Access to Success: Getting Help with Research

Uploaded by YorkUniversity on 10.09.2012

You've got an essay to complete next week,
you need to find academic books and scholarly journals.
Can you get everything online?
You've found lots of information about your topic,
but have you searched in the best places?
You're in the middle of your assignment
and you're not sure how to cite a newspaper.
Where can you go for assistance?
You need...
Research help...
At York Libraries!
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These services will give you a huge head start.
They're easy-to-use, convenient, and available now.
They're located in the Steacie, Bronfman and Scott libraries
at the Keele Campus, and Frost Library at the Glendon Campus.
The research librarians you'll be chatting with are experts
at finding and using information.
Their role is to help you find the best information
for your topic, but also to help you learn
about the best strategies for doing research.
All right.
So to go to the different libraries,
we're going to have to split up now.
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Here at Steacie Library, you can find research help with subjects
like biology, chemistry, nursing and physics.
You can either visit in person
or make an appointment via email.
Here at the Bronfman Library, you can find research help
with all business topics, such as marketing, finance
and organizational management.
Just visit in person, make an appointment or use the email
and chat research services.
And at Scott Library Learning Commons Hub,
you can find research help with subjects such as sociology,
psychology, education, environmental studies,
history and literature.
There are a couple of options
for getting help at the research pods.
You can either drop in, or book an appointment online
for a guaranteed 30 minute session.

Whether you're a B student aiming for an A,
or you simply need to refine your skills, we encourage you
to seek research help at York Libraries.
Now that you know how to get research help,
check out the other videos in this series.
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