The Compuware Mobile Solution - Explained in 2 Minutes

Uploaded by compuware on 25.04.2011

It won’t be long before most people will access the web using a mobile device.
The proliferation of smartphones and faster networks has created big revenue opportunities
for business.
And it has redefined end-user expectations for mobile web and mobile application experiences.
Users on the go have no patience for mobile services that don’t work. Many are inclined
to share their frustration — damaging your brand and costing you revenue.
Delivering great mobile experiences is difficult because the experience depends on a complex
mobile web application delivery chain.
With Gomez, you can look at mobile service performance and availability from your end-users’
perspective enabling you to ensure that end-users get the quality experience you intended.
And with Gomez you can find and resolve performance issues across mobile Websites, applications
and SMS initiatives before they become a problem for the end-user.
With detailed, easy to understand graphs and charts that enable you to drill down and pinpoint
exactly where an error occurred, resolving issues is easy.
You can test against all the devices and networks your customers use and you can ensure that
your mobile Web sites and applications perform under peak traffic conditions and how you
measure up against your competition.
Meet and exceed rising end-user expectations, deliver quality experiences, identify and
resolve mobile Website, application and SMS performance issues fast — with Gomez’s
mobile solution