Abraham Mateo . "DIGAN LO QUE DIGAN" . Raphael de Espana .

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I do not know if the world is to always
but I, I see it differently,
when you are not, when you're not,
I do not know if the stars shine
but I, I find myself in darkness,
when you are not, when you're gone.
When you're not anything I have not,
I have no more than my pain
why I envy the sea that has water
and in the morning you have the sun.
I am nothing without Laura
I'm just not his love.
I am nothing without Laura,
no Laura, no Laura, no Laura, no Laura.
Without Laura, without her love.
Well, Abraham Mateo
has left everyone stunned at the plate
Falin, the little Rafael at the time
Well, how are you champ? .
I fully
and sings the kind!
that is cute
Rafael would want and when he started to sing have the practice that has Falin
why do you think you chose to represent the wee Rafael?.
What you gave them?.
I called for a casting
the producer of "word of mouth"
elected me because they saw things in my Rafael I was wee
you knew who was Rafael?. you liked his songs?.
I of course, I loved
and loved you?.
so, do you loved
you like it so much as a few more songs you know?.
How that you know all?.
are able to tune one more?.
of course
that you want Which?.
"whatever they say"
man, that I love
You will also
there is a lot more love than hate
more kisses and caresses that ill will
men have faith in the afterlife
and fight for good, not for the evil
whatever they say, others
I have to say one thing I've put the willies
for a long time since I saw a people so young interpret whatever they say
something tells me we'll see more on TV, on stage singing, something smells
promoting my album
to quickly see how's your record?.
Abraham Mateo .
Abraham Mateo , as simple as its name
so we're going to complicate life?.
Abraham, you represent the litle Rafael
the beginning, who wanted to be an artist the largest
seen in the stars
we have to refer to the role of Juan Ribo
magnified himself merges with Rafael