Understanding Christianese-Lesson 2

Uploaded by TheThinkingAtheist on Apr 1, 2010

bjbj The Thinking Atheists presents another exciting edition of: Understanding Christianese.
Number 1. I only say this in love. This handy sentence makes any and all forms of gossip
acceptable, transforming rumors into compassionate concern. An example might be, "I only say
this in love, but that lipstick makes me wonder if your brother's new girlfriend is TOTALLY
an S-L-U-T. Number 2. Bless their heart. Best used when saying things in love, this is a
statement of condescension masked as compassion. Used in the context of piety and arrogance,
this phrase is best whispered in a small group setting. Number 3. "Godspeed!" Goodbye! And...I'm
glad I'm not going. Number 4. Lord, please guide the hands of the surgeons. This prayer
is heard before a loved one has an operation. And it essentially says, Please, God, don
t part the skies, reach down with your divine hand and perform a provable, tangible, documented
miracle of healing. Instead, we ask that you guide the scalpel of a medical professional
who spent a huge portion of his life in school at incredible expense and STILL isn t guaranteed
to be able to fix the problem. We also ask that there be fresh potato chips in the vending
machines for those long nights in the hospital waiting room. Join us again next time for
another educational look at the complex and exciting code the church has used to communicate
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