Mass Effect 2: Birth of a Renegade, Episode 2 - Freedom's Progress

Uploaded by JaosalS on 03.06.2010

the funding of the deal is and police few questions sir that a great deal of confusion
it was this man needs to know if the shoe fits the saudis memories are intact
what's the question
did you see two years
I think on that one
twelve days stock because of history
records show
lawsuit asks with us
this is be surprised if Russia wants to act like a recipients remember that yeah I remember
if never was creating gunfire blood everywhere
I was the one issue folks that's right
that I will be destroyed parents Clinton
you have to the front of his support behind front of us
it's was killed in action
because you're called point two million
the main reasons sometimes the poor is going to give you would it not
that can make that decision
what's the united states this is the section killed there
what happened next
Kennedy was office on the council upgraded and that's good enough for the position
yes and that's the thing that is now counselor
there are other tests finishing right police
and I think that's a separate combat skills first and says yeah
I hope he was minutes out on the field tests and it's not
does it mean
I thought we'd be meeting face to face
we're war
no one wants to season
well you can't sleep
viacom this
I didn't say to you
it's deeds crime
sure combat soldier
but you know and he's up against the greatest threat our prison systems the reverse
I have a shuttle ranging from the freedoms funds
the latest from the down
I brought that
it's okay
if I was running the show just a few things differently
what would you have changed
does that have anything to do with some type of control
but the innocent man wouldn't allow it
he was afraid it might affect your personality althea character somehow
even less than anything that might limit your potential in any way
they didn't actually this victory or is it just me
I have the utmost respect to your evidence sample
it's united nations that consent
I'm glad the loosening convinced you to join us
her birthday
that's worth giving them a chance
once you
it's still not convinced
do you trust to be commended
you're part of service
well the key thing and I don't use it
so much of what we did in the alliance pointless I thought things would change after the attack
on Saturday
he was flanked by the joint accounts
nothing changed
health Iraq's singles two to three weeks
our still missing
the commission he's read a report figure with to about it
you just don't find out
which indeed actually chef the reason and that is in the open and do you have an orgasm
we're going to find out who did this they can get nothing gets in our way likelier I
think they can answer
well Frank their peace
I'm not taking any chances and so it was obvious
now these are
you served on the issue
you know people
he should have that you should family
we'll let you know what we find peace
why can't I know that it's not a fatal
I don't want to thank you
but just what separates
besides we need to work together
yes that does do over thirty were only seeking refuge or
this is going to be one stuff some of the peace take down
good night
the safest forms
no more before
no no
the door
it's one five
most time
I'm talking to you
we come all this way not only witness is it that the media
thanks a lot
it looks like security for change
masterpieces to get a mandolin
what knows that
I think it reflects that
secrets for us
no one
thank you
let's just take you away
repeat that for me
I think that's probably all getting out of
we finally found a witness the salas that he can you tell us what you saw
he not offer just because the females and females for the return on hold
you'll keep us tied to the trace on celebrity
if we can see you for Medicare here's how we need
our and heat for it
the me
he can
you crazy
is old know
the people it is reversible verdict it might work
but we need that information and it's clear the chorus I want to share
did you
I don't know
we do you think government is standing by
what's happening
I hope want to get some the party supports it
good work on freedoms part
unfortunately for conditions for finish
he's too far gone
what is the only good for you on that
what we do it
only those ships securities in return
definitely a few minutes
how do we know this connection to the reverse
their focus shifted to humanity only after you in the human fetus shortstop
the instructions are really but only fifteen
good morning
I've already been called a list of soldiers scientists in motion
you've been told he is on the bench
had to make
in find more missiles
britain's from said
what else
I found a pile and I think you might like I hear he's one of the best
well they can enter
that's what both sides not
I can't believe the future of their look who's talking so you get space got on with a lot
of things
thank you
it all fell apart without everything the survey of the council's is one big problem
I strongly recommend Iran and sells man
that's right
the fact is he's the type of advanced technologies and mobilize the victims
need to sit down with cameras to protect us you still don't get it be
you're not in charge of this nation
I am