Just Dance - SYTYCD Week 4, You Got Served, The Voice, Justin Timberlake, Something Borrowed

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Hugh Jackman enlists in the French Revolution, Beat the
World gets served on DVD, and Kristin Chenoweth stops by So
You Think You Can Dance.
This is Just Dance for July 7, 2011.
Hey guys, it's me, Sheena.
I just got back from my vacation in Guam.
It was so amazing.
Thanks Alex, for taking over for me last week.
But let's get down to business right away.
So You Think You Can Dance last week--
things are getting crazy.
We've lost six dancers at this point.
Sad to see Miranda and Robert go.
Especially since Robert, we used to be coworkers, so I
actually know him personally.
But Robert, you were amazing and great job.
So proud of you.
While I was on Guam, I was in a coffee shop and I looked
down at this newspaper.
And there on the front page from So You Think You Can
Dance, Marko and Melanie.
Because Marko is from Guam, so they're so excited for him
over there.
They're one of my favorite couples.
They're definitely a power couple.
Loved their performance last week.
But I wanted to shout out to Marko.
He needs your votes because in Guam, they
aren't allowed to vote.
So all of his family and friends can't vote.
I also wanted to say I thought Ricky and Ryan did a great job
in their contemporary routine by Sonya Tayeh.
And also Mitchell and Caitlynn rocked it out to a
bootie-shaking samba.
And how about Kristin Chenoweth?
I was really pleasantly surprised in how great her
comments were.
Last night Carmen Electra watched our top
14 dancing it out.
I need to know who were your favorites?
Let me know below.
Comments, questions.
And definitely check out our interviews with the top 14.
This season NBC kicked off a new show, The Voice, where
superstars Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo Green, Adam Levine, and
Blake Shelton got together teams of singers from all
across the country to try to pick out America's best voice.
I definitely have to give a shout out to their resident
choreographer, Hi-Hat.
And Hi-Hat, you pulled off some awesome
moves on that show.
I really loved it.
So just last week, they crowned the champion.
From Team Adam Levine, Mr. Javier Colon
took the title away.
And I thought it was really cool too that not only did
America's votes count but also they took into consideration
iTunes sales.
You Got Served: Beat the World is now out on DVD.
You guys gotta get your hands on this action
packed dance movie.
It's the international Beat the World dance championship.
Hip hop crews dancing it out all over the place.
And you're definitely going to want to check out some hot hip
hop choreography.

You guys remember that really cute dance scene from the
movie Something Borrowed with Kate Hudson
and Ginnifer Goodwin?
Well, YouTubers everywhere have been reenacting this
dance scene-- two friends, two sisters, whoever they are-- in
their kitchens, basements, living rooms.
And there's some really cute ones out there.
Check it out.
Here are my top five favorites.

You guys think you can do better than that?
All right.
Well, let's see what you got.
You can use our tutorial with choreographer John Carrafa
from the movie to help you out with some of the moves.
And all you have to do is message me your video below.
See if you can push it.
Push it real good.
So I don't know if you guys heard about this--
JT, Justin Timberlake, holds a large stake in the company
Specific Media who just shelled out $35 million to
acquire Myspace.
Will JT be able to bring Myspace back
and give it a makeover?
Or will Myspace soon be bye bye bye?
OK, so it's about that time for a new movie musical to hit
the big screen.
And the next one on the list, Les Mis.
And Hugh Jackman himself--
the studly, hunky, hunky, Hugh Jackman--
is going to be playing Jean Valjean.
And in an interview, Hugh Jackman said he's super
excited about the role.
He's always wanted to do a movie musical, and now it's
coming true.
So he wants to bring his A game.
And he also told us that he's going to be wearing a little
stubble because he doesn't look cool enough clean shaven.
Either way, I'll take it.
All right guys, that's your weekly dose of dance.
Thank you so much for stopping by.
This tree thanks you.
You can favorite me down here, subscribe to DanceOn up there.
And as always, I'm Sheena DiMatteo signing off.
See you next week!

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