Animation Block - Chef Barry - Cooking 420

Uploaded by MyDamnChannel on 22.07.2009


CHEF BARRY: Yeah, welcome to um--
actually I don't know where Puppers is.
So if anyone out has seen him, please call 1-800-ROSONBLACK,
because I really miss the little fella.
Don't bring me down man.

Peace love, it's Barry.
Today we're creating a dish I like to call oregano brownies.
Saute the oregano in a pan with some butter, so the
natural juices are released and become more potent Ah!
Then do up the brownie mix with some eggs, add some milk,
and just shake-a-roni until it's all one gooey, brown
substance ready for the oven.
Here you go Puppers.

Hey little Puppers.
How much brownies did you eat?
Because you look like you're [BLEEP]
up man.

CHEF BARRY: I'm really stoned man.

Holy kazoo.
This is like the most far out moment of like, ever in my
life dude, even more than the time I was in the land of
Tootie, the rainbow elephant, and the little people.

My brain feels like it's a kaboom.
CASEY: Hey, I'm Casey, the producer at Chef Barry, and
this is Marty, the voice behind Chef Barry.
If you liked our cartoon, come check out a whole new Chef
Barry this Friday July 24th, only at Animation Block Party
opening night at rooftop films in Brooklyn.
It's going to be awesome.
MARTY: And as Chef Barry would say, flower power.
CHEF BARRY: (SINGING) Have I told you
lately that I love you?