League of Legends - Patch Preview

Uploaded by RiotGamesInc on 13.03.2011

Hey everybody, Phreak here from Riot Games and we are at PAX East, setting up at the Alienware booth...
and we wanted to take this time while we're setting up to record Patch Preview #5.
So the first thing we're hitting, Morello, is tanky DPS again. So where are we hitting them and why?
For tanky DPS we wanted to really hit their laning dominance. One thing we're noticing in both EU and US metagames is that when these guys get into a solo lane they end up pushing out ranged guys or casters and other comparable guys who do similar roles...
And so we figured the best way to do that was just to hit some of the things that were giving them laning power.
We hit some guys' base health but let's take a really good example: Malphite.
His shield used to recharge every eight seconds, now it recharges every twelve seconds.
That's a pretty big nerf to his laning. But what it means is that you can actually get some meaningful harass and watch for that shield to go down and strike at just the right time.
But it shouldn't really affect his teamfight capability and his utility that much.
Alright, so Sona is one of those champions that's been problematic for a little while. She was super-overpowered, we changed her, now the community says she's a little on the weaker side and not super viable.
We're changing her this patch, can you tell us about that?
The reason we had to make sure she wasn't too powerful was because she didn't have a lot of decision points in her kit.
So it felt like when you got beat by a Sona it was just somebody in what we like to call the Sona stance where you just take your talons and just mash the keys with it.
You know, that wasn't a lot of fun for anybody so what we did is we added a little bit more depth of play to her by making it so her power chord passive has different bonus effects depending on which stance you've got active.
So what you wanna try to do now with Sona is kind of set up which effect you may want and then get into that stance quickly and then make that effect happen.
So we hope that'll make it a little more interesting for Sona players and more interesting to fight against.
So we're changing death timers back a little bit since last patch. Where are we changing them and why?
So death timers are a really important aspect of game pacing. We dialed them way back in the last patch and we're actually happy with a lot of the results in the early game with that.
You know, it feels a lot less punishing to die and that was the goal. But I think it's actually having an opposite effect of lengthening game times because later in the game they're not quite curving up to where we want them to be.
So people are respawning too fast in late game team fights and you can't push those towers and that Nexus down.
So between levels 4 and 17 we've actually increased them up so that curve is sharper.
So early game, very early kills, first bloods shouldn't be very much different than what you see on live, but mid to late game it should certainly take a little bit longer.
Alright, so in our last update we did some changes to minions, throughout the week we saw some problems so we rolled it back. Are we going to be doing anything else to make that a little bit better?
As we discussed last patch preview, we wanted to shorten games with this and have minions start being a threat. You know, we overshot on that so we've dialed that back a lot and we think where it's at is a lot better of a place.
In the future, to shorten games I think we're going to stay away from minion style balance and we're gonna move maybe more towards towers and how champions push down towers and stuff.
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