Black Jack 21 - Full Episode 2 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Black Jack 21!
In the new drama about life, which the twenty-first century needs so much,
there's an evil conspiracy afoot.
The shocking new series starts in ninety seconds.
Shine... The love is Believe... the truth
Even if life is filled with sorrows,
no one will ever be truly lonely.
When I look up at the sky as I pray,
I feel as if I can hold your dear smile.
Although I struggle through a forest of dilemmas,
my feelings will endure for all eternity.
More than a thousand I love yous,
I want you to be here.
No one can replace you.
Your smile will be the light leading me to tomorrow,
and towards the sun in the sky.
That accursed memory from twenty-one years ago...
Because of that explosion, my father abandoned my mother and me.
Dr. Honma Jotaro performed the miraculous operation that saved my life.
But as for my mother...
Twenty-one years have passed since then.
We cannot take your call right now.
Please leave your name and number after the beep.
Kuroo, it's me, Kagemitsu.
I want to see you.
Give me a call sometime.
Yes. Everything started with that message left on the answering machine.
BJ Reunites with His Father
Based on "The Chosen Mask" by Osamu Tezuka.
Wait up!
You have to take a bath!
Kuroo, why won't you call me back?
There's a patient I need you to take a look at.
Only you can perform this surgery.
Please, Kuroo!
Doc, that man is calling you about work again.
Aren't you going to call him back?
He has the wrong number.
What's the matter?
You look pale.
Come on!
Go lie down!
Now, we're taking your temperature!
Pinoko, just leave me alone.
I can't!
I'm your wife, so here!
You don't have a fever.
Who's Kuroo?
Who knows?
Because that man left a bunch of messages on the answering machine.
Try translating Black Jack into Japanese.
Kuro means "black."
What's Jack?
It's a boy's name!
That's right.
So it means Kuroo.
And the one you liked was also someone BJ worked on.
Idols, supermodels, and Hollywood stars - their careers were all made possible by BJ.
None of the surgeons in our organization are anywhere close to being as skilled as he is.
He's good. They're all gorgeous.
Hence, we cannot entrust your wife's surgery to anyone but BJ.
I know!
I tried calling him several times.
I can bring him here if you wish.
Don't touch Kuroo... I mean BJ.
Yes, sir.
Are you really Kuroo?
you fell asleep here again.
You'll catch a cold.
We'll take care of your mother.
Mrs. Hazama!
Mrs. Hazama just woke up!
Mom! Mom!
Let's forgive him.
Let's forgive your father.
Doc needs to get better, so I'm going to cook him a special dinner.
Doc, where are you going?!
I was worried sick and you don't even care!
BJ is currently heading for the Bay City area.
It looks like he's meeting with Mr. Hazama Kagemitsu.
Got it.
Keep following him.
I brought the item you desired.
That was fast.
But I hope we won't have to use it.
Doc's too secretive!
How could he just leave like that when I'm so worried about him?!
She's got quite the attitude today.
It's time to close though.
We have to stay with her.
Of course.
Give me more! Right away!
Anyway, why did that man know Dr. Black Jack's real name?
Maybe he's his father?!
That's possible.
His father, huh?
That'd be even worse.
Doc's father's my father too.
Doc's the only family I have.
Wait a minute!
You have other family members!
Yes, we're all right here!
You can stay here until he comes back.
Yeah! You should do that!
I knew you'd say that, so I came prepared!
What's in your suitcase?
I'll need to check it.
I don't want your dirty hands touching it.
Inside my suitcase are scalpels, various medicines, and other similar items.
But if you're going to take it away from me, I'd rather just leave.
It's fine.
Let him through.
Welcome, Kuroo.
I knew you would come.
Have a seat.
You look great.
Has it really been twenty years?
It seems like it's been much longer.
Let me make this clear:
I have no intention of enjoying our little reunion.
Don't be so cold.
Let's catch up some.
I never imagined you could be Black Jack.
I'm not here for pleasure.
Where's the patient?
OK. Sure.
The patient's in another room.
After I left, I moved to Macao and became a successful business consultant.
Shortly after, I married this woman.
Her name is Renka.
About three months ago, there was a fire at our house while I was away.
She suffered terrible burns on her face.
Please, Kuroo!
I want you to operate on her with your magnificent hands!
Please make Renka the most beautiful woman in the world!
Kuroo, I have $500,000 here.
Take that as the down payment.
And I'll give you another $500,000 if the surgery's successful.
Why aren't you asking me to simply restore her old face?
Any surgeon could do that.
You're the only one who can make her the most beautiful woman in the world.
You think too highly of me.
Lately, I've been able to acquire anything I want,
and that's not about to change.
So that's why you want me to make her the most beautiful woman in the world.
That's right.
It's what Renka wants too.
You can do it, can't you, Kuroo?
Sure, I can.
But what if I'd rather give her the most hideous face in the world?
For revenge, of course.
For revenge?
Actually, I might even kill her during the surgery.
You wouldn't do it.
You have too much pride to do that.
Pride, huh?
I'm glad you remembered.
Yes, a memento of my mother.
I was a present from you to her.
That was the happiest I ever saw her.
I still remember that moment from my childhood.
But after the explosion, you abandoned us and ran away overseas.
I hated you so much back then.
You'll never understand how much.
Vengeance was the reason I stayed alive.
I can't...
I can't believe you still have that...
That pendant.
It seems our fears were justified.
So it seems.
I'm sorry, Kuroo.
I know I can never apologize enough.
But would you at least let me atone for what I've done?
Once the surgery's over, I'll hand over control of my organization to you.
We'll go overseas together.
My syndicate fulfills needs for the elite of the world - including their medical needs.
Don't you see?
If you become my partner, you'll have all the wealth and prestige that you could ever desire.
Let's forgive your father.
That's your idea of atonement?
I guess I was the one who thought too highly of you.
I'll make her the most beautiful woman in the world just as you wish.
Oh yeah. There's one thing I want to ask you.
What's that?
Do you still have any love left for Mom?
I used to love your mother.
But now...
Now, I don't.
The only woman I love is Renka.
Let's begin the operation then.
The surgery was successful.
So Renka's...
Yes. We can take off the bandages in a month.
Did you really make her the most beautiful woman in the world?
I guarantee it.
Then, I'll see you in a month.
What's going on?
Please stay here until I see Renka's face.
Sorry, but business is business.
I felt like taking a vacation anyway.
Pinoko, are you not home?
I can't come home for a while.
So go stay at Master's place.
Let me make another call.
You're only allowed one phone call.
Oh, boy.
What would you like?
The parfaits are really good. So are the sandwiches.
Oh, how about Pinoko's special curry soup?
Pinoko-chan's really into it today.
Master, two orders of curry soup!
And make one an extra large!
It's been ten days now.
That man disappeared right after the surgery...
leaving behind the wife he claimed to love.
Hey, is he not coming again today?
Well, it's really none of my business.
Really, what is he doing?
I know it's not a legitimate business.
But you would think...
I'll always be with you...
Finally, a month has passed.
Do you like it?
It's very nice.
Kuroo! How's Renka?
Was the surgery successful?
Yes, it went perfectly.
It's so beautiful and wonderful.
Oh, what's wrong?
Why did you give her my former wife's face?!
I told you to make her the most beautiful woman in the world!
And now...
But I did.
I believe that my mother was the most beautiful woman in the world.
Now you'll have to see her face for the rest of your life.
If you had said you still had even an ounce of love left for my mother - though it were a lie -
I would have given her another face.
Please deposit the rest of the money in my account.
Farewell, Father.
Twenty-one years have passed since then.
We cannot take your call right now.
Please leave your name and number after the beep.
Oh, it stopped raining.
Largo! Time for dinner!
Sheesh, Doc...
How long's he going to leave his wife here?
What's the matter?
Goodbye, Dr. Black Jack.
Sheesh, wait up!
It's Doc's car!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Dr. Black Jack,
your mother's waiting for you.
Please come as soon as possible...
to heaven.
No way...
As you look at the ground uncertainly,
I gently pull your hair closer to me.
You didn't speak but only sighed,
and wet my chest with your tears.
You longed to hear it, even if it were a lie.
But I couldn't give you the answer you wanted.
If I gave you that answer despite my cowardliness,
would we still be together?
That irregular breath my body was accustomed to,
I want to feel it one more time.
The breath of surprise when I lost everything,
and the pain that binds me every time I feel regret.
A mysterious organization is after Black Jack's life.
A massive conspiracy, which affects the entire world,
has now been set in motion.
We haven't recovered the body yet.
Black Jack is presumed to be dead.
What's important for us is to not dwell on the past,
but live in the present.
Dr. Black Jack was...
Hey, Ghost.
Doc isn't dead!
Black Jack 21: the Next Karte.
Pinoko in Sorrow.
That explosion twenty-one years ago was no accident.
Time to find Sharaku!
Wow, he was right here!
Look for me next time!