They call us SPETSNAZ! (English subtitles)

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A lot of people tell fairytales using glorious name of SPETSNAZ.
The reality is already known. Some people with complex of inferiority start looking for ways to become Ninja without sweating.
I am afraid that all this might started from video-saloons with first Western action movies.
All this was gathered together for my generation and it found a way out in a basic wish to serve in Armed Forces.
I don't remember anything from the first jump. I simply shut my eyes and jumped.
The most scary one is the second jump. You don't yet understand anything during the first jump.
It's the second one, when you fully understand all the beauty while serving in VDV.
no canopy
no canopy
There are no impossible missions. The main thing is power of will. And that is in the first place for us. That's what we cultivate first of all.
Officer's honour... Honour lives in every person. It's an unwritten law, an unwritten regulations in the Army.
They exist in civil life too. Life and honour. We just have it more developed.
Honour includes many factors in it. One can read the Bible and say "That's a honour".
Don't do bad to your fellow. Don't lie to yourself. Answer always the truth.
Save your comrades... etc etc. All these together comprise one thing - a honour.
You won't do it like in movies when you get out. This is your max allowed position.
Take your head out...
... start working *BAM-BAM-BAM*.
Berkut runs away here.
The Superior of patrol commands the fire of the gunner.
One detail. Everyone checks his men.
First of all you save your comrade. Because there are different situations and if he is trouble, then he may become a burden for accomplishing of combat mission.
In any situation, no matter how tough it is, it's a must to support each other.
If there is some kind of joyful situation, then you have to be happy together with him. To live like one. Then you will succeed.
If you can't adjust yourself to some conditions, as weakness of your brother-in-arm or something else. It has to be mutual.
If you can't work with other people then you'll have a hard time.
This can happen not only while working in pairs, but also in some tour when different teams mix up.
Who haven't done mistake? I have... All kind of things have happened.
It depends on how you'll deal with it during the period mission execution, you have to rally, maybe to prefer to not say something superfluous somewhere and to help somewhere else.
You may fight each other after everything is over. That even does some good sometimes.
Everyone must work for 100%, to dedicate themselves fully to this occupation - from the beginning till the end.
To do combat training and to be physically fit. Personal training. Combat training. Constant firing ranges. Military exercises. Field training.
The most important things for a Scout are stealthiness, quietness and his watchfulness is in second place.
He must perceive what he is doing. He must constantly watch around and to don't miss any slightest details.
I like the explanation given by gramps that a firearm weapon, first of all, must fire.
This rifle is a good one, light, dynamic, accurate, with good density of fire... but doesn't fire EVERY time. Why do I need it then?
I'm telling you, I had a situation when we spent several days literally in water with my AK.
It had literally pieces of sludge, which we had to remove and it was working after that.
You can walk with AK in shit, in sand, in freeze. While a little grain of sand will jam this one.
Well, they both have their pros and cons. This one can fire 10 rounds at 100 meters with such dispersion, about 50mm.
Then AK assault rifle has such dispersion.
- I lost.
Fire contact in 90% of cases is less than 100m.
You might spend a week in such weather conditions before you reach your contact.
- You can't orientate.
I remind you now specific mistakes during lock and load.
First of all, not sharp and firm moves.
The grip must be firm. The hand must tightly lay on the pistol.
Meanwhile, at the same time when you take the pistol out, you also have to remove its safety.
While you are taking the pistol out, you must already know where the magazine exactly is. How it's more convenient for you to take it out.
I had a fear of fail in entrance exams. That was the scariest thing for me.
My parents wanted me to go to Yaroslavl Financial College.
No, I passed with the first attempt, after school graduation.
Of course, I was waiting for something else, but all expectations are caused by lack of knowledge. All illusions dissolved quickly.
I understood what they do want from me. I understood that I can do it. And it is necessary.
Believe me. One must be a real Man with all meaning of the word in order to serve here.
I don't know. Giving your life for someone... for children, for future of your country. It's honourable.
Essentially we may say that Russia counts on us. If we lose face, then it's like if our multimillion State lose face. So, we can't allow it to happen, no matter what.
So, everything here holds essentially on this.
That's why we have to run and do many other things too. We have to freeze, to not sleep, to starve...
In general those are hardships and rigors of military service.
The entire future depends on us. If we accomplish of set tasks successfully and in time, then we and our children will have a bright future.
Fear is an instinct of self preservation. There are no fearless people. Otherwise their place is in mental hospital.
But fear must exist in logical amounts and it must be controllable. And one must simply overcome it.
Turn face to us. You must ensure his lift.
He must give you a hand, so you will be able to catch a support there.
When you grab him, he moves further.
Ok, he pulls you to the wall, hold on him and go up.
Stretch your legs. Stretch your legs.
You must lift him up and he must go there.
We are ready all 100%. We are ready to work in any situation, in any time. As soon as Motherland calls us. On its first call.
We are ready.
We all live. We all raise children and educate them with a hope that everything will be fine.
We are fine even now, but it will be even better in future.
Actual soldiers and Commanders of Russian Ministry of Defence Spec Ops Units feature in this movie.
"Black mask hides your face, but it doesn't hide your eyes."
That's all. I don't remember further.