Sociology Learning Communities at MCC

Uploaded by MCCVideos on 28.11.2011

Justin - Another interesting feature of the Sociology department is that we really transcend
disciplinary boundaries. We don’t just stay in our own little Sociology box. Several faculty
members offer twofers or learning communities which is a combination of a Sociology class
with another course in another discipline. Right now I am actually teaching a course
called “Crunching the Numbers” which is a combination of “Introduction to Sociology”
and “General Education Statistics”. And what this course is supposed to do is give
students some of the empirical research background to understand social phenomena but also sort
of ground those mathematical calculations with real world data and real world happenings.
And we are really excited to combine these courses together. We have had in the past
a “Social Problems” course combined with “Art Appreciation” looking at how artists
interpret some of the pressing social problems of our time and we’re going to be having
another twofer coming out soon which is a combination of our “Marriage and Family”
course with a “English Composition” course.
Shiela - Today we need more than ten fingers to count the number of people whom we know
personally who have been divorced; our friends, our family members perhaps. In fact the idea
of marriage has literally changed from “Death Do Us Part” to “Divorce Do Us Part”.
We are going to examine the impact of macro-level forces in society like technology, social
policy, social movements, the media, the economy, how have these impacted our family life.
Lisa - In the Composition II section of the course, we will be taking those ideas that
we learned about in Marriage and Family and learn to effectively communicate them in essays
of our own. We will also be learning how to conduct effective research and use that research
in our own essays. To do that, we’ll have to learn how to synthesize the ideas of authors
with our own ideas and effectively communicate those in our work.