San Francisco GLBT History Museum

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Hi, YouTube
Today we are here in The Castro, and for those of you who may have not been, or who may have not had the opportunity to see it.
This is possibly one of the biggest LGBT communities in the United States.
Just a quick little factoid about history about The Castro.
it was actually one of the places in 1944 in world war two when...
soldiers came out as gay, this is one of the places where they kinda settled when they got dumped out of the military
during the 1960's, during the summer of love
this became the place where
they're laughing at me while I am doing this
during the 1960's during the summer of love, kids came here from all over the country for you know peace, love, flowers in your hair and all that stuff
This is where all the gay kids tended to settle, because there was already a little bit of a gay community here
Then it was just Eureka Valley
It was about that time it became known as The Castro because of the Castro Theatre that you see up the street.
Jay: Can't really see it from here.
No....Maybe we will get a picture of it when we drive by.
but one of the people who made it a true gay destination though was Harvey Milk.
Who came to the community
and started to galvanize people into a...
political force by starting the Noe Valley Business Association.
and right behind us you will see
Harvey Milks camera shop which is currently being
currently being bastardised into an HRC souveneir shop
Jay: Ok, why do you say bastardised?
It's a retail space...
and they are going to turn it into a retail space...and its also a part of our history.
and I really think it should be preserved that way.
Jay: so there has been some talk about turning it into the Trevor project headquarters to help young Gay and Lesbian Teenagers. Bryan: Right
Jay: But that so far has just been talk.
Bryan: Right.
Jay: so they are basically talking about making it into a retail shop.
they actually had preserved this space
exactly the way Harvey Milk left it...they sort of recreated it and replicated it...
and now its been boarded up, papered up and it's going to be turned into a place to buy keychains and coffee mugs.
Jay: OK, so where are we going now after this?
We are going to the very first in the US and second in the world GLBTQ history museum.
Jay: Ok, I am looking forward to seeing that are you? Bryan: Yes...Yep, see you YouTube.
Jay: so why don't you head us there. Bryan: OK, here we go.
Ok, everybody we are here at the Castro Theatre now...
The Castro used to be known as Eureka Valley until the 1960's when it actually got its name from the Castro Theatre.
A little DEPFOX factoid though this is where we took our daughter Selena to see The Little Mermaid live...
where they acted it out while you watched the movie
Funny enough she was not the only person there in a little mermaid dress.
catch you at the next stop
OK, everybody
This is the giant rainbow flag that is at the head of the Castro street.
and it is not the biggest LGBT flag in the world, but it is one of the biggest.
Jay: OK, where are we going next?
We are still on our way to the LGBTQ History Museum we will get there one day.
OK, everybody we finally made it...
I thought I was going to have to go Donner party and eat one of our friends.
So this is the GLBTQ History Museum
second in the world, first in the United States
Jay: where is the other one at?
I honestly don't know? Jay: It's in Germany.
Jay: Germany... Bryan: Thanks for making me look stupid on YouTube...Thanks a lot
Jay: OK, so you going to be our tour guide?
No, No...we are all going to go together...Jay: OK Bryan: come on let's go inside.
The super cool teal writing on the walls.
Jay: Ok YouTube, so we've seen the first American Gay and Lesbian Museum here in San Francisco.
What are your guys impressions?
Sameer: It was good...A little smaller then I expected...but I really didn't know what to expect going in.
You know, if you have never been to San Francisco and you have never seen the Castro and you didn't sorta come out with it.
It would be a really amazing, mindblowing experience...
Because you are seeing a lot of Harvey Milks personal Items.
Your seeing things that people actually touched and held and used
important paperwork from important activists through history...some of which I don't know.
but coming up with the Castro like a lot of us do
and knowing the history of the area...
This is sorta like a seed
It's very small it's very focused on San Francisco
We know that gay history is so much bigger then San Francisco
but it's the beginning of something that hopefully will become
Jay: yea it's just a start but just having this place will allow people to donate and make it grow.
so eventually it will be a lot larger
Yea, like the bathhouse exhibit
was a couple of signs off an old bathhouse
When we could of had some pictures
some explanations
some Armistead Maupin quotes on what it was like to go to a bathhouse.
There is so much more available that just did not just get included
and in that respect I was really kinda a little disapointed
Jay: Well its a start.
Bryan: It's the beginning. Jay: OK
Jay: Well this is our good friend Sameer...Say hi Sameer.
Sameer: Hey YouTube.
Jay: And this is Reid hiding over here, Reid what did you think of the museum?
Reid: I liked it, I thought it was good, as a representation for like the first exhibit.
To give people a general sense
I'm looking forward to more in depth stuff later
Jay: so they make you come back every month to see the next exhibit?
Reid: they had some sort of listening station that wasn't installed yet.
of like oral history and stuff that I thought would be sort of interesting
but isn't ready yet
Bryan: yea because I mean really this place has been up and going for what?
Bryan: two? Reid: Three or Four day's
Jay: Yea, it's the first weekend
Sameer: Yea, Thursday was opening night
Jay: so it's a start
So YouTube, you have seen it just as we have seen it, so let us know what you think?
Jay: Ok, so say goodbye.
Bryan: Bye everybody!