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Hi, Iím Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real Men Real Style. And today Iím going to be
talking about the innovative shirt company 5th and Lamar. Well this review may come as
a surprise some of you because as most of you know Iím a custom clothier and I own
a clothing company so why would I talk about a competitor. Well 5th and Lamar isnít really
a competitor because theyíre making shirts at a different price point, theyíre shirts
usually anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars and theyíre going to go a little bit higher and
my shirt starts at 99 dollars and go up to 500 dollars. my shirts are custom. Theirsí
are off the rack, ready to get and in fact if you wanted to order it today be you know
delivered within a couple of days. So, very different market and I know the owners,
David is a great, great guy. Met him multiple times down in Austin, Texas and I can tell
you that we have a similar mission. And that mission is to help men dress better. And David
and Ross is the other founder. They came to the realization the need for their company.
Whenever they went out you know, as young professionals trying to dress for business
casual and they could not find clothing that did not or shirts that did not form a muffin
top. And what is a muffin top? A muffin top is when you or have a thin built and youíve
got trousers that fit you well dress slacks perhaps, and you put on a shirt and all of
a sudden the fabric just billows out like this. And you will look basically, it looks
like the top of a muffet, itís just going off.
And this isnít because youíve got this excess weight up here this is because your shirt
has so much fabric itís just billowing out. And these guys were ìwhy canít we make an
off-the-rack shirt thatís of good quality, a decent price that doesnít need to be taken
to a tailor and have you know, 10 inches taken out of the mid section. And so thatís the
company 5th and Lamar, what itís based off. They have four sizes small, medium, large,
extra large. And even their extra large is designed for the thin men. So itís not designed
for a guys ñ if youíve got a lot of weight in your mid section, this is not the company
for you. You probably want to turn this review off.
But which if youíre thin this is the perfect company for you. And if you were allowed to
dress shirt and even if you donít wear dress shirts like sport shirts, they even got a
new type of style. But Iím getting ahead of myself so letís talk about 5th and Lamar.
What makes them I think a great company? One, is theyíre great people behind the company.
So like I said Dave and Ross outstanding guys, you can do business with them and trust them
because these are young men who want to make a difference and theyíre putting out a good
quality product. I know this because Iíve received the sample and Iíll talk about that
here at the end of this. Another great thing about this company, free
exchange so if you get the wrong size just send it back to them, theyíll exchange them
for you within two weeks free returns. If you have an issue, you do not like this, send
it back youíll get your money back. No questions asked. Think they do have that two week you
know, time frame but thatís I think very reasonable. Another one is the Austin, Texas
appeal. So Iím from Texas, Iíve got my roots in Texas, I wear western boots, I mean thatís
just me. I really like a lot of their naming of the shirts, the naming of the company 5th
and Lamar. If youíre familiar with Austin, Texas thatís actually an intersection there
in the city. So, little things like that endear this company to me.
But letís get down to talking about the styles. Theyíve got three styles. Theyíve got tuckers,
un-tuckers, and shortyís. Tuckers, this is going to be your business casual, your more
formal shirts. Youíre going to see this is something that you tuck in is going to fit
you right if youíre a thin guy. And this is something that you can wear in a business
environment. These guys work at large consulting companies and because they do that type of
work they realize what kind of clothing you should wear. So if you work for a large conservative
company you can trust that these shirts are going to work in a work environment.
Alright the un-tuckers, they donít have ñ I think theyíve only got ten designs in the
un-tuckers and theyíve got just under 20 in the tuckers. So the un-tuckers is going
to be less for selection but the fabrics are a little bit more outgoing. I would say they
are more fun. These are definitely shirts that you could wear on the weekend. You can
roll up youíre going to look great. Now their shortyís, theyíve only got three
designs right now but all three of them look great. And these are going to be short sleeve
shirts. Theyíve got the epaulettes on the shoulders and theyíve got the double breast
pockets, a great looking sport shirt. Again this is ñ I look at this as something that
would definitely fit Austin, Texas, Boulder, Colorado. The short sleeve, the area where
it gets really hot in the summer and you need to you know vent yourself out. And this is
a great shirt. I think this is where their target was for this shirt. Otherwise go with
the un-tucker if you were looking for something casual. You can just roll up, that would be
great if you live in San Francisco, you live in Portland, Oregon or you live on the northeast
coast. You know something, but sizes I mentioned, small, medium, large, extra large.
Go to their website. Click on ìmore about the shirtsî and you can see the exact ñ
they size by the neck and the length of the sleeve which is pretty standard. And having
receive the sample and measured it, they are true to size. So what about the sample I got.
Okay, so I received the. And just to let you guys know Iím not some ñ like I said I pay
attention to the details. I make clothing from scratch. So when I looked at this, I
would have to say I was pretty impress. The fabric is good. These are a hundred percent
cotton. The fabric was unique. It was one of those fabric that actually the itís a
glen check, blue, beautiful fabric. I love it. Overall they use a very classic, point
down colour which for 95 percent of men and actually for almost a 100 percent of the body
types they go after. Itís going to compliment your face and the use of a single button on
the cuffs. The cuffs fit pretty well and so quickly you know, what were the things that
red flags that I would say donít expect from them that you would expect from a custom clothier.
Mother of pearl buttons, these plastic buttonís on these.
And so you know that would something I understand on your price point. Youíre looking at shirts
50 to 100 dollars. My shirts 100 dollars to 500 dollars so I put a little bit more expensive
buttons on them. You know, make sense. In addition, everything for us is individually
handmade and thatís where I felt on this one. I put it on, I felt it was a bit big
in the shoulder points, the sleeves were a little bit long for me even though it fit
well pretty good elsewhere in the neck. So little things like that were inconsistent
of ñ but then again Iím very particular with my fit. I can afford to be that way.
But the great part is if itís a little bit long simply take it to a tailor and have it
adjusted. And if that shirt ends up costing you 70 to 80 dollars, I mean thatís a ten
dollar adjustment, a 15 dollar adjustment and you get a shirt that fits you great where
it doesnít have all this excess in the midsection. The last thing would be the individual stitching.
So I felt that thereís stitching was a bit loose and Iíve talked with David about this
I think heís going to push on who theyíre working with. They actually pull their shirts
out of China and heís got a very tight relationship as it speaks the language and heís very familiar
with the industry over there. So David is I think going to work ñ be working to improve
the stitches per inch but thatís something I felt was a bit lahi it could have been higher
quality. My final decision, my final judgement, for
a hundred dollars for the fabric fit you receive, for the selection, for the overall fit. I
think youíre going to be hard press to find something better. You know go to hit your
slim cut Brooks Brothers, look at their prices. Go to ñ you know, some of the other brands
out there and youíre going to see that these guys because theyíre going directly to you,
youíre going to get a great deal. So 5th and Lamar, I give it two thumbs up,
great company, highly recommended. Check them out, Iím probably going to lose a little
bit of business say in this but it really doesnít matter to me because these are great
guys and again weíre on ñ itís all about wearing calling it fits you because that is
going to look so much better than a 200 dollar shirt that doesnít fit you. Itís just going
to just doesnít even come close. Okay, Antonio Centeno with Real Men Real Style.
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