed to meet you here
Master Huang. Where did you get this?
On the road outside the village
What about the man who carried this bag? - That guy, was killed!
The man who had this bag... is my brother
He was trying to deliver food to us
See, this is the mark on the bag,
Sewed on it by my sister-in-law
Li, don't be upset
We have only our fate to blame
This man is really something, even I can't win him
If my lord wants to take him, we need someone else
My lord, be patient
We didn't have complete control over him yet
If we force him too much, it'll ruin our plan
This guy is getting worse and worse
My lord, Yen Tzu-ching and the kid didn't have a real fight
It's more like a game. We have some friends
They hide away because a few of us were caught
If the lord promises not to bring out the past I'll ask our big brother to take them all out.
We'll go back and rescue the lady. - Okay, you go and find them
As long as you settle this matter for me, I'll pardon all your guilt and even reward you
My lord... - What?
I've got some news
The villagers of Mati have got a petition against you
They plan to hand it in to minister Yuen -
when he passes through here. - How dare these bumpkins!
My lord, we are the officials anyway to deal with these morons.
We can use the bandits
My lord, this one is our big brother Sheng. - Very good
I'll give each of your men ten silver dollars
You can do whatever you want at the Mati village. When you get the petition, another hundred
But don't say that I sent you
Since it's now daybreak, it'd be quiet there. Go right now
To deal with those bumpkins these bandits are good enough
But to deal with that kid at the mill! They can do nothing
My daughter's in their captivity for one whole night
Just now Liang Tong has a suggestion
When he went to look for master Yen in the Choi's, he saw a young woman
Heard that she is the daughter of Kao Pao-hsi
They have kidnapped lady, we'll kidnap his daughter
A bumpkin's daughter is no comparison to mine. - Of course she's no lady
But the parents will worry all the same
We'll take Kao's daughter to the mill and force them to release our lady
Good, act immediately
Open the door... Did you hear me... open the door...
Go, open the door, what are you afraid of? I'll see who has the guts to come here
My lord. - My lord, it's her
Take her
Take her away. - What's the matter?
Yen Tzu-ching
It's good you're here, come with me. - Go...
Big brother, this guy killed my brother
Be careful, he's really skillful
Go on...
Surround him
Come on
Mister, don't go, you're hurt
It's not serious, doesn't matter
Mister, thanks for saving my life. - It's... it's nothing
A step
Thanks for your teachings, please take a seat. - You can go now
Thanks, master
If anyone comes a step closer I'll kill her. - Sister
This is an order from our lord
You release our lady, and we'll release her
You release my daughter first. - You wish!
You release our lady first before we release her. - Dad... leave me alone. Don't release this hypocrite's daughter
How dare you, give her a good strike. Watch this...
Jing Yu. - Sister
Are you going to release our lady? - I...
Dad, this hypocrite's daughter is in your hand
He has other plan, if you release her
Think he will pardon us? - Beat
Stop it, I'll...
If you don't comply you'll all die
One more word and I'll kill you. - Dad, don't release her
Jing Yu!
You killed my daughter. And I'll kill yours
Wei Huare! I'll cut her up bit by bit
Mr. Lu
Wei, listen
You've rescued my daughter, I'm so grateful
Hold it...
If I release your daughter...
You have to promise not to investigate them
And to follow what the imperial court ordered
Exempt their provisions. - About this...
Your daughter is in my hold. Make up your mind quickly
I can agree to other conditions but these three men kidnapped my daughter
And threatened me. If I pardon them...
How can I be a county magistrate hereafter?
You want to kill them? - I'll do this as a favor to you
I won't kill them, but I'll have to punish them. - How?
At least 100 slashes. - Okay, I'll take the 100 slashes for them
Mr. Lu... - How's that?
Okay, that's a deal. - Don't go back on your words
You think I won't keep my promise in front of so many people
Mr. Lu. - Young man, make sure you won't regret later
A word is a word
Give this sword to Huang Liang
Ask him to wait for me at the mill. - Yes, master
Lady, please...
Let's go
Hope Mr. Lu will not fall into his trap
I'll wait for his news here
You should go back to see if everything's okay. We were away from home for two whole days.
40, 41
42, 43
44, 45
46, 47
48... 49...
87... - Dad...
Dad, stop it, stop it.
How many?
89 already
Make it 100
My lord, 100 slashes are completed
Lock him up
Dad. - None of your business
Dad... dad
Go on
Dad, Mr. Lu is my savior, how can you treat him like that?
He sided with those crooks and challenged me
Dad, you didn't know...
He is the son of general Lu Jingsheng. - So what?
General Lu has sacrificed for the country. You can't...
Since we know who he is we can't release him. Minister Yuen is coming
He is a friend of Lu family
If I release him, he'll report me. - Then dad, what do you intend?
I'll let him starve to death here. - Dad!
Wei Huaire didn't keep his word, that bastard
Where's the petition?
They said it's with the village head Kao Pao-hsi in the mill
Come, follow me
Someone's here
It's him
Stand there
Give us the petition
Dad, let's go
Get the petition
The petition's not with them
We'll return to the office
You'll wait for me here. I'll deal with them
How is it going? - We've killed Kao and his gang
Where's the petition? - I have it, but...
100 silvers is too little. - How much you want?
3000 - 3000?
3000 is a big sum
We'll need to arrange. It won't do any of us good if you wait here
We'll meet you somewhere and pay you there. How's that?
Good, we'll wait in the bush up the hill
I'll give you the petition upon payment. - Good... please...
Adviser, you mean...
Master Qian has already got the men. I was thinking...
Please, please...
Ling Lung sewed this for him
They were really close since childhood
Owing to their poverty...
Ling Lung was sold to the office as a maid
I buried his brother yesterday, bury him today
It's my fault
No, you help us to drive those bandits away
If it's not you, I'll...
You didn't know that they will come back
You didn't know, I was...
Take this money
Master Huang, where are you going?
To the office to rescue Mr. Lu. - Don't go
That bastard went back on his word. The Kao family is killed
Think he will spare Mr. Lu? - Don't go, it's too dangerous
I have to tell you something
I didn't mean to kill him
Big brother, if Wei brings us the money...
What about that petition?
Silly, once we get the money... We'll leave
Were you sent by Wei?
And the money? - Wei sent you one word: Kill
What happened?
Huang Liang broke into the office
Maybe he's here to save that Mr. Lu. Lady, Huang is here to rescue Mr. Lu
Good, but maybe he doesn't know the way to jail
I'll show him
Lady, what are you doing? - If you can save Mr. Lu...
I'll consider you as my savior. - Lady, don't say that
Don't move, who are you?
I'm the maid from the wine cellar, Ling Lung
You... you are?
Ling Lung, I have something for you
Chi-hsien? He... - Was killed by the county magistrate
If you want to avenge him, take me to the jail
You're master Huang? I'm here to rescue Mr. Lu
Follow me. - Look around, quickly!
They are coming, I'll stop them. You go to rescue Mr. Lu
Ling Lung, why are you here? - Can't I come to see you?
Oh yes, please, come inside
Ling Lung...
Our lady sent me here to rescue you
How come master Han is not here yet?
Adviser, send more men to take Huang Liang
Get him dead or alive. - Yes
Master Xin... - Yes
Go and check out at the jail. Make sure that Lu is still there. - Right
Master Yen, you should give us a hand
Master Yen
You... - Go
Wenzhen, did you see that Lu?
No. - Did you hear anything?
Why did you rescue me? - Then why did you rescue me the other day?
Go now, quick
Scatter off, let me
Mr. Lu is rescued. Try to delay them
Over that side
Check both ways
Mr. Lu, are you okay? - Yes
You have to be careful
Um... I don't know if we can meet hereafter
I... I'll be back
Mr. Lu. - I'll thank you when I return
Master, lady is on our side. - Go quickly
Lady, hurry back to your room
Where is he? - I lost him here
Let's all search around. Search
What are you doing here? - I boiled some water, waiting for you
You're hurt. - I'm okay
Attend to Mr. Lu first
How was it?
First give it to Mr. Lu
You don't hate me. - I know you didn't do it on purpose
He thought I'm one of Wei's men so he took the first strike
And I reacted too fast. - I understand
We killed all of Sheng's gang but still the petition was nowhere to be found
Thanks to all of you. - It was nothing...
Here not only did we lose Huang Liang, Lu also escaped!
It's about dawn. Minister Yuen will pass by today
What should we do? - The problem is with Yen Tzu-ching
You're right. My lord, he let go of Huang Liang
Even if Lu is released by Ling Lung. She can't kill master Qian
Look what he has done
This guy is not reliable, we can't leave him here
Where's he now? - Where else, same old place
I ask you all to execute this traitor
Together with Lu and Huang Liang. They must have the petition
You two go to look for Yen Tzu-ching
Brother Hu, brother Zhu
We'll go to look for Lu and Huang Liang - Go...
How come you're up so early?
I'm leaving - Why?
I killed master Qian last night
And I let go of Mr. Lu and Huang Liang
As yet they don't know. If I stay here... I'm afraid...
Then I'll go with you
I don't know where I'll wander to
Can you bear all these sufferings? - I don't mind, I have to be with you
Are you seeing someone else? - I can't even take care of myself
Who else would I be seeing?
Unless I die, I won't let you leave me behind
You're the boss here. To come along, how can you give up all this?
I can
Tzu-ching, I'll pack and go with you now
My Xiao Qing...
Tzu-ching, I'm dying...
I will never leave you again
I'm your love...
Mr. Lu, how do you feel? - Much better
Thanks to you and madam for taking care of me
I got this from the stream outside
It's fate. If only minister Yuen could come here...
And take care of this corrupted bastard
Kao and his family can rest in peace
Have some porridge
I'll dry this
I'll take her back, you better rest
I won't be long. - Okay
Who is it? - It's me, Yen Tzu-ching
Good lord
Thanks for rescuing me last night. I'm so grateful
It's bad, Wei Huaire sent his men to attack me
Before daybreak. My woman was also killed
I need your help. - It's all my fault
I'll do whatever is in my power. I'll kill him for revenge
How are you feeling now? - I've recovered.
I'll leave a word with Huang Liang. And we can go immediately
Thanks. - Not at all
Brother Huang. I'm accompanying Yen to take revenge
Lu Fang
Let's go
Yen Tzu-ching went to the office with Lu. We'll first look for Huang Liang
You are all out, and no one is in the office. We'll return there - Right...
I can't see you back
I'll follow them, to help Lu and Yen
No, this is too risky. These men look very skillful
I'll give them a hand. - But...
I can't leave my friend behind
Wen-chen, tell the truth. Did you ask Ling Lung -
to release that Lu? - I...
Wei Huaire, you're so full of guilt. - I'll avenge for the villagers of Mati
Come to your death now
Mr. Lu, do it as a favor for me pardon my dad
Mr. Lu, master Yen. Please forgive me
I regret deeply for my actions. I'll release those in jail -
and exempt their provisions. - It's too late
Mr. Lu, if you have to kill my dad then kill me first
This man is untrustworthy. If you pardon him now, you'll regret later
No... master Yen
This time I won't eat my word
If you don't trust me, stay here and watch
Once minister Yuen is here I'll ask for his punishment
Mr. Lu, now that I know who you are
We're both government officials
Even if I'm full of guilt, it's up to minister Yuen to punish me
You can't kill me on your own terms
Besides, since you two are here... Where else can I go?
Shut up. - Dad
Master Yen
I'm wrong, but I did you a big favor in the past
Please forgive me this time
Brother Yen, since we are here anyway, -
when minister Yuen comes, he can't escape punishment
We don't have to take action ourselves
Thanks to Mr. Lu, master Yen
Tell adviser to prepare banquet in the second room
To treat these two heroes nd to welcome minister Yuen
Please come to the second room
You prepare the banquet. I'll go double check. - Yes
Please take a seat
When minister Yuen is here you'll know my sincerity
Our lord is captured by these two men, try to rescue him
C'mon go...
Lock these prisoners up inside, quick
Get a wooden cage and move them
Minister Yuen is coming. Okay, quick...
Don't go, don't go. - They have gone inside. It's very urgent now
You were hurt last time. If you go again this time,
I... I'm afraid. - Loyalty is very important to a man
I can't leave them behind even if I have to die
You... Forget me, and go home
I gain my life again because of your generosity
I'll right my wrongs, heaven will know
This is their petition for minister Yuen
If you really regret for what you did then hand this in personally to minister Yuen
I'll do as you said
My lord, we've prepared to welcome minister Yuen
Good, take this petition and put it away safely
This is for minister Yuen
How can our hero be served this wine?! Get the best wine out
Please take a seat, Mr. Lu
Tell lord later that the petition is here
Red top is for the guest
Blue top is for our lord. Don't mix them up
These two bottles are different. You have to be very careful
To make sure this will help you to differentiate
Pour wine for the guests
Minister Yuen is arriving. Prepare to welcome him
Let's toast before we welcome minister Yuen
Good. - I'll drink first for respect
My friend, let's toast
Get these two men. A big reward even if you get them dead!
Mr. Lu, be careful
Go, quickly
Minister Yuen is outside the office. Go inside quickly, get that kid
Mr. Lu, brother Yen, I'm here! - Huang Liang
Huang Liang!
County magistrate Wei Huaire bows to our minister
The minister's on an urgent military order
We'll not stop for any meeting with local official
All can return to their own office, move
Our petition
You're from the Mati village? - Yes, lady
Take it
Brother Yen!
Mr. Lu, you be very careful! - No, Yen!
Minister Yuen has left. Take these two men and quickly execute them
Stop it, dad...
What are you doing here? - Mr. Lu and master Yen granted you pardon
Is this how you repay their kindness! - Get off, go
Order from the minister, take Wei Huaire
Everyone listen up! Don't make any further move
Go... quickly
Uncle Yuen. - My boy
I just learnt that you've broken out of encircleme and came here
You are hurt... - It's not serious, it doesn't matter
This here is hero Yen. - Minister Yuen
Had it not been for him I'd have died at the hands of Wei Huaire
I regret however, that my companion in the battle Huang Liang, was killed
I stopped you, but you had to come.
You... you had to come, huh
Wei Huaire, what have you to say?
Wen-chen, so it's you who reported me. - It's me who reported you
What about that petition? - It's thanks to you, that she has it
Dad, I had begged you to let go of Lu and Yen
They've pardoned you, now you can't blame anyone
Good! So, for this Lu you betray even your own father!
I act out of justice. Not because of anyone
You've violated the imperial law. And I've to choose between you and justice
After this, I'll turn to Buddhism and be a nun
Wei Huaire ignored the court orders, collected provisions on his own and killed wrongfully
He needs to be executed.
All who were a part of this act have to be arrested, and punished accordingly
Executioner. - Yes
Take out the imperial sword and execute Wei Huaire here. - Yes